Hot dogs are one of those few menu items that are profitable, easy to make, and in-demand by customers. If you’re on a budget, you can even bootstrap one of these businesses with a used hot dog cart for a few thousand dollars. This means you can can open a hot dog business without risking your life savings or draining a retirement account.

If you’re thinking about starting a hot dog business, I interviewed Matt Gladfelter who founded the cart Bow Ties and Hot Dogs in Knoxville, Tennessee to get his perspective on a list of catchy name ideas for the business. Check out his naming approach below. And when you’re ready, check out our full series on opening a hot dog cart.

Hot Dog Business Name Ideas

Gourmet hot dog toppings.

Need a totally unique hot dog cart name idea? Matt Gladfelter the founder of Bow Ties and Hot Dogs shared these strategies for coming up with a hot dog brand.

Naming Strategy Explanation Examples
Pun-Based Using wordplay or puns related to hot dogs. The Dog Father, Frankly Fun, Wiener Witty, Puns ‘n’ Buns, Barking Bites, Hot Diggity Dog, Sausage Sillies, Grill Giggles, Frank ‘n’ Jokes, The Laughing Link
Geographic Influence Incorporating names of places, cities, or regions. Chicago Dog Depot, Big Apple Franks, Texan Tail-Waggers, Miami Meat Rolls, London Links, Parisian Pups, Tokyo Dog Trotters, Manhattan Munchies, Berlin Bratwursts, Sydney Sausages
Quality or Ingredient Focus Highlighting the quality or specific ingredients used. Gourmet Grillers, Organic Franksters, Prime Beef Bites, Veggie Dog Delight, Quality Quick Bites, Artisanal Wieners, Free-Range Franks, Grass-Fed Goodness, Select Sausage Stand, Purebred Pups
Cultural or Thematic Drawing inspiration from cultural themes or stories. Coney Island Cart, Bollywood Bangers, Fiesta Frankfurters, Carnival Carts, Samurai Sausages, Viking Vendors, Dragon Dogs, Cowboy Carts, Pirate Pups, Olympian Eats
Personal or Mascot Named Using personal names or fictional mascots. Charlie’s Chows, Tommy’s Tubesteaks, Bella’s Buns, Ricky’s Rolls, Molly’s Meats, Oscar’s Franks, Lola’s Links, Fred’s Franks, Daisy’s Dogs, Max’s Meat Rolls
Humor or Playfulness Incorporating fun, humor, or light-heartedness. Silly Sausages, Happy Hotdogs, Chuckle Cart, Giggling Grill, Jolly Dogs, Laughing Links, Mirthful Meats, Fun Franksters, Playful Pups, Joyful Jumbos
Classic or Traditional Evoking a sense of tradition and timelessness. Classic Cart, Timeless Tastes, Heritage Hotdogs, Retro Rollers, Old-School Sausages, Vintage Vendors, Traditional Tastes, Nostalgic Nibbles, Classic Chows, Retro Relish
Modern or Trendy Focusing on modern trends or contemporary styles. Trendy Tastes, Modern Munchies, New Age Nibbles, Futuristic Franks, Hip Hotdogs, Now Noshes, Contemporary Carts, Stylish Sausages, Urban Eats, Novel Nibbles
Descriptive Imagery Using vivid and descriptive language for visual appeal. Golden Grill, Sunset Sausages, Crystal Cart, Blue Sky Bites, Starlight Sausages, Moonlight Meats, Sunrise Sizzlers, Twilight Tubesteaks, Morning Glory Grills, Midday Munch
Health-Conscious Emphasizing healthiness, such as organic or vegan options. Healthy Hounds, Wholesome Wieners, NutriCart, Fit Franks, Wellness Wieners, Fresh & Fit Franks, Lean Links, Balanced Bites, Eco Eats, Vitality Vendors

Here are some other name ideas, I came up with using a variety of the strategies outlined above: 

