If you’ve been thinking about starting a Chinese restaurant in the United States, the good news is it’s a proven food concept. Chinese Restaurant News magazine says there are more than 40,000 active Chinese restaurants operating in the United States. Like so many other ethnic foods, the category has evolved overtime to adjust to American tastes.

A Chinese Food Trailer.

But before you open the doors to your restaurant, you’ve got to come up with a name that sticks in the minds of your patrons. Fortunately, we’ve outlined a huge list of clever, funny, and regional name ideas that you can use for your restaurant right away. I’ve even grouped similar names together to get the creative juices flowing no matter what menu concept you’re thinking about. Let’s do this!

American Chinese Names

Fun fact! It was at the end of the 19th century when food from China began to attract fast-growing non-Chinese clients with a wide range of ethnic backgrounds in major cities across the United States. And by 1980, Chinese food had become the most popular ethnic cuisine in the US, with the help of the renewal of Chinese immigration to America.

  • Mac And Chinese.
  • Zen Burger Cafe.
  • The American Wok.
  • The Oriental Pizzeria.
  • Easter Steakhouse.
  • Yin And Yang Coffee House.
  • Dragon Salad Cafe.
  • Eastern Bites.
  • American Chopsticks.
  • Eastern Barbeque Grillhouse.
  • Western Dragon Bistro.
  • Grand Oriental Burgers.
  • American Jade Express.
  • West And East Fusion.
  • American Egg Roll Station.
  • Asian Deluxe.
  • Multicuisine Cafe.
  • The Western Wonton.
  • Emperor’s Burger.
  • Oriental Pancake House.
  • California-Style Hot Pot.
  • Asian Cheesecake Corner.
  • Burger Dynasty.

Funny Names

Utilizing humor is a terrific way to help your Chinese establishment stand out from the crowd. In the 21st Century, being funny is an even more powerful tool thanks to social media. An amusing menu item or restaurant name can lead to 100s or 1,000s from free shares and promotion on Instagram or restaurant review websites like Yelp.

Chinese Restuarant

But having a good sense of humor will only get people in the door. If you want people to come back you’ve got to deliver on food quality and customer service.
  • Kung Fu Kung Poa
  • Dumped by a Dumpling
  • Sweet and Sour Dork
  • Sweet and Sour Spork
  • Be Nice with Fried Rice
  • Asian Crabs
  • Fortune Dookie
  • The Fortunate Cookie
  • Hop on the Won Ton
  • I Long for Won Ton
  • Ma Papa
  • No Mo Tofu
  • Bad Driver Chinese Restaurant
  • Me Love Your Tofu
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Amazin’ Asian Food
  • We Eat Duck Meat
  • Cluck Cluck Duck Duck
  • The No Pot Hot Pot
  • China Burger
  • Wax on, Wax off Buffet.
  • Tall Wall Chow Mien
  • Black Belt Spring Roll
  • Good Luck and Peking Duck
  • The Corner of Chow and Maine

Clever Names

Here are a few examples that could make people smile.

  • The Hot Chinese
  • The Cantonese Couple
  • Fujian Fried Rice
  • Chuckling Chow Mein
  • Viral Dim Sum
  • Dynamite Dim Sum
  • Wonderful Won Tons
  • Whimsical Won Tons
  • Chinese Medicine
  • The Fried Won Ton
  • Ding Dong Hong Kong Gourmet
  • Oodles of Chinese Noodles
  • Lost in China Buffet
  • Hot Han Chinese Food
  • Hefty Wen Buffet
  • The Cheap Chinese
  • The Sweet Chinaman
  • MSG: Yeah You Know Me
  • The Vegan Asian
  • