Black jerseys carry a potent symbolism in the world of team sports and corporate teams alike. Donning a black jersey is more than a mere color choice—it’s a statement. Black is the hue of authority, power, and elegance. It’s a color that intimidates, exudes an aura of mystery, and creates an immediate visual impact. Teams wearing black jerseys are often perceived as aggressive and dominant. It’s a psychological game where the color speaks first, setting the tone before the match even begins.

If you’ve been assigned to a team with black jerseys at work or play, take a look at these name ideas to find an idea the entire team can rally around.

Black Team Name Ideas

black jersey team names

Black team name ideas.

These names blend the mystique and strength associated with the color black, making them great for sports teams and also for corporate teams aiming to project power, unity, and a competitive edge.

  1. Black Blitz
  2. Midnight Mavericks
  3. Shadow Strikers
  4. Ebony Eagles
  5. Onyx Outlaws
  6. Blackout Brigade
  7. Nightfall Ninjas
  8. Dark Dynasty
  9. Obsidian Ops
  10. Eclipse Elites
  11. Black Panthers
  12. Raven Raiders
  13. Dark Matter
  14. Black Diamond Division
  15. Stealth Sharks
  16. Coal Cobras
  17. Black Ice
  18. Phantom Phalanx
  19. Dark Star Squadron
  20. Black Wolf Pack
  21. Night Owls
  22. Ink Invaders
  23. Coal Crushers
  24. Black Barracudas
  25. Shadow Serpents
  26. Pitch Panthers
  27. Dark Knights
  28. Eclipse Eagles
  29. Onyx Owls
  30. Black Bear Battalion
  31. Nightshade Navigators
  32. Black Gold Gladiators
  33. Shadow Syndicate
  34. Ebony Essence
  35. Pitch Pirates
  36. Midnight Marauders
  37. Black Storm
  38. Dark Tide Team
  39. Black Swan Squad
  40. Shadow Sales Force
  41. Onyx Operators
  42. Black Comet Crew
  43. Twilight Tigers
  44. Dark Phoenix
  45. Night Fury Force
  46. Raven’s Wing Warriors
  47. Black Mamba Mob
  48. Eclipse Executives
  49. Obsidian Oracles
  50. Black Velvet Vanguard

Funny Black Team Name Ideas

black suits at work

I’m not sure if this is scary or funny.

These names play on the color black with a twist of humor, perfect for teams who love a good laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously!

  1. Black Sheep Brigade
  2. Midnight Snackers
  3. Shadow Shufflers
  4. Laughing Onyx
  5. Eclipse of the Heart
  6. Dark Humor Dynamos
  7. Night Owl Nappers
  8. Stealthy Sandwich Stealers
  9. The Black Holes (because we’re out of this world!)
  10. Giggling Ghouls
  11. Pitch-Black Puns
  12. Obsidian Obstinates
  13. The Inky Incognitos
  14. Dark Joke Division
  15. Blackout Buffoons
  16. Twilight Ticklers
  17. Black Magic Magicians
  18. Silly Shadows
  19. The Ebony Chucklers
  20. Midnight Mirth Makers
  21. The Dark Side of the Moonwalkers
  22. Black Comedy Crew
  23. Nightly News Narwhals
  24. Secretly Sarcastic
  25. Charcoal Chuckles
  26. Eclipse Enthusiasts
  27. Noir Nonsense Brigade
  28. Giggly Grim Reapers
  29. Black Tie Buffoons
  30. Cosmic Comedians
  31. The Laughing Ravens
  32. Black Bean Baggers
  33. The Joking Jaguars
  34. Dark Dad Joke Division
  35. The Blackout Bellyachers
  36. Sneaky Snickers Squad
  37. Moonlit Misfits
  38. The Blundering Blackbirds
  39. Hilarious Hazards
  40. Blackboard Bloopers
  41. Nighttime Knee-Slappers
  42. The Jolly Dark Jesters
  43. Cackling Cobras
  44. The Guffawing Goths
  45. Shadowy Snickerdoodles
  46. The Chuckling Charcoals
  47. Twilight Tickle Troop
  48. Obsidian Oddballs
  49. The Black Sheep Stand-Ups
  50. The Darkroom Gagsters

Black Team Name Ideas for Volleyball

  • Black Spikers
  • Net Ninjas
  • Midnight Sets
  • Dark Diggers
  • Shadow Servers
  • Onyx Overhands
  • Block Party Blacks
  • Nighttime Hitters
  • Black Bump Brigade
  • Spike Shadows
  • Digging Darkness
  • Obsidian Offense
  • Blackout Blockers
  • Midnight Pass Masters
  • Shadow Setters
  • Darkside Divers
  • Volley Vortex
  • Onyx Aces
  • Black Liberos
  • Dark Court Dominators
  • Eclipse Attackers
  • Black Beach Bumpers
  • Net Noir

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  • Spike Specters
  • Shadow Smashers
  • Dark Dive Dynamos
  • Onyx Outsiders
  • Blackline Bombers
  • Midnight Match Makers
  • Stealthy Spikers
  • Black Net Bandits
  • Darkside Digs
  • Spike Night Owls
  • Onyx Overpass
  • Black Court Crusaders
  • Shadow Serve Squad
  • Night Volley Vipers
  • Eclipse Elites
  • Onyx Offense
  • Black Bumpers
  • Darkside Defenders
  • Spike Spectacles
  • Onyx Ops
  • Black Block Brigade
  • Midnight Mavericks
  • Dark Dig Dudes
  • Onyx Overachievers
  • Black Beach Blockers
  • Shadow Set Stars

Black Team Name Ideas for Soccer

black soccer jerseys

A soccer team wearing black jerseys.

  • Black Goal Getters
  • Midnight Strikers
  • Shadow Defenders
  • Onyx Offsides
  • Darkside Dribblers
  • Black Booters
  • Net Ninjas in Black
  • Stealth Scorers
  • Obsidian Outfielders
  • Eclipse Enforcers
  • Black Cleat Crew
  • Dark Pass Masters
  • Goalie’s Ghosts
  • Midnight Midfielders
  • Shadow Shooters
  • Onyx Attack
  • Black Ball Blazers
  • Darkside Tacklers
  • Black Bend-It Brigade
  • Eclipse Eclipsers
  • Black Pitch Prowlers
  • Dark Goal Diggers
  • Onyx Overtakers
  • Stealth Sweepers
  • Blackline Breakers
  • Shadow Strikers
  • Midnight Marksmen
  • Darkside Dashers
  • Onyx Optimizers
  • Black Barrier Breakers
  • Eclipse Elites
  • Darkside Deflectors
  • Black Box Dominators
  • Onyx Overcomers
  • Stealthy Strikers
  • Black Backliners
  • Darkside Dazzlers
  • Onyx Outplayers
  • Black Ballers
  • Eclipse Executors
  • Shadow Sidekicks
  • Midnight Mavens
  • Darkside Dynamos
  • Onyx Outmaneuvers
  • Black Breakaways
  • Shadow Scramblers
  • Darkside Deliverers
  • Onyx Oustandings
  • Blackline Benders

Black Football Team Name Ideas 

black rugby jerseys

An intimidating rugby team.

  • Black Touchdown Titans
  • Midnight Blitz
  • Shadow Snappers
  • Onyx Offense
  • Darkside Defenders
  • Black Field Goalers
  • Endzone Eclipse
  • Stealthy Safeties
  • Obsidian Outrunners
  • Touchback Terrors
  • Black Gridiron Gladiators
  • Dark Down Dominators
  • Goal Line Ghosts
  • Midnight Mavericks
  • Shadow Sprinters
  • Onyx O-Line
  • Black Ball Hogs
  • Darkside Dashers
  • Pick-Six Phantoms
  • Eclipse Endzoners
  • Black Blockers
  • Darkside Tacklers
  • Onyx Quarterbacks
  • Stealthy Snappers
  • Black Blitz Brigade
  • Shadow Squad
  • Midnight Marauders
  • Darkside Receivers
  • Onyx Kickers
  • Blackout Backfield
  • Eclipse Linebackers
  • Darkside Drifters
  • Black Helmet Heroes
  • Onyx Outsiders
  • Stealthy Scorers
  • Black Benchwarmers
  • Darkside Dribblers
  • Onyx Overachievers
  • Black Ball Barricade
  • Eclipse Elite
  • Shadow Sideliners
  • Midnight Miners
  • Darkside Drive
  • Onyx Overtime
  • Black Boundary Breakers
  • Shadow Scrimmagers
  • Darkside Deliverers
  • Onyx Option
  • Black Fumble Forcers
  • Eclipse Extra Points

Black Squad Name Ideas

black suit boardroom

Intimidation in the board room.

  • Black Brilliance Brigade
  • Midnight Motivators
  • Shadow Success Squad
  • Onyx Optimists
  • Darkside Dreamers
  • Black Beacon Battalion
  • Eclipse Empowerers
  • Stealthy Superstars
  • Obsidian Overachievers
  • Crossfit Black
  • Black Bloomers
  • Dark Diamond Doers
  • Nighttime Navigators
  • Shadow Shapers
  • Onyx Uplifters
  • Black Believers
  • Darkside Dynamos

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  • Eclipse Enthusiasts
  • Black Butterfly Effect
  • Midnight Movers and Shakers
  • Shadow Strength Seekers
  • Onyx Opportunity Outrunners
  • Black Brilliance Builders
  • Darkside Daredevils
  • Eclipse Encouragers
  • Black Bond Builders
  • Shadow Success Stories
  • Midnight Mavericks
  • Darkside Determinators
  • Onyx Overcomers
  • Black Beacon of Hope
  • Eclipse Energizers
  • Darkside Dream Catchers
  • Black Badge of Bravery
  • Onyx Oasis
  • Stealthy Success Squad
  • Black Benchmarks
  • Darkside Developers
  • Onyx Ovation
  • Black Brilliance Beam
  • Eclipse Empathy
  • Shadow Symphony
  • Midnight Miracle Makers
  • Darkside Delighters
  • Onyx Optimism Operators
  • Black Bloom Brigade
  • Shadow Spirit Squad
  • Darkside Daybreakers
  • Onyx Originators
  • Black Beyond Boundaries

Black and Gold Team Name Ideas 

These names blend the allure and value associated with gold with the sophistication of black, perfect for teams seeking an identity that represents success, wealth, and positivity.

  • Black Gold Blazers
  • Midnight Gold Miners
  • Shadow Gold Seekers
  • Onyx and Gold Gladiators
  • Dark Gold Dynamos
  • Black Nugget Ninjas
  • Golden Eclipse Elite
  • Stealthy Gold Savers
  • Obsidian Gold Order
  • Black Treasure Trove
  • Dark Karat Kings
  • Night Gold Navigators
  • Shadow Fortune Finders
  • Onyx Aurum Allies
  • Black Gold Barons
  • Dark Bullion Battalion
  • Gold Rush Guardians
  • Black Wealth Warriors
  • Midnight Gold Makers
  • Shadow Sovereigns
  • Onyx Opulence
  • Black Gold Brilliance
  • Darkside Gold Diggers
  • Golden Eclipse Gurus
  • Black Crowned Gold
  • Shadow Gold Standard
  • Midnight Gold Magnates
  • Dark Gold Dazzlers
  • Onyx Gold Oasis
  • Black Riches Realm
  • Eclipse Gold Emissaries
  • Dark Gold Dreamers
  • Black Golden Gatekeepers
  • Onyx Gold Overcomers
  • Stealthy Gold Strategists
  • Black Gold Bloomers
  • Dark Gold Devotees
  • Onyx Gold Optimists
  • Black Golden Glimmer
  • Eclipse Gold Empowerers
  • Shadow Gold Symphony
  • Midnight Gold Marvels
  • Dark Gold Delights
  • Onyx Gold Oracles
  • Black Precious Pioneers
  • Shadow Gold Seekers
  • Dark Gold Drivers
  • Onyx Gold Ovation
  • Black Gold Beacon
  • Eclipse Gold Enthusiasts

Black and Red Team Name Ideas

  • Black and Red Rulers
  • Midnight and Crimson Crusaders
  • Shadow and Scarlet Sentinels
  • Onyx and Ruby Rebels
  • Darkside and Rose Renegades
  • Black Blaze and Red Rage
  • Crimson Eclipse Champions
  • Stealthy Sanguine Squad
  • Obsidian and Rouge Runners
  • Black and Red Revolutionaries
  • Dark Vermilion Victors
  • Night and Crimson Knights
  • Shadow and Ruby Radiance
  • Onyx and Red Resilience
  • Black and Red Radiance
  • Darkside and Red Revivers
  • Crimson Comet Commanders
  • Black and Red Resurgence
  • Midnight and Maroon Mavericks
  • Shadow and Red Strivers
  • Onyx and Red Optimists
  • Black and Red Renaissance
  • Darkside and Carmine Champions
  • Crimson Eclipse Conquerors
  • Black Fire and Red Fury
  • Shadow and Red Synergy
  • Midnight and Merlot Marvels
  • Darkside and Red Dreamers
  • Onyx and Scarlet Stalwarts
  • Black and Red Recharge
  • Eclipse and Red Energy
  • Darkside and Ruby Rejoicers
  • Black and Red Revealers
  • Onyx and Red Roar
  • Stealthy Scarlet Saviors
  • Black and Red Rekindle
  • Darkside and Red Revival
  • Onyx and Red Realm
  • Black and Red Rally
  • Eclipse and Crimson Crafters
  • Shadow and Red Serenade
  • Midnight and Red Majesty
  • Darkside and Red Radiant
  • Onyx and Red Resonance
  • Black and Red Rising
  • Shadow and Crimson Cheer
  • Darkside and Red Rebirth
  • Onyx and Red Resound
  • Black and Red Resilient

Black and Yellow Team Name Ideas 

  • Black and Yellow Buzzers
  • Midnight Suns
  • Shadow and Sunshine Squad
  • Onyx and Gold Gladiators
  • Darkside Dandelions
  • Black and Yellow Bumblebees
  • Sunshine Eclipse Seekers
  • Stealthy Sunbeams
  • Obsidian and Yellow Yonders
  • Black and Yellow Beamers
  • Darkside Dazzlers
  • Nighttime Luminaries
  • Shadow and Sunflower Sentinels
  • Onyx and Amber Optimists
  • Black and Bright Blazers
  • Darkside and Sunburst Sages
  • Sunlit Eclipse Enthusiasts
  • Black and Yellow Brilliance
  • Midnight Marigolds
  • Shadow and Solar Superstars
  • Onyx and Yellow Yaysayers
  • Black and Yellow Jubilee
  • Darkside and Lemon Lights
  • Sunbeam Sovereigns
  • Black and Yellow Resilience
  • Shadow and Golden Glee
  • Midnight and Mustard Mavericks
  • Darkside and Canary Crusaders
  • Onyx and Sunbeam Saviors
  • Black and Yellow Bliss
  • Eclipse and Yellow Enigmas
  • Darkside and Yellow Jubilants
  • Black and Yellow Vigor
  • Onyx and Sunshine Sentinels
  • Stealthy Saffron Squad
  • Black and Yellow Courage
  • Darkside and Yellow Dynasty
  • Onyx and Yellow Yippees
  • Black and Yellow Boosters
  • Eclipse and Bumblebee Brigade
  • Shadow and Citron Champions
  • Midnight and Yellow Mirth
  • Darkside and Yellow Yearners
  • Onyx and Honey Heroes
  • Black and Yellow Brightness
  • Shadow and Sunbeam Seekers
  • Darkside and Yellow Delights
  • Onyx and Yellow Yes-men
  • Black and Yellow Beam
  • Eclipse and Yellow Elevators

Black Animal Inspired Team Name Ideas

These names take inspiration from various black-colored animals, symbolizing various attributes like speed, strength, agility, and mystery.

