Hot dog vendors use some of the wildest one-liners to capture the attention of anyone with a mouth and a few dollars of cash. I knew one vendor that became locally famous with a sign proclaiming, “Hot dogs as big as a baby’s arm!” Not surprisingly, this unique product claim grabbed people’s attention.

If you intend to open a hot dog stand of your own, being prepared with with snappy sayings is a proven way to increase sales. Bottom line, if you can get someone’s attention, you increase the odds of selling a hot dog to them. In an effort to help you sell more, here are some of the best marketing slogans and one-liners for vendors organized into five categories below. You can add these phrases to a chalk sign or scream them to anyone within two city blocks of your cart.

Hot Dog Company Slogans

Make your customers laugh out loud with these slogans.

  • You’ll never settle for just one.
  • You’ll never go wrong with a hot dog.
  • Hot dogs… Are also a man’s best friend.
  • Hungry? Eat a hot dog.
  • Never go hungry again.
  • To be frank, you’ll love to eat one.
  • Bite into the goodness.
  • It’s A Lifesaver.
  • Love every bite.
  • Best consumed, every time.
  • Meaty mighty goodness.
  • Experience the flavor.
  • Get hot dog crazy.
  • Are you sure one’s enough?
  • Indulge into the meat.
  • Meatify your taste buds.
  • An explosion of flavors.
  • It’s a meat treat.
  • It’s not complete without the meat.
  • Grade A Meaty Goodness.
  • Meat your destiny.
  • Frankly, it tastes great.
  • We are the meat authority.
  • Not your ordinary hot dogs.
  • Be meatified.
  • Frankly, you can’t resist it.
  • Mighty meaty hot dogs.
  • This Weiner is a winner.
  • Craving for this.
  • Taking Frankfurters Further.
  • Unmistakably meaty.
  • Food for survival.
  • Lovin’ it, every bit.
  • Meat the Boss.
  • Packed Meatiness.
  • Sausage galore.
  • Time to meat.
  • Weiner dinners.
  • Frankly, the best.
  • This is the perfect Weiner.

Funny Hot Dog Slogans

These slogans play on the fun and casual nature of enjoying hot dogs, adding a touch of humor and playfulness.

The classic hot dog with mustard and ketchup.

  • Who let the dogs out?!
  • Dogs you can eat…
  • Weiner weiner, chicken dinner.
  • Hot diggity dog.
  • I love weiners.
  • Looking at my weiner?
  • The party doesn’t start until the wieners come out.
  • Hot doggin’ in the street.
  • You’re not as hot as my dog.
  • Dog eat dog world.
  • Don’t Worry. Dog Happy!
  • Who let the dogs out!
  • It’s a dog thing.
  • Every dog has its bun.
  • Is it hollow weenie yet?
  • Let’s be frank.
  • The Hot Dog That Smiles Back.
  • Your hot dog, right away.
  • A hot dog a day, keeps the hunger away.
  • Hot dog, it’s what we do.
  • Feel the hot dog.
  • Let the hot dog, begin.
  • Weiner dealers.
  • The mighty dogs.
  • You’ve never tasted hot dog until you tasted ours.
  • Do ya feel me, dog?
  • It’s not too hot for a hot dog.
  • Let our hot dog do the talking.
  • We double dog dare you.
  • No one’s too hot for our hot dog.
  • Hot Dogs: Because Chewing is Overrated.
  • Bite into a Mystery – Hot Dogs!
  • Hot Dogs: The Best Way to Relish the Moment.
  • Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give a Ham.
  • Wiener Takes All!
  • Get Your Buns Ready for These Dogs.
  • Hot Dogs: Making Ketchup Feel Important Since Forever.
  • Where Mystery Meat Gets a Bun and a Smile.
  • Be a Frank Fanatic!
  • Our Hot Dogs are Barking Good!
  • Unleash the Beast – One Hot Dog at a Time.
  • The Sausage of Suspense – Hot Dogs!
  • Eat, Pray, Love… and Hot Dogs.
  • Grill ‘Em, Fill ‘Em, Thrill ‘Em – Hot Dogs!
  • Bringing the Sizzle to Your Dizzle – Hot Dogs.
  • Hot Dogs: Putting the ‘Fast’ in ‘Fast Food’.
  • Experience the Wiener Wonderland.
  • Because Life’s Too Short for Just Mustard.
  • Serving Up Smiles, One Hot Dog at a Time.
  • Join the Wiener Circle – Eat a Hot Dog.

Hot Dog Quotes 

These unique quotes capture a range of sentiments about hot dogs, from their role as a beloved American comfort food to their simplicity and universal appeal.

  • “The relativity of taste: to one, a hot dog is a meal; to another, a mere appetizer.”
  • “A hot dog by any other name would smell as sweet.”
  • “A perfectly cooked hot dog is a delight to the senses, a symphony in a bun.”
  • “Innovation isn’t just about technology; sometimes it’s about putting exactly the right amount of mustard on a hot dog.”
  • “The hot dog you’re eating today is paving the way to the dreams you’ll achieve tomorrow.”
  • “Never, in the field of human consumption, was so much owed by so many to so few ingredients.”
  • “The hot dog is a remarkable invention; simple, convenient, and American as apple pie, yet far easier to eat on the go.”
  • “A hot dog at the ballpark is better than steak at the Ritz.”
  • “You should always serve hot dogs to your guests. Even the King of England enjoyed them!”
  • “My philosophy is simple: No matter how bad a situation is, it’s better with a hot dog in hand.”
  • “Who said nights were for sleep? They’re for enjoying hot dogs under the bright lights of the city.”
  • “Sometimes one simply needs a hot dog to ponder the complexities of the universe.”
  • “Let’s be frank: a good hot dog is an art form in its own right.”
  • “You know, it’s hard to beat a good hot dog at a baseball game.”
  • “A hot dog can be a masterpiece or a disaster – it’s all in the preparation.”
  • “My secret to longevity? Laugh a lot, love animals, and never say no to a hot dog.”
  • “Life’s too short to say no to a hot dog, especially with the right toppings.”

Hot Dog One Liners

What do you call a hot dog race? Wiener takes all.

She got fired from the hot dog stand for putting her hair in a bun.

Did you see the movie about the hot dog? It was an Oscar Wiener

What do you call a frozen frankfurter? A Chili dog.

Did you see the movie about the hot dog? It was an Oscar Wiener.

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Where do you smart hot dogs go?… On the honor roll.

What do you call a dog with a fever? A hot dog.

What do you give a dog with a fever? Mustard, it’s the best thing for a hot dog.

Why are hot dogs angry? Because they are always getting roasted.

Why did the hot dog turn down a chance to star in a major motion picture? None of the rolls (roles) were good enough.

What do get when you cross a chili pepper, steam shovel, and a Chihuahua? A hot, diggety dog.

What did the hot dog bun say to the hot dog? Stop touching my buns!

What did the Buddhist monk say to the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything.

What’s the difference between a Yankee Stadium hot dog and a Fenway Park hot dog? You can buy a Yankee Stadium hot dog in October.

What has 100 teeth and eats wieners? A zipper!

When can a pizza marry a hot dog? After a very frank relationship.

What do you get when your dog jumps into the fire pit? A hot dog.

bow ties and hot dogs

Can’t go wrong with a Nathan’s all-beef hot dog.

  • What did the Mama Hot Dog say to the little frankfurter? Ketch-up!
  • What do you call a hot dog with nothing inside it? A “hollow-weenie!”
  • When does a hot dog have a close shave? At the barber-cue!
  • Why did the hotdog get grounded? It was being a brat!
  • How did the hotdog ask the ketchup out? He mustard up the courage.
  • Why do all hotdogs look the same? Because they are in bread.
  • I thought hotdogs were simple. Turns out they’re more than meats: the eye.
  • I was eating a hotdog the other day and when I took a bite ketchup squirted in my eye. Now I have heinzsight.
  • Why are German hotdogs the most controversial? It’s because they make the best and the wurst ones.
  • How did the hotdog get the job despite having a criminal record? It was a misde-wiener.
  • I take my time while putting toppings on my hotdogs. I choose to relish the moment.

