Whether you’re a group of hard-hat wearin’, steel-toe boot sportin’ crew or just looking for a unique way to band together for a cause, here are creative approaches to naming pink team that shows support for the friends and loved ones in your life.

Pink Team Name Ideas

running on beach with pink clothes

Get your team together and wear pink.

  1. Pink Pandas
  2. Flamingo Fancies
  3. Sparkling Strawberries
  4. Cotton Candy Crew
  5. Rosy Rebels
  6. Bubblegum Brigade
  7. Pink Peonies
  8. Fuchsia Foxes
  9. Cherry Blossom Champs
  10. Pink Lemonade Posse
  11. Blushing Butterflies
  12. Coral Cuties
  13. Raspberry Rascals
  14. Sweet Pea Sprinters
  15. Pink Pixies
  16. Tickled Pink Team
  17. Peachy Players
  18. Rose Quartz Quirkies
  19. Pink Fluff Flotilla
  20. Ballet Slipper Buddies
  21. Strawberry Shortcakes
  22. Pink Puffins
  23. Cupcake Crushers
  24. Pink Poodles
  25. Rosy Raptors
  26. Flamingo Flyers
  27. Pink Prancers
  28. Posh Pinkies
  29. Rose Petal Raiders
  30. Blush Babes
  31. Pink Parrots
  32. Fluffy Pink Flamingos
  33. Coral Charmers
  34. Pink Polka Dots
  35. Rosy Roadrunners
  36. Pink Panther Pack
  37. Sugar Plum Squad
  38. Magenta Mermaids
  39. Pink Pegasus
  40. Bubblegum Ballerinas
  41. Coral Canaries
  42. Pink Lightning
  43. Tulip Trotters
  44. Pink Pom Poms
  45. Candy Floss Crew
  46. Raspberry Rebels
  47. Pink Penguins
  48. Rosy Rhinos
  49. Pink Popstars
  50. Blushing Bunnies

Pink Squad Name Ideas

pink clothing store

Shopping for pink clothing.

  1. Pink Power Lifters
  2. Fuchsia Forge Fighters
  3. Steel-Toed Pink Squad
  4. Hardhat Heroines
  5. Pink Bulldozer Brigade
  6. Welding Warriors in Pink
  7. Electric Pink Energy
  8. Toolbox Titans in Pink
  9. Concrete Crushers for a Cause
  10. Ironclad Pink Invincibles
  11. High-Voltage Pink Vixens
  12. Pink Pipe Wrench Warriors
  13. Cerise Crane Operators
  14. Magenta Mechanics
  15. Diesel Divas in Pink
  16. Heavy Duty Pink Dozers
  17. Jackhammer Jills in Pink
  18. Bricklaying Babes in Blush
  19. Riveting Rosy Renegades
  20. Pink Sledgehammer Squad
  21. Titanium Tinted Troopers
  22. Blasting Pink Bombshells
  23. Cerise Steel Champions
  24. Dynamo Pink Diggers
  25. Hot Pink Hardchargers
  26. Pink Cement Mixers
  27. Sassy Steel-Toed Sisters
  28. Pink Power Drill Divas
  29. Radiant Rig Runners
  30. Fuchsia Frontline Foremen
  31. The Pink Pylon Pros
  32. Gritty Pink Grinders
  33. Mighty Magenta Mallets
  34. Blazing Pink Backhoes
  35. Bold Pink Boom Lifters
  36. Cherry Picker Champs
  37. Pink Flame Flamethrowers
  38. Concrete Commandos in Coral
  39. Pink Pipe Benders
  40. Rose-Tinted Road Warriors
  41. Scaffold Scaling Sweethearts
  42. Blush Brush Brigade
  43. Crimson Crane Crew
  44. Fuchsia Freight Handlers
  45. Pink Plumber Patrol
  46. Radiant Rose Welders
  47. Titanium Pink Tacklers
  48. The Magenta Movers
  49. Pink Paver Powerhouses
  50. Cherry Bomb Chargers

Funny Pink Team Name Ideas

  1. Pink Flamingo Fiascos
  2. Bubblegum Bandits
  3. The Pepto Dismals
  4. Rosy Rascals in Tutus
  5. Fuchsia Fumble Bees
  6. Tickled Pink Tickle Monsters
  7. Blushing Ninja Bunnies
  8. The Giggling Pink Gnomes
  9. Bashful Blush Brontosauruses
  10. Fluffy Pink Catastrophes
  11. Cherry Blossom Chicken Dancers
  12. Raspberry Rhubarb Rebels
  13. Sassy Salmon Sassquatches
  14. Ballet Slipper Bandwagon
  15. The Pink Pranksters
  16. Flamingo Flamenco Dancers
  17. Cotton Candy Carnivores
  18. The Pink Polka Dot Pythons
  19. Glittering Gumdrop Gang
  20. Magenta Moose Marauders

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  1. Pink Panther Prank Patrol
  2. The Rosy Cheeked Raccoons
  3. Blush Brush Brigade
  4. The Silly Scarlet Sloths
  5. Flamingo Lingo Linguists
  6. The Pink Unicorn Unicyclists
  7. Cherry Pie Spies
  8. Pink Poodle Parade
  9. Bubbling Blush Buffoons
  10. Fuchsia Fuzzy Ferrets
  11. The Glowing Pink Goblins
  12. The Rosy Hued Roadrunners
  13. Tickled Pink Twister Champions
  14. Pinky Winky Warriors
  15. The Rose Colored Rocketeers
  16. Bubblegum Bouncing Baboons
  17. The Pink Hippo Hoppers
  18. Rosy Posy Pandemonium
  19. The Snickering Salmon Sentinels
  20. Flamingo Fandango Fanatics
  21. The Pinking Shears of Doom
  22. Cotton Candy Crusaders
  23. Pink Lemonade Llamas
  24. Blushing Flamingo Fandancers
  25. The Pink Porcupine Parade
  26. Raspberry Rebel Rousers
  27. Fuchsia Flamingo Frenzy
  28. The Pink-A-Boo Boogie
  29. Cherry Blossom Cha-Cha-Champs
  30. Pink Ninja Narwhals

Pink Team Name Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness

women running in pink

Run for a cause.

Show your support for a friend or loved one fighting breast cancer with these team name ideas. These team names are perfect for demonstrating your support at 5Ks and various other events.

  1. Pink Warriors
  2. Breast Cancer Crusaders
  3. Walking for Warriors
  4. Pink Ribbon Racers
  5. Hopeful Strides
  6. Fighters in Pink
  7. Courageous in Cerise
  8. Pink Power Walkers
  9. Strength in Scarlet
  10. Blushing Battlers
  11. Rosy Resilience
  12. Trailblazers in Tulle
  13. The Fuchsia Fighters
  14. Sassy Survivors
  15. Pink Parade Marchers
  16. Fearless in Fuchsia
  17. The Pink Brigade
  18. Paces for Pink
  19. The Mauve Movement
  20. Survivor Strutters
  21. Marching Mamas
  22. Pinking of You
  23. Blush Rush Team
  24. The Pink Pathfinders
  25. Ribbon Runners

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  1. Hope’s Heroes
  2. Walking in Wellness
  3. Pink Prowess
  4. Trail of Triumph
  5. Sprinting Sisters
  6. The Pink Posse
  7. Jog for Jugs
  8. Victorious Violets
  9. Pink Soles Squad
  10. The Rosette Racers
  11. Blossom Brigade
  12. Harmony in Hues
  13. Tints of Tenacity
  14. The Pink Pacesetters
  15. Stride for Strength
  16. Blisters for Sisters
  17. The Coral Crew
  18. Pink Phoenixes
  19. Stepping for Survival
  20. Lavender Legion
  21. Rally in Rose
  22. The Hopeful Hearts
  23. The Magenta March
  24. Pink Petal Power
  25. The Scarlet Sprinters
  26. Pink Hard Hats
  27. Steel-Toed Survivors
  28. Welders for Wellness
  29. The Breast Defense Mechanics
  30. Electricians in Pink
  31. Plumbers for Pink Power
  32. Pink Forklift Force
  33. Blue-Collar Breast Cancer Battlers
  34. Pink Safety Vest Vanguards
  35. Concrete Crusaders for the Cure
  36. Carpenters for the Cause
  37. Pink Pipefitters
  38. Builders for Boobs
  39. Rosie’s Riveters
  40. Machinists Marching for Mammaries
  41. Breast Cancer Bulldozers
  42. Ironworkers in Pink
  43. Truckers Tracking the Cure
  44. Pink Crane Crew
  45. Hardhats for Hope

Pink Team Name Ideas for Women

  1. Warrior Women Walkers
  2. Fearless Femme Fighters
  3. Heroines of Hope
  4. Pink Power Pioneers
  5. Resilient Roses
  6. Empowered Estrogens
  7. Lady Legends for the Cure
  8. Cancer Crushing Queens
  9. Strong Sisters Stride
  10. Courageous Cancer Combatants
  11. Femmes of Fortitude
  12. Bold Beauties Battling Cancer
  13. Survivor Superstars
  14. The Fierce Feminine Force
  15. Brave Breast Defenders
  16. Valiant Violets
  17. Trailblazing Titans of Tenacity
  18. Amazonian Cancer Avengers
  19. Pink Phoenix Risers
  20. Wonder Women Walkers
  21. Matriarchal Marchers
  22. She-Roes for Remission
  23. Dauntless Daisy Divas
  24. Empowerment Envoys
  25. Gladiatrix Gatherers
  26. Goddesses Giving Hope
  27. Victory Vixens
  28. Pink Purposeful Panthers
  29. Luminous Ladies League
  30. Radiant Rebels for Recovery
  31. Sassy Survivors Squad
  32. Empress Warriors
  33. Her-storical Heroines
  34. Cancer Conquering Champs
  35. Majestic Matriarchs March
  36. Fighting Femme Fatales
  37. Pink Pride Protectors
  38. Stellar Sisterhood Sprinters
  39. The Healing Heroines
  40. Lady Liberty Lions
  41. Pink Passionate Patriots
  42. Conquerors in Chiffon
  43. Prowess and Pink
  44. Bold and Brave Blossoms
  45. Celestial Cancer Crusaders
  46. Empowering Eves
  47. The Thriving Thistle Troop
  48. Femme Fierce Frontline
  49. The Cancer Warrior Circle
  50. Sapphire Sisters of Strength

Pink Team Name Ideas for Men

pink jersey

Looking good in pink.

  1. Pink Panther Posse
  2. Fuchsia Fellas
  3. The Blush Bros
  4. Salmon Soldiers
  5. The Rose Rangers
  6. Pink Pirate Crew
  7. The Crimson Kings
  8. Flamingo Flock Fellas
  9. The Magenta Men
  10. The Blushing Bandits
  11. The Coral Cavaliers
  12. The Pink Sock Society
  13. Cherry Blossom Bros
  14. The Bubblegum Boys
  15. The Rosy Rogues
  16. Pink Flamingo Fraternity
  17. The Peony Posse
  18. The Raspberry Rebels
  19. The Pink Fedora Federation
  20. The Blush Brigade
  21. The Coral Commandos
  22. The Tickle Me Pink Team
  23. The Cerise Chaps
  24. The Pink Polo Players
  25. The Scarlet Studs
  26. The Pink Pinstripe Patrol
  27. The Rosy Rebels
  28. The Orchid Outlaws
  29. The Pink Platoon
  30. The Carnation Commanders
  31. The Pink Tuxedo Troop
  32. The Azalea Admirals
  33. The Rose-Colored Rascals
  34. The Flamingo Phalanx
  35. The Pink Panther Pack
  36. The Cotton Candy Comrades
  37. The Pink Tie Titans
  38. The Mauve Mavericks
  39. The Pink Lemonade League
  40. The Raspberry Renegades
  41. The Blush Buffoons
  42. The Pink Mustang Mob
  43. The Rose Gold Warriors
  44. The Coral Crusaders
  45. The Pink Sombrero Squad
  46. The Fuchsia Force
  47. The Pink Pocket Square Posse
  48. The Rosebud Raiders
  49. The Pink Elephant Entourage
  50. The Coral Kingpins

Pink Team Name Ideas for Soccer

pink youth soccer team

A championship youth soccer team wearing pink.