  • Black Panther Prowlers
  • Midnight Raven Raiders
  • Shadow Cat Strikers
  • Onyx Owl Observers
  • Darkside Wolf Warriors
  • Black Stallion Sprinters
  • Stealthy Bat Brigade
  • Obsidian Orca Outrunners
  • Black Bear Battlers
  • Dark Crow Chasers
  • Night Leopard Legends
  • Shadow Stallion Stalwarts
  • Onyx Eagle Eyes
  • Black Jaguar Juggernauts
  • Darkside Dolphin Divers
  • Eclipse Eel Explorers
  • Black Mamba Movers
  • Midnight Falcon Flyers
  • Shadow Shark Swimmers
  • Onyx Ape Avengers
  • Black Stallion Stompers
  • Darkside Bat Defenders
  • Eclipse Panther Elites
  • Black Crow Crusaders
  • Midnight Stallion Masters
  • Shadow Wolf Wanderers
  • Onyx Cat Commanders
  • Black Raven Rebels
  • Darkside Shark Squad
  • Eclipse Orca Enforcers
  • Black Leopard Leaders
  • Midnight Bat Brigade
  • Shadow Bear Seekers
  • Onyx Stallion Striders
  • Black Wolf Wanderers
  • Darkside Crow Crew
  • Eclipse Panther Patrol
  • Black Orca Overlords
  • Midnight Crow Cavaliers
  • Shadow Cat Sentinels
  • Onyx Wolf Watchers
  • Black Jaguar Journeymen
  • Darkside Bear Brigade
  • Eclipse Eagle Experts
  • Black Bat Battalion
  • Midnight Shark Swarm
  • Shadow Orca Operators
  • Onyx Crow Circle
  • Black Wolf Warriors
  • Eclipse Bat Entourage

Cool Black Team Name Ideas

  • Midnight Mavericks
  • Onyx Overlords
  • Black Ice Blazers
  • Shadow Stealth Squad
  • Darkside Dynamos
  • Eclipse Elites
  • Obsidian Ops
  • Nightfall Navigators
  • Black Nebula Brigade
  • Stealth Shadows
  • Dark Diamond Division
  • Onyx Outliers
  • Black Vortex Voyagers
  • Shadow Syndicate
  • Dark Drifters
  • Black Aurora Alliance
  • Onyx Odyssey
  • Nightshade Nomads
  • Black Comet Crew
  • Stealth Sphinx
  • Dark Mirage Masters
  • Onyx Oracle Outcasts
  • Black Cyclone Circle
  • Shadow Samurai
  • Darkstar Dominators

Black Ops Team Name Ideas

  • Midnight Mission Masters
  • Onyx Ops Elites
  • Shadow Strike Force
  • Eclipse Extraction Experts
  • Stealth Sabotage Squad
  • Darkside Demolition Division
  • Black Recon Rangers
  • Nightfall Infiltrators
  • Obsidian Intel Operatives
  • Eclipse Espionage Ensemble
  • Onyx Overwatch
  • Stealth Special Services
  • Black Ghosts Garrison
  • Darkside Deployment Detachment
  • Nightshade Navigator Network
  • Shadow Sniper Syndicate
  • Onyx Overwatch Outfit
  • Black Vanguard Veterans
  • Eclipse Encounter Elite
  • Stealth Signal Squadron
  • Darkside Decipher Division
  • Black Counterstrike Command
  • Nightfall Negotiator Nexus
  • Obsidian Operation Oracles
  • Eclipse Expeditionary Elements
  • Shadow Sabre Squad
  • Onyx Observation Operators
  • Black Breach Brigade
  • Darkside Direct Action Deviants
  • Stealth Surveillance Specialists