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  • One hotdog says to another, “You been to that German night club yet?” “Nah, it’s too krauted.”
  • What does a hotdog call his wife? Honey bun.
  • I won my 17th straight Halloween costume contest as a hotdog. I’m on a roll.
  • What did the American hotdog say to the German hotdog? You’re the wurst.
  • What do you get when you put a chicken, a cow, and a pig together? A hotdog.
  • Why do Germans fear getting cheese in their hotdogs? Because for them it’s considered to be a Wurst-Käse scenario.
  • Why aren’t hotdog ads allowed in NASCAR? Because no-one else would be able to ketchup.
  • What’s a Jew’s favorite brand of hotdog? Anne Frank’s.
  • Some people hate hotdogs. I relish them.
  • An idea for a make-your-own hotdog place. Call it “What’s the Wurst That Could Happen?”
  • How does a ghost eat a hotdog? By goblin it.
  • My girlfriend asked me if hotdogs were good for her diet, I replied, “They’re not the wurst”

Sausage Slogans

gourmet hot dog

Gourmet hot dog with a side of kettle chips.

  • Bite into the Delight.
  • Just Sausage.
  • Pass the sausage.
  • Here, there’s no shortage of sausage.
  • Satisfy your urge for sausage.
  • Power for your sausage.
  • What’s in your sausage?
  • You deserve a sausage today.
  • Sausage that’s right for you.
  • The sausage masters.
  • The age of sausage.
  • Stop wastage, eat a sausage.
  • The real sausage.
  • Driven by sausage.
  • Creating great sausages since ______.
  • Leave creating sausages to us.
  • Do you sausage?
  • It’s sausage eating day
  • Lost the sausage, begin?
  • Bringing out the best in sausage
  • Meaty sausage goodness.
  • A whole lotta meat.
  • Sausage, your urge.
  • The smart choice.
  • The Real Stuffed Sausage.
  • Tastes right in every bite.
  • The sausage experts.
  • Bite into the goodness.
  • The savvy sausage folks.
  • No one does sausage like us.
  • Driving sausage excellence.
  • Your number one source for sausage.
  • Devoted to fine sausage.
  • Believers in fine sausage.
  • Not your average sausage.
  • Experienced in sausage.
  • A history of fine sausages.
  • For sausage fans.
  • Pledge in our loyalty to sausage.
  • Home of the sausage lovers.
  • Every sausage helps.
  • There’s first love, then there’s sausage love.
  • Absolute Sausage
  • Better ingredients, better sausage.
  • Hungry? Grab a sausage.

Hot Dog Taglines

  • Windy City Wieners: A Taste of Chicago in Every Bite
  • Chi-Town Chows Down: Get Your Dog Done Right
  • Deep Dish Dogs: Not Just Pizza Knows How to Chicago
  • The Great Chicago Bite: Hot Dogs with a Skyline View
  • Lakefront Links: Savor the Flavor of Chicago
  • The Magnificent Franks: Where Chicago Meets the Bun
  • Chi-Dog Delights: Street Food the Chicago Way
  • Second City Sausages: First in Flavor
  • The Loop’s Best Dogs: Grab a Bite of Chicago History
  • Windy Weiner Wagon: Blowing You Away with Flavor
  • Big Apple Bites: Savor the City, One Dog at a Time
  • NY Dogs, NY Attitude: Taste the Streets of New York
  • Empire State of Franks: Where Every Bite is an Icon
  • Broadway Bangers: Star-Studded Flavor in Every Sausage
  • Statue of Liberty Links: Taste Freedom, One Dog at a Time
  • Central Park Franks: A New York Picnic Staple
  • Times Square Toppings: Where Every Dog Has Its Day
  • The Manhattan Munch: Hot Dogs as Diverse as the City
  • 5th Avenue Flavors: High-Class Hot Dogs for Every New Yorker
  • Yankee Yum: Home Run Flavor in Every Bite
  • Sonoran Sizzle: Spice Up Your Day with Every Bite
  • Desert Dogs Delight: Savor the Sonoran Sunshine
  • Cactus Cart Canines: Where Heat Meets Meat
  • Baja Buns: Bringing the Heat to the Street
  • Tucson’s Tastiest: Wrapped in Bacon, Dressed in Flavor
  • Saguaro Sausages: A Prickly Good Bite
  • Arizona’s Finest Franks: More Than Just a Hot Dog
  • Sunbaked Bangers: Toasty, Tasty, Totally Sonoran
  • Mesquite Meets Mustard: Hot Dogs with a Desert Twist
  • Border Bites: Where Mexican Flavor and American Tradition Meet