  1. Pink Goal Getters
  2. The Blushing Strikers
  3. Fuchsia Free Kickers
  4. The Rose Red Carders
  5. Salmon Sweepers
  6. The Pink Penalty Posse
  7. The Magenta Midfielders
  8. The Bubblegum Booters
  9. Flamingo Forwards
  10. The Coral Cleat Crew
  11. The Peony Playmakers
  12. The Rosy Referees
  13. Pink Pivots
  14. The Cherry Blossom Chasers
  15. The Blush Ballers
  16. Pink Panther Passers
  17. The Raspberry Rovers
  18. The Pink Shin Guard Gang
  19. The Offside Oracles in Pink
  20. The Carnation Kickers
  21. The Rosebud Rangers
  22. Flamingo Finesse
  23. Pink Crossbar Crusaders
  24. The Goalpost Gladiators
  25. The Pink Dribble Drifters
  26. The Corner Kick Kings
  27. The Pink Whistle Wizards
  28. The Magenta Marksmen
  29. The Salmon Scorers
  30. The Header Heroes
  31. The Pink Tackle Troop
  32. The Blush Brigade Booters
  33. The Cherry Chip Shot Champs
  34. Pink Cleat Commandos
  35. The Rose Rush
  36. The Pink Offsiders
  37. The Bubblegum Breakaways
  38. The Fuchsia Fielders
  39. The Rosy Rounders
  40. Pink Pivot Prowess
  41. The Cherry Crossers
  42. The Pink Pitch Pirates
  43. The Magenta Maneuverers
  44. The Coral Cornerers
  45. Pink Deflection Detectives
  46. The Goal-Line Gladiators
  47. The Pink Juggling Jesters
  48. The Rose Red Rovers
  49. The Pink Nutmeg Ninjas
  50. The Blushing Ball Jugglers

Pink Team Name Ideas for Basketball

youth basketball team

Kids basketball team ready to play.

  1. Pink Hoop Hoppers
  2. The Blushing Dunkers
  3. Fuchsia Free Throwers
  4. The Pink Pivot Players
  5. Salmon Slammers
  6. The Magenta Man-to-Men
  7. Coral Court Kings
  8. The Rose Rebounders
  9. Bubblegum Ballers
  10. The Peony Point Guards
  11. Raspberry Rim Rockers
  12. The Cherry Block Busters
  13. The Flamingo Fast Breakers
  14. Pink Triple Threats
  15. The Full-Court Pink Press
  16. The High Top Hotshots
  17. Magenta Alley-Oopers
  18. The Backboard Bouncers
  19. Pink Net Ninjas
  20. The Swish Squad
  21. The Pink Dribble Drifters
  22. The Rim Rattlers
  23. The Three-Point Pinksters
  24. The Half-Court Heroes
  25. Pink Pivot Prowess
  26. The Cherry Pickers
  27. The Pink Layup Legion
  28. The Magenta Mavericks
  29. Pink Zone Defenders
  30. The Baseline Bandits
  31. The Rose Gold Guards
  32. The Pink Playmakers
  33. The Bounce Pass Band
  34. The Flamingo Flyers
  35. The Pink Fadeaway Force
  36. The Double Dribble Daredevils
  37. The Baseline Bounce Brigade
  38. Pink Court Commandos
  39. The Hoop Heartthrobs
  40. The Pink Pivot Pioneers
  41. The Basketweavers
  42. The Paint Protectors
  43. The Pink Jammers
  44. The Fuchsia Fadeaways
  45. The Key Keepers
  46. The Net Navigators
  47. The Crossover Kings
  48. The Pink Air Ballers
  49. The Sideline Swooshers
  50. The Pink Perimeter Patrol

Pink Team Name Ideas for Online Gaming

  1. Pink Pixel Pwners
  2. Fuchsia Fantasy Fighters
  3. The Magenta Mages
  4. Blush Button Bashers
  5. The Rose Rank Raiders
  6. Salmon Spellcasters
  7. Coral Crusaders
  8. The Cherry Charger Champs
  9. Pixelated Pink Panthers
  10. The Flamingo Fraggers
  11. Rose Realm Rebels
  12. The Blushing Battle Brigade
  13. Pink Potion Masters
  14. The Peony PvP Pros
  15. Raspberry Raiders
  16. The Bubblegum Boss Battlers
  17. The Magenta Mana Mavens
  18. Pink Pixel Pioneers
  19. The Coral Controller Commandos
  20. Flamingo Fantasy Force
  21. The Pink Joystick Jockeys
  22. The Cherry Quest Quirkies
  23. Bubblegum Beast Brawlers
  24. The Rosy Role Players
  25. The Salmon Strategy Squad
  26. Magenta Mystic Marauders
  27. The Pink Paladin Party
  28. The Fuchsia Faction Fighters
  29. The Rose-Colored Raiders
  30. Blush Blade Battlers
  31. Pink Pixelated Predators
  32. The Cerise Combat Crew
  33. The Bubblegum Battle Bunch
  34. Pink Dragon Defenders
  35. The Raspberry Realm Runners
  36. The Magenta Minion Mob
  37. Coral Castle Conquerors
  38. Pink Power-Up Players
  39. The Flamingo Fighters
  40. Rose Gold Gamers
  41. The Pixel Pinkie Pie
  42. The Fuchsia Force Field
  43. The Blushing Berserkers
  44. Pink Potion Pundits
  45. The Crimson Controller Clan
  46. The Cherry Bomb Gamers
  47. Pink Phantom Phalanx
  48. The Rose-Red Respawn
  49. The Salmon Sorcerers
  50. The Pink Achievement Avengers

