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29 06, 2020

27 Revealing Meat Packing Industry Statistics And Facts

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Since the start of the global pandemic, the average consumer has become much more aware of the importance of the meat packing industry to society. If meat packing plants shut down there are national shortages of protein options not long after. When meat packing plants shut down even temporily,

19 06, 2020

21 Fascinating Hard Cider Industry Trends And Statistics

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Cider is a fermented beverage that is essentially derived from apples. Popularly known as Hard Cider in the U.S., it typically has an alcohol content of between 1.2 to 8.5 percent. Though cider is believed to be an ancient beverage, there was no record of when or where it began. […]

18 06, 2020

20 Eye-Opening Cottage Cheese Industry Facts And Statistics

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Cottage cheese is believed to been around for thousands of years, although it wasn’t specifically documented until 1831. In the U.S., the cottage cheese market peaked at the start of the 70s, with Americans consuming approximately 5 pounds the food each year. The food is forever tied to President Nixon’s […]

16 06, 2020

58 Hot BBQ Grilling Industry Stats, Facts, And Trends

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If there’s any with item with the potential to be more American than apple pie, it’s probably BBQ. Barbecue or BBQ, has been a staple of Americana since the 19th century. Typically, BBQ grilling has been practiced during the summer, though Spring holidays have also been key BBQ grilling weekends. […]

12 06, 2020

Best List: 153 Food Delivery Business Name Ideas

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Delivering take out food to people’s homes is big business. China’s most popular food delivery service has a $100 billion valuation according to In the United States, the mobile delivery app GrubHub was sold for a staggering $7.3 billion in 2020.

Consumers preference to dine at home had […]