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Learn More About the Potbelly Sandwich Shop Food Truck

The first Potbelly sandwich shop started in the most unlikely location: A family run antique shop in Chicago circa 1977. After the owners decided out their idea to serve sandwiches to store customers, word traveled fast in the community about the toasted sandwiches ultimately becoming one of the most popular lunch spots in the area. […]

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Can You Really Start a Cannabis Food Truck Business in the United States?

On January 1st 2018, the use of recreational marijuana became legal in the state of California. In addition to marking the end of prohibition on marijuana use by anyone over 21-years of age, dispensing cannabis products became viable business opportunity for entrepreneurs the same year. But just because the state now views the adult use […]

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What are Food Skoolies? Who Operates Them?

Do you know what skoolies are? If you’ve never heard of food skoolies before or tasted what they have to offer, then prepare to go to school because class is in session! In simple terms, a skoolie is a bus that has been converted and repurposed. Because of the increasing popularity of food trucks, many […]

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Four Awesome Pretend Food Truck Toys Made for Kids

Looking for ways that you can improve the play time of your kids? Why not buy or build a toy food truck for them! It’s a great opportunity to teach a variety of life-long skills like entrepreneurship, counting, reading, and of course it’s a whole lot of fun for kids of all ages. Some of […]

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auntie annes food truck

The Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Food Truck is Completely Amazing.

Auntie Anne’s is best known for their freshly-baked soft pretzels often available in fine shopping malls across America. If you’re visiting a shopping center with an Auntie Anne’s, you’ll probably be able catch a the sweet smell of handmade pretzels before ever see their trademark pretzel logo. While Auntie Annie’s has historically been a destination […]

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