2708, 2020

150 Traditional Deli Shop Name Ideas Filtered by Specialty

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Have you ever wondered what and how deli's started? According to Merriam-Webster, a delicatessen or deli for short is a retail store offering ready-to-eat food products such as prepared salads or cooked meat. It finds its roots in Germany way back in the 18th century. European immigrants specifically the Ashkenazi [...]

2608, 2020

119 Organic Flour Company Name Ideas

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Whether it is your breakfast pastry or your elevenses donuts, your pie for lunch or that birthday cake for the kids, or even your mother’s home-made meatloaf, flour is one of the most versatile ingredients on the planet. An industry that is worth more than $17 billion U.S. dollars a [...]

2508, 2020

125 Inventive Water Purifier Company Name Ideas

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Everyone needs to water to live. Tap water is usually safe enough to drink and widely available in the United States, but the use of a water filter or purifiers has become a necessity for many consumers. Part of the catalyst for growth is for health benefits of clean water, [...]

2408, 2020

100+ Smartest Mushroom Startup Company Name Ideas of All Time

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The mushroom farming industry is estimated to have a value of $16.7 billion according to industry research. If you're reading this then you're likely curious about how can participate in the industry. Let us help you spark that idea and get you started on this overlooked specialty food business. Did [...]

2208, 2020

200+ Salad Dressing Business Name Ideas Organized by Flavor

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The most common way to ramp up the flavoring of a salad is with dressing. In fact, there's plenty of people that won't touch the stuff before every lettuce leaf is swimming in ranch dressing. While many salads include colorful vegetables, flavorful proteins like bacon, or crunchy croutons, dressing remains [...]

2108, 2020

149 Hyper-Creative Energy Drink Company Name Ideas

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The energy drink market is a $53.01 billion dollar industry regarded as the David who took on Goliath soda companies that for decades enjoyed a dominant position in the industry. Energy drink companies took on these soda behemoths head-on and captured their market share in the global beverage industry that big [...]