Dark Team Name Ideas 

  • Midnight Marauders
  • Shadow Syndicate
  • Dark Dominion
  • Eclipse Enforcers
  • Onyx Oblivion
  • Stealth Shadows
  • Nightfall Nemesis
  • Obsidian Outcasts
  • Black Blizzard
  • Darkside Destroyers
  • Shadow Stalkers
  • Eclipse Executioners
  • Onyx Overlords
  • Stealth Specters
  • Nightshade Nocturnals
  • Dark Vortex
  • Black Abyss Brigade
  • Shadow Serpents
  • Eclipse Eclipsers
  • Onyx Outlaws
  • Stealth Strikers
  • Nightfall Nightmares
  • Dark Desperados
  • Black Maelstrom
  • Shadow Saboteurs
  • Onyx Omen
  • Eclipse Elites
  • Dark Dreadnoughts
  • Black Vipers
  • Shadow Sphinx

How to Create a Team Name for Black Jerseys

hanging black jerseys

Inspiration for your team name.

Need a totally unique name for a team that wears black jerseys? These strategies offer a wide range of approaches to naming a team, allowing for creativity and relevance to the team’s identity and spirit.

Naming Strategy Description Examples of Name Ideas
Color Combination Combining ‘black’ with another color to create a dual-theme. Black & Red Rebels, Black & Gold Gladiators, Black & Blue Barracudas, Black & White Warriors, Black & Green Giants, Black & Yellow Buzzers, Black & Orange Outlaws, Black & Pink Panthers, Black & Silver Shadows, Black & Purple Prowlers
Animal-Inspired Using black-colored animals for inspiration. Black Panthers, Midnight Ravens, Onyx Owls, Black Wolves, Dark Stallions, Night Leopards, Shadow Sharks, Eclipse Eagles, Obsidian Orcas, Black Jaguars
Mystery and Danger Emphasizing the mysterious or dangerous nature of the color. Darkside Destroyers, Shadow Stalkers, Nightfall Nemesis, Stealth Shadows, Eclipse Executioners, Onyx Overlords, Black Abyss Brigade, Shadow Serpents, Dark Dreadnoughts, Black Vipers
Positive and Uplifting Using positive and motivational language. Midnight Motivators, Onyx Optimists, Black Beacon Battalion, Shadow Success Squad, Dark Diamond Doers, Black Brilliance Brigade, Eclipse Empowerers, Stealthy Superstars, Black Gold Brilliance, Darkside Dreamers
Occupation and Role-Based Using professions or roles for a thematic approach. Black Ops Blasters, Midnight Medics, Onyx Engineers, Shadow Scientists, Darkside Detectives, Eclipse Entrepreneurs, Blacksmith Battalion, Stealthy Spies, Nighttime Navigators, Onyx Architects
Sports and Action-Oriented Incorporating sports or action terms. Black Blitz, Midnight Strikers, Onyx Offsiders, Blackout Blockers, Shadow Sprinters, Darkside Dribblers, Eclipse Elites, Black Goal Getters, Nightfall Ninjas, Onyx Offense
Abstract and Conceptual Using abstract concepts or unique ideas. Black Nebula, Onyx Odyssey, Shadow Mirage, Dark Vortex, Black Quasar, Eclipse Enigma, Midnight Mystique, Onyx Oracle, Shadow Spectrum, Dark Paradox

To wrap things up, black jerseys are a top pick for any team because they look sharp and bring everyone together. They show off a team’s serious side and make sure they stand out. Plus, they’re easy to keep looking good and clean compared to white jerseys, which is always a win. Wearing black means a team means business and is ready to tackle whatever comes their way. Whether you’re competing on the field or in the board room, you’ll look good doing it in black.

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