Pink Cheer Team Name Ideas

  1. Pink Pompom Power
  2. Fuchsia Flip Flyers
  3. The Rosy Rhythmers
  4. Pink Spirit Sparklers
  5. The Cheerful Cherry Champs
  6. Coral Cartwheel Crew
  7. The Blushing Baton Belles
  8. Magenta Motion Mavens
  9. The Peony Pom Shakers
  10. Rose Rhythm Rebels
  11. The Flamingo Flip Squad
  12. Pink Pirouette Posse
  13. The Bubblegum Bouncers
  14. The Sassy Salmon Spinners
  15. Pink Leap Leaders
  16. The Cerise Cheer Champions
  17. Flamingo Flex Dancers
  18. The Raspberry Rally Runners
  19. The Pink Tumble Team
  20. The Majestic Magenta Movers
  21. Coral Choreography Crew
  22. The Blossom Beat Brigade
  23. Pink Sparkle Spinners
  24. The Crimson Crowd Cheers
  25. The Jazzy Pink Jammers
  26. The Twirl and Twist Titans
  27. The Salmon Sway Squad
  28. Pink Spirit Synchronizers
  29. The Magenta Melody Makers
  30. Rose Radiance Rousers
  31. The Pink Wave Wonders
  32. The Cherry Cheer Cast
  33. Pink Performance Prowess
  34. The Fuchsia Formation Force
  35. The Coral Kickline Collective
  36. The Pink Passion Pep Squad
  37. The Rose Gold Groovers
  38. The Bubblegum Boogie Bunch
  39. The Salmon Spirit Shakers
  40. Pink Pose Perfectionists
  41. The Magenta Moves Mob
  42. The Peppy Pink Prancers
  43. The Rosy Rhythm Riders
  44. Pink Pep Power Players
  45. The Cerise Celebration Squad
  46. The Flamingo Flexibility Force
  47. Pink Dazzle Dancers
  48. The Coral Cartwheel Champions
  49. The Rose Reverberation Rebels
  50. The Blush Beat Breakers

Pink Black Team Name Ideas 

  1. Pink Eclipse Warriors
  2. Black Rose Rebels
  3. The Onyx Orchids
  4. Magenta Midnight Marauders
  5. Noir Fuchsia Force
  6. Pink Black Power
  7. The Pink Panther Shadows
  8. The Black Cherry Blazers
  9. The Noir Peony Pioneers
  10. Midnight Magenta Mavericks
  11. The Ebony Blush Elite
  12. The Dark Dahlia Defenders
  13. Rose Noir Renegades
  14. Blackberry Blush Battalion
  15. The Raven Rose Rangers
  16. The Sable Salmon Squad
  17. Onyx Orchid Overlords
  18. The Charcoal Cherry Champions
  19. The Pink Shadow Spartans
  20. The Black Crimson Crusaders
  21. The Dark Peony Dynamos
  22. Noir Raspberry Raiders
  23. The Ebony Azalea Army
  24. The Shadow Salmon Strikers
  25. The Jet Pink Juggernauts
  26. The Obsidian Blush Brigade
  27. The Dark Flamingo Fighters
  28. The Black Carnation Commandos
  29. The Nightshade Pink Ninjas
  30. The Sable Flamingo Force
  31. The Ebony Rose Experts
  32. The Midnight Fuchsia Flyers
  33. The Onyx Petal Protectors
  34. The Black Bubblegum Battalion
  35. The Shadow Rose Squad
  36. The Dark Cherry Dribblers
  37. The Noir Pink Pacers
  38. The Obsidian Orchid Outlaws
  39. The Black Blush Bandits
  40. The Sable Salmon Seekers
  41. The Ebony Flamingo Entourage
  42. The Dark Dahlia Dancers
  43. The Night Bloom Navigators
  44. The Black Raspberry Rebels
  45. The Onyx Azalea Avengers
  46. The Shadow Salmon Saviors
  47. The Jet Pink Pathfinders
  48. The Ebony Petal Power
  49. The Dark Flamingo Dreamers
  50. The Black Carnation Crusade
  51. The Noir Pink Nomads