  • Delish Franks
  • The Hot Dog Station
  • Franks and More
  • Minnesota Hot Dog Co.
  • American Dreams
  • Chicago Poppy Dog
  • Big Apple Franks
  • Coney Canine Corner
  • Chili Dog Chalet
  • Detroit Dog Den
  • Kansas Kraut Kiosk
  • Corn Dog Carnival
  • Atlanta Slaw Stand
  • Seattle Cream Cheese Carts
  • Sonoran Sizzle Shack
  • Boston Bean Buns
  • Texas Chili Tailgaters
  • LA Danger Dogs
  • Reykjavik Rollers
  • Mustard Metropolis
  • Windy City Wieners
  • New York Yellow Mustard
  • Chili Cheese Chariot
  • Boston Baked Buns
  • Texas Jalapeño Hauler
  • Seattle Sausage Sprinter
  • Cornmeal Crunch Cart
  • Sonoran Wrap Wagon
  • Kansas City Swiss Rolls
  • Coney Island Classics
  • Detroit Dog Delight
  • Tomato Topped Truck
  • Chicago Style Streetcar
  • The Big Onion
  • Celery Salt Stop
  • Bacon Wrapped Bite
  • Bean Town Dog Depot
  • The Sport Pepper Spot
  • Seattle Street Sausage
  • The Chili Cheese Chase
  • The Windy Wiener
  • Cream Cheese Cruiser
  • Sonoran Sausage Stand
  • Boston Baked Doggies
  • Texas Heat Hounds
  • Sport Pepper Pups
  • The Boston Baconator
  • Atlanta Coleslaw Cart
  • The Emerald City Dog
  • The Detroit Dog House
  • Cream Cheese Canines
  • Kansas Kraut Cart
  • Windy City Weenie Wagon
  • The Texas Toastie
  • Bacon Dog Boulevard
  • Link-ville
  • Dad’s Diner
  • Doggo Buns
  • Winner Wiener
  • Grill King
  • Smoked Hot Doggies
  • Hot Dog Daddy
  • The Frankfurter Culture
  • Grilled Dawgs
  • Gourmet Dogs
  • Cerberus’ Eats
  • City Famous Franks
  • Bangers Unlimited
  • South Dakota Sausage Company
  • Chicago’s Original
  • The House of Sausages
  • Mustard and Relish
  • The Grill Barn
  • The Hot Dog Project
  • The Original Dogs
  • Frankfurter Central
  • The H Stop
  • Meaty Dogs
  • Everything Hot Dogs
  • Hometown Dogs
  • The Sausage Place
  • Hotdog Grill and Brewery
  • Hungry Kidz
  • Relish and More
  • Wiener County
  • Paradise Franks
  • Tasty Links
  • Hot Dog Hut
  • Yum Dogs
  • Steamed Dogs Loving the Sun
  • Saturdays
  • Hot Dog & Fries Co.
  • Fierce Dogs
  • Supreme Franks
  • Franks and Beers
  • Wrapped Dogs
  • Fancy Franks
  • Flavorful Brats
  • Happy Hot Links
  • The Nation’s Favorite
  • The Backyard Link Grill
  • The Frankfurter Experts
  • Coney Wonderland
  • Big Apple Eats
  • In Between the Bun
  • Patriots Hot Dog LLC
  • Dogs In Buns
  • Savory Franks
  • One Big Bite

Hot Dog Stand Name Ideas

bow ties and hot dogs

A modern hot dog stand.

Nothing beats a fresh frank on a toasted bun served just outside your office building or big-box home improvement stores. Hot dog stands are a familiar sight in many major cities. If you’re thinking about putting up a low-cost hot dog stand near a busy office district, here are a few names to consider.

  • Hot Dogs On The Go
  • Hot Off The Grill
  • Franks To-Go
  • Dogs on Wheels
  • Hot Dawgs
  • Dogs Gone Wild
  • Frankie’s
  • The Frankfurter Express
  • The Hot Dog Master
  • Jumbo’s
  • Top Dog
  • Make Your Own Dogs
  • Quick Bites
  • Franks Anywhere
  • Wiener Street
  • Downtown Links
  • Brat Attack
  • Steam, Grill, Eat
  • Top It Up
  • Smokey Dogs
  • Street Dogs
  • The Corner Stall
  • Street Side Snacks
  • All Day Dogs
  • Grilled Dogs
  • AffordaBites
  • Good ol’ Frank
  • Meaty Tubes
  • Sausage St.
  • Frankfest
  • The Sausage Cart
  • Coneys To-go
  • Pre-Game Eats
  • Sausage Yes!
  • Dogs on Buns
  • The Frank Stop
  • Foot Long Favorites
  • The Frankfurter Master
  • Uncle Franks

