No matter what you have planned for the Easter holiday, these caption and slogan ideas can be used for social media posts. If you manage a business, you can even use these to get the word out about Easter promotions. You’ll find the complete list of ideas below.

Easter Holiday Captions

small rabbit

The imagery of Easter.

Let’s begin with some Easter holiday captions that can fit any social media photo or video.

  • No one celebrates the Easter holidays as our family does.
  • Sunshine, chocolate, and Easter.
  • Join the light side.
  • Happy egg hunting!
  • Let the sun shine this spring!
  • Easter egg hunting is fun!
  • What are you doing this Easter?
  • We’re coming for spring!
  • Welcome, Easter!
  • Eggs taste much better on Easter than on any other day.
  • Elegant Easter egg art!
  • I love Easter!
  • Easter cruising!
  • Just a simple Easter brunch of scrambled eggs and sourdough bread.
  • Wellness, for me, starts on Easter.
  • I like to look at the sunny side.

Easter Sunday Captions

Easter Sunday is the central holiday of the Holy Week and the spiritual start of spring.

  • The sun rises at the east this Easter.
  • Decorating eggs in preparation for Easter Sunday.
  • Easter Sunday comes from heaven.
  • Easter Sunday feels refreshing for the soul.
  • Digging into Easter Sunday!
  • Do you know where the Easter eggs are?
  • Easter Sunday, here I come!
  • It’s impossible not to be happy on Easter Sunday!
  • Spring has sprung!
  • Today is the official start of a beautiful year!
  • Easter makes life merrier.
  • Mmmm….the kitchen smells wonderful this Easter morning.
  • Easter Sunday! It’s a great time to be alive!
  • What a beautiful Easter Sunday!
  • You’re so fluffy like the Easter bunny!
  • Happy Easter Sunday, everyone!

Easter Monday Captions

Colored Easter Eggs.

  • How was your Easter?
  • Thank you, Easter Sunday! Hello Easter Monday.
  • I feel reenergized after celebrating Easter Sunday!
  • Easter Monday! Time for work!
  • I don’t want Easter Sunday to end.
  • An Easter egg hunt on Monday. Does it still count?
  • Going to bring my new pet on Easter Monday!
  • It’s a great Easter Monday!

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  • I’m not that excited about Easter Monday.
  • You’re all pretty and glowing this Easter Monday.
  • I wish Easter was one week long.
  • Easter Monday. Ho, hum. Just like any other Monday.
  • I can still feel the Easter vibes.
  • Easter can be celebrated all week.
  • Easter Sunday meets Easter Monday.
  • I don’t want to work on Easter Monday. Can I have the day off please?
  • I think I’ve got an Easter hangover this morning.

Easter Captions During a Pregnancy

  • He will be a beautiful Easter baby!
  • Congratulations! You have an Easter baby!
  • My hunny bunny and my upcoming baby!
  • You can’t hunt for eggs, so we’ll bring the eggs to you!
  • A new addition to the family this Easter!
  • No wonder you’re bubbly! You have an Easter baby!
  • I’m sure your Easter baby will be cute!
  • Springtime baby, ahoy!
  • Spring smiles on moms like you!
  • What a beautiful season to have a baby!
  • Sweet spring, sweet mommy!
  • Painting Mom’s tummy as an Easter egg.
  • Easter delivery!
  • Springtime cuddles!
  • Love giggles this spring.
  • Can’t wait for my new sister this Easter.

Easter Captions for Babies

Furry bunnies, colorful eggs, and happy times—it’s no wonder why babies and kids look forward to Easter.

  • What a handsome Easter boy!
  • Easter babies are good luck.
  • Cheers to you and your lovely Easter babies!
  • Babies love colorful Easter eggs.
  • Easter eggs are made for babies!
  • Spring babies are the best.
  • Light and bubbly like spring!
  • Springtime is baby time!
  • My fondest wish is to have an Easter baby.
  • My toddler has fallen in love with springtime.
  • Toddlers gravitate toward Easter eggs.
  • If only Easter eggs are toys!
  • The safest toy is an Easter egg.
  • Baby’s first spring!
  • My baby’s first Easter celebration. She loves it!
  • Babies and toddlers seem cuter during Easter.

Easter Captions for Dogs

An Easter craft.

Easter is fun even for our forever furry friends!

  • Dogs love Easter too!
  • My bunny is