Hot Dog Instagram Caption Ideas

sanora hotdog

The Sanora Style Hotdog

  • Love and hot dogs are alike. You can never have enough of either.
  • Life without a hot dog is boring.
  • You can never have enough.
  • The meat that makes you full.
  • It’s time for a hot dog!
  • Hot dog, the best food invented.
  • Have a happy tummy with this delicious hot dog.
  • The best meat can offer for $5.
  • Think of me as food for once.
  • A whole lotta dogs.
  • A hot dog is the noblest of all dogs – it feeds the hand that bites it.
  • A hot dog is always a good idea!
  • Keep calm and eat a hot dog.
  • “Nobody, I mean nobody, puts ketchup on a hot dog!” – Clint Eastwood
  • If every pork chop was perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs!
  • Suns out, (hot dog) buns out!
  • There is no “we” in food.
  • I relish the chance to have a hot dog.
  • Frankly, this hot dog is fantastic!
  • “A hot dog at the ballpark beats roast beef at the Ritz.” -Humphrey Bogart
  • I’m so hot for you.
  • Franks a lot for the memories!
  • Looking a little well-done.
  • Chasing sunbeams and hot dog buns.
  • Time to flip and tan the other side of these hot dogs.
  • A couple of hot dogs in paradise.
  • Staying all up in my grill.
  • Hot dog lover since birth.
  • Let me be frank, I love summertime.
  • What’s up, dog?
  • Look at my hot, dog.
  • Spending the day with my wurst.
  • If you’re looking for me, look for a hot dog.
  • Those buns make me drool.
  • It’s never a complete day without a hot dog.
  • Wanna make me happy? Serve me a hot dog.
  • I wanna be with you for the rest of the day. (Holding a hot dog).
  • These dogs never grow old on me.
  • What’s the wurst that could happen?
  • The way to my heart is through a hot dog.
  • Go ahead, make my day. (While getting a hot dog from a vendor)
  • Hot dogs, the great equalizer.
  • The best gift one could ever have. (While holding frankfurters)
  • Thank God, man invented hot dog!
  • Basically, this (hot dog) is what makes me happy.
  • Never underestimate the goodness of hot dogs.

From a business perspective, operating a hot dog business makes a lot of sense. You can take a gourmet hot dog that costs $2.00 to make and sell it for $5.00. There’s no special skill required to cook and serve a world-class hot dog either.

You can find see hot dog carts scattered across the United States and even internationally. The U.S. Hot Dog Council (Yes, this is a real organization.) estimated 15% of the 10 billion hot dogs consumed by Americans in 2014 were bought at hot dog carts.

The health crisis hasn’t slowed down hot dog sales either. In fact, hot dog sales grew by 120% as Americans proclaimed the meal as the ‘best’ quarantine food. Despite falling sales at the start of the health crisis due to stockpiling, sales rebounded and even exceeded sales back compared to previous years. If you’re serious about starting a hot dog business, signup for our free hot dog business kit. The kit includes a market research template, startup cost spreadsheet and more to help you get started.

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