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  • Sausagetopia
  • Juicy Links
  • Franklicious
  • Sausage Hub
  • Hot Dog Corner
  • The Cattle Dog
  • Dogs ‘N Chips
  • Express Hot Doggies
  • Sausages Etc.
  • Coney Favorites
  • The Steam Dog
  • The Green Dog
  • Pigs In Buns
  • Brats On A Stick
  • Frankfurter Madness
  • Hot Links
  • Season Salted Dogs
  • Express Lane Hot Dogs
  • Hot Dog Eatery
  • Grilled Onion Dogs
  • Hot Doggies
  • Snappy Dog Sunsets
  • Sweet Dogs & Sour Drinks Cart
  • Big Shot Dogs
  • Cheap Dogs in Texas
  • The Dog Lounge
  • The Chicago Style Lounge

Funny Hot Dog Name Ideas

Silly hot dog name ideas.

The funnier and catchier hot dog names are, the more people will notice your stand and give you a try. Operating a successful hot dog stand is often a matter of finding the right marketing angle. One funny slogan could be “hot dogs as big as a babies arm.”

If you were voted class clown, now’s the time to take this skillset and apply it to a business venture.

  • Dogs on The Buns
  • Frankly Speaking
  • Unleashed Dogs
  • Wild Dogs
  • Soaked Dogs
  • Tube Steak Sisters
  • Chicks Grabbing Hot Dogs
  • TGIF (Thank God It’s Franks)
  • Hyperlinks
  • Jack And The Dogs
  • The Dog House
  • Hot Dog Boss
  • Link Me Up, Scotty!
  • FRANKenstein
  • Not Your Ordinary Dog
  • Sausage Bonanza
  • Dog Fries
  • Coney Logs
  • Let’s Be Frank!
  • The Wieners’ Club
  • Bark If Hungry
  • Big City Dogs
  • The Laughing Wiener
  • Doggone Delicious
  • The Pink Hot Dog Co.
  • Franks A Lot
  • The Witty Weenie
  • Buns & Puns
  • Hot Diggity Dog
  • The Silly Sausage
  • Chuckle Dogs
  • Giggles and Grills
  • The Dog House Delight
  • Jokester’s Frankfurters
  • Barking Buns
  • The Sassy Sausage
  • The Funny Frank
  • Chortle Chows
  • Chubby Wieners Cart
  • Ha-Ha Hot Dogs
  • The Comical Coney
  • Punny Dogs
  • The Guffawing Grill
  • Wisecracking Wieners
  • The Snickering Sausage
  • The Hilarious Hound
  • Chuckling Chorizos
  • The Mirthful Mustard
  • Jovial Jumbos
  • The Beagle Bun
  • The Droll Dog
  • Howl-arious Hot Dogs
  • The Smiling Saveloy
  • The Laughable Link
  • The Jocular Jumbo
  • Snicker Snags
  • The Giggling Gourmet
  • The Amusing Andouille
  • The Risible Roll
  • The Whimsical Wiener
  • The Grinning Gourmet
  • The Kooky Kielbasa
  • The Ticklish Taco Dog
  • The Zany Zapiekanka
  • The Quirky Queijo
  • The Jestful Japadog
  • The Frolicsome Frankfurter
  • The Ludicrous Long Dog
  • The Playful Pepperoni Dog
  • The Buffoonish Bratwurst
  • The Ridiculous Roll
  • The Bonkers Banger
  • The Waggish Weenie
  • The Daffy Dog
  • Oh! Oh! Dogs!
  • Bangin’ Bangers
  • Tube Steaks On Bread
  • Netizen’s Choice
  • Juicy Wieners
  • Wienie Meanies
  • Monster Dogs
  • Juicy Flavor
  • Crazy Links
  • Brave Dogs
  • The Under Dog
  • Stray Dogs
  • Franks’ Palace
  • Foot Long Frenzy
  • Classic Franks
  • Bombtastic Wieners
  • Fiery Dogs
  • Yummy Brats
  • All-Day Bangers
  • Sausage Fest
  • Franks That Make Sense
  • Long Coneys
  • Hardcore Dogs
  • Links Up
  • Scorched Franks
  • Beefy Dogs
  • Perfect Bangers
  • Wild Wieners
  • Mister Frankfurter
  • Hungry Dogs
  • Pretty Little Doggies
  • Big Franks
  • Sausage-fied
  • Diner Dogs
  • Hot Dog Special

Corn Dog Business Name Ideas

These names offer a creative and inviting take on the classic corn dog, from gourmet to organic, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences.

