For better or worse, Thai restaurants are prone to eye-rolling names. Punny titles like “Thai One On” or “Getting Thai” are the norm in this genre whether you enjoy a clever title or not.

In this list we’ve organized a list of original Thai restaurant names you can use as inspiration at your future establishment. We’ve included some of our most creative attempts at puns, but also categorized names highlighting the quality of food too.

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Beef and Rice dish.

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Pun-Tastic Names

Humor is in the eye of the beholder. If you decide to utilize a funny name be aware that different customers have different perspective on amusing or offensive. While there’s nothing wrong with a quick-witted name, you shouldn’t pick anything that offends guests.

  • French Fry Thai
  • That Guy is Thai
  • The Thai Guy
  • Bow Thai
  • The ButterThai
  • Boston Cream Thai
  • Mag Thai
  • Goodbye Thai
  • Small Fry Thai
  • Thai Us Together
  • Bad Thai
  • Khao Phat Up to Bat
  • Tom Yum Kung Fu
  • Satay All Day
  • Fat Phat Khana
  • The Black Thai
  • Thai Potpie
  • Tik-Tok Bangkok
  • Belly in Bangkok
  • May I Have Som Tam
  • Ball Kap Klaem
  • Why Thai?
  • Wet Market Cooked Rice
  • Give us a Thai
  • Coolie Cuisine

Original Names

Red Curry Shrimp.

If you’re looking for a name that’s more traditional use this list for inspiration. After all, you don’t need to be funny to operate a successful restaurant. You just need terrific food and commitment to customer service.

  • Blue Sky Thai Food
  • Thai BBQ
  • Tasty Thai
  • Curry Collective
  • Khanom Corner
  • Mid-July Thai
  • Thailand Eatery
  • The Garden Thai
  • The Queen of Bangkok
  • The Floating Market
  • The Dining Canal
  • The Fruits of Thailand
  • Traditional Siam
  • Delicious Thai Curry
  • Tom Yum Cuisine
  • The Pearl of Papaya
  • Papa’s Papaya
  • Dining in Bangkok
  • Bangkok Beef
  • Passport to Thailand
  • Express Thai
  • Thai Organic
  • Bangkok Kitchen
  • Mom’s PadThai Kitchen
  • The Thai Galley
  • The PadThai Cookhouse
  • Curry Cookhouse
  • The French-Thai Diner
  • Curry Canteen
  • Clean Thai
  • Thai Bubble Tea All Day
  • Cooking in Thai
  • Tickling Thai
  • The Gourmet French-Thai Cuisine
  • Culinary Thai

Guidelines for Naming Your Restaurant

Delicious Pad Thai dish.

If none of these suggestions were the ideal match for your business, not to worry. There are plenty of time-tested approaches you can use to come up with a winning brand. Here are some proven ideas:

  • Regional: A time-tested approach to differentiate your restaurant is to reference a specific region or city within Thailand. Bangkok is a popular example, but you can reference locations like Chiang Mai, Pattaya City, and Hua Hin that are more unique.
  • Food Type: By referencing a specific dishes like Tom Yum, Pad Thai or fried rice you can create a distinct brand. It there’s a dish you want to make the specialty in your restaurant this is a terrific option.
  • Geographic Beauty: One of the compelling aspects of Thailand is the wide range of landscapes. From the ocean to mountain ranges to lush gardens. You can call-out this beauty in your name.

We hope this guides helps you figure out what to call your future restaurant. If you’re in the process of starting a restaurant, but aren’t 100% confident read our guide: Cooking is My Passion. Should I Start a Restaurant?

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