Flamingo Team Name Ideas 


Flamingos could be your mascot.

  1. Flamingo Flamenco Dancers
  2. The Flock of Flamboyants
  3. Flamingo Fandangos
  4. Pink Feathered Phenoms
  5. The Wading Wonderbirds
  6. The One-Legged Legends
  7. Flamingo Fiesta Fanatics
  8. The Sassy Strutters
  9. The Rosy Reef Runners
  10. Flamingo Frolic Force
  11. The Beak Brigade
  12. The Flamingo Flash Mob
  13. Tropic Pink Trotters
  14. The Feathered Flair Squad
  15. The Sunset Striders
  16. Pink Lagoon Loungers
  17. The Coral Coast Crew
  18. The Flamingo Floaters
  19. The Water Wading Winners
  20. Flamingo Flight Club
  21. The Feathered Frenzy
  22. The Migratory Mavericks
  23. The Lagoon Leapfrogs
  24. The Pink Plume Pioneers
  25. The Flamboyant Flappers
  26. The Aqua Aviators
  27. The Beak Boogie Band
  28. The Flamingo Flip-Floppers
  29. The Rosy Rovers
  30. Feathered Fiesta Fighters
  31. The Pink Parade Paddlers
  32. The Leggy Lagooners
  33. The Flamingo Frolickers
  34. The Coastal Carousel
  35. The Dancing Dippers
  36. Flamingo Fun Runners
  37. The Beaky Bandits
  38. The Rosy Rhythm Riders
  39. The Feather Floatilla
  40. The Pink Paddle Pros
  41. The Flamingo Flamencos
  42. The Lagoon Legends
  43. The Sunset Stalkers
  44. The Feathered Flotilla
  45. The Wading Wanderers
  46. The Flamingo Frothers
  47. The Beachside Beaks
  48. The Rosy Rascals
  49. The Flamingo Froth Fest
  50. The Lagoon Leap Leaders

How to Create a Unique Pink Team Name?

These name strategies offer creative approaches to crafting unique and memorable pink team names if you want to come up with a name that’s never been seen before.

Naming Strategy Explanation Example Name Ideas
Alliteration Using the same letter or sound at the beginning of closely connected words to create a catchy name. Pink Panthers, Fuchsia Flyers
Rhyming Combining words that rhyme to make the name memorable and fun. Pink Link, Flamingo Bingo
Puns and Wordplay Using puns or playful twists on phrases related to pink or the team’s purpose. Pinky Swear Squad, Tickled Pink Team
Color + Animal/Thing Combo Pairing the color pink with an animal or object to create a unique, vivid image. Pink Pandas, Rosy Rockets
Color + Action Verb Combining pink with a verb to imply action and energy. Pink Pouncing, Blushing Blasters
Inspirational or Empowering Words Using words that inspire or empower, combined with pink for the theme. Pink Warriors, Courageous in Coral
Location-Based Names Incorporating the name of a city, region, or landmark with a pink theme. Miami Magentas, Pacific Pink Waves
Pop Culture References Referencing movies, books, songs, etc., with a pink twist. Pink Avengers, Fuchsia Jedi
Mashup Combining different words or concepts that relate to the team’s spirit and color. Flamingo Fighters, Pink Pixelators
Play on Common Phrases or Idioms Tweaking common phrases or idioms to incorporate the color pink. In the Pink of Health, Pink-a-Boo
Use of Pink Shades Names Using specific shades of pink to add a unique touch. Salmon Sprinters, Cerise Champions
Thematic Naming Creating names based on a specific theme, like nature, space, sports, etc., with a pink twist. Pink Nebulas, Rose Petal Racers

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