  • Stick-a-Dog
  • Corn Canine Capers
  • Gourmet Dog on a Stick
  • Twirl-a-Dog
  • Deep Fried Delights
  • The Organic Corndog
  • Dip ‘n Dog
  • Crispy Canine Cones
  • Corn Dog Kingdom
  • Mustard & Munch
  • Posh Pup
  • The Dapper Dog
  • Dipper Dog Deli
  • Golden Spike Dogs
  • The Corny Canine
  • The Sizzling Stick
  • Gourmet Doggie Dips
  • Crunchy Canine Sticks
  • The Elegant Weenie
  • Batter Up Dogs
  • The Corn Dog Coop
  • Stick Shift Snacks
  • The Haute Dog
  • Corn Dog Carnival
  • Ketchup King Corn Dogs
  • The Corn Dog Castle
  • The Dog on a Log
  • Savory Stick Pups
  • The Corn Dog Cult
  • Fancy Franks on Sticks
  • The Corn Dog Connoisseur
  • Royal Rod Hot Dogs
  • Organic Corn Orchard
  • The Stick House
  • The Golden Batter
  • Dip & Dine Dogs
  • Pup ‘n Batter
  • The Corn Dog Corner
  • Stick Star Snacks
  • The Crusty Corn Dog
  • The Gourmet Spike
  • Corn Dog Couture
  • The Dipped Dog
  • The Stick Tailor
  • The Pristine Pup
  • Majestic Mustard Dogs
  • The Batter Boutique
  • Stick-Wrapped Wonders
  • The Doggy Dipper
  • The Artisanal Corn Dog

Hot Dog Restaurant Name Ideas

  • The Drive-Thru Doggie
  • The Gourmet Frank
  • Organic Dog Delights
  • Beefy Bun Bistro
  • Kosher Dog Café
  • Pork Frank Pavilion
  • Chicken & Turkey Tubesteak Terrace
  • Chicago Style Charms
  • New York Frank Nook
  • Frankly Organic
  • Quality Quarters Dogs
  • The Artisanal Wiener
  • Sausage & Spice Shack
  • The Deluxe Dog Den
  • Windy City Weenie Wonderland
  • The Big Apple Frank
  • Purity Pup Place
  • The Healthy Hound
  • Classic Canine Cuisine
  • Gourmet Grind Grill
  • Tubesteak Terrace
  • Natural Frank Niche
  • Urban Dog Utopia
  • The Sausage Sanctuary
  • Hot Dog Race Car
  • The Frankly Gourmet
  • The Doggie Deli
  • Purebred Pup Eatery
  • The Haute Hot Dog
  • Frankly Fabulous
  • The Doggy Diner
  • The Organic Oasis
  • The Beefy Bite
  • City Style Sausages
  • The Tubesteak Tavern
  • High-Quality Hound
  • The Sausage Studio
  • The Frankfurter Forum
  • Tail-Wagging Tastes
  • The Divine Dog
  • Premium Pup Plates
  • The Sausage Spot
  • The Frank Feasting
  • Regional Frank Retreat
  • The Gourmet Grill
  • The Dog Den
  • Elite Eats Dogs
  • The Classic Canine
  • The Frankly Feast
  • Gourmet Pup Palace
  • The Choice Chomp
  • The Prime Pup

Hot Dog Truck Name Ideas 

  • Grillin on Wheels
  • No Buns Hot Dog Truck
  • Speedy Dog Express
  • Fast Franks Frenzy
  • Dogs Behind the Wheel
  • Mustard Mile Truck
  • Ketchup Cruise Cart
  • Relish Road Runners
  • Chili Chaser Caravan
  • Onions Overdrive
  • Sausage Speedway
  • Dog Dash Diner
  • Turbo Dog Trailer
  • Jalapeño Journey
  • The Speed Limit Snack
  • Fuel Up Franks
  • High Gear Hot Dogs
  • The Fast Lane Frank
  • Pickle Parkway Pups
  • Sizzling Street Sprinter
  • Wiener Wheels Express
  • The Brisk Bun Bus
  • Dogs in the Fast Lane
  • Pepper Pace Truck
  • Accelerated Appetites
  • Zoom Zone Hot Dogs
  • The Speedy Sausage
  • Route Relish Rover
  • The Rapid Roller
  • Drive-Thru Dogs
  • Topping Turbo Truck
  • Velocity Vienna Van
  • The Express Eater
  • Racing Relish Rig
  • Cruising Coney Cart
  • The Sizzling Express
  • Rapid Relish Run
  • Fast Track Franks
  • The Hot Dog Highway
  • Throttle Dog Thru
  • Speedster Sausages
  • The Hot Heel Hauler
  • Bun Burner Boulevard
  • Frankfurter Freeway
  • Velocity Vienna Vendor
  • Pacing Pup Truck
  • The Wiener Wagon Wheel
  • Highway Hot Dog Haven
  • The Speedy Sizzle
  • Road Racer Relish
  • Doggie Drive Dynamo
  • The Rapid Roaster
  • The Freeway Frank

Alternative Names for Hot Dogs

sanora hotdog

The Sanora Style Hotdog

Did you know about the alternative names for hot dogs? If not, them familiarize yourself with them if you want to be able to consider yourself a hot dog connoisseur. These alternative titles can also serve as the foundation for a business name idea.

  • Frankfurters
  • Wieners
  • Franks
  • Sausages
  • Links
  • Coney
  • Tube Steak
  • Pigs In A Blanket
  • Bangers
  • Brats
  • Dog
  • Foot Long
  • Wienie
  • Little Doggies
  • Red Hot
  • Meat Tubes

Hot Dog Name Origin

Hot dogs have been around for so long that nobody questions the name. But if you did think about it, why is a hot dog called a “hot dog” when it doesn’t even look like it?

According to reports, the earliest known tidbit about the term was back in 1901. Vendors at the New York Polo Grounds were selling the snack and yelling “They’re red hot! Get your dachshund sausages while they’re red hot!” that it captured the attention of Tad Dorgan, a cartoonist from a New York Journal. He then drew dachshund sausages barking in between rolls.

But since he didn’t know how to correctly spell “dachshund” the man wrote “hot dog” instead. While the actual copy of this cartoon seems to have been lost with time, the term stuck.

Is selling hot dogs still a good business?

mexi dogs

Is this a good business?

You might be wondering, if hot dogs have been around for so long, then have people grown tired of it? Would putting up a hot dog business still be profitable?

According to reports, 2019 saw a rise in Americans spending on sausages and hot dogs with over $6.2 billion in sales. Back in 2018, Americans spent $3 billion on hot dogs. Just by seeing a rise in spending on sausages, one can see how the hot dog business is on the rise.

Attention Founders: Download the Complete Hot Dog Business Startup Kit

Now if you’re wondering where to get the best hot dogs or what is the most popular hot dog brand in the United States, Delish did a ranking and Sabrett is their number one choice. Meanwhile, Washington Post did a taste test of over fifteen brands and Costco’s Kirkland Beef Hot Dogs made it to the top of their list. We suggest doing a blind taste test to find the brand and style of sausage that works best for your future business.

Hot Dog Business Names

Hot Dog Business Names

It’s up to you whether you serve boiled, grilled or steamed sausages at your establishment. There’s plenty of debate over what cooking style is superior. But either way you cook it, hot dogs will continue being a traditional snack or meal fit for all ages in the United States.

Although these characteristics are well known in the food industry, there’s another appealing element to hot dog businesses too. There’s an incredible amount of flexibility and creativity that comes with operating this business. You can appeal to the high-end foodie market by using wagyu beef hot dogs. The topping and bun combinations are endless. You can even appeal to vegetarians with a veggie dog.

Hot dogs are such a classic favorite that’s evolved into a staple food item. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (Yes, it’s a real organization!), Americans eat 70 hot dogs per person each year on average.

Are you ready to put up that hot dog business you’ve been thinking about? As a next step, we recommend looking at our spreadsheet with the detailed costs to start a hot dog business. Then listen to our podcast explaining how much money you can make from one hot dog cart. Then go ahead and start it off by picking a name from our sales-driving hot dog business name ideas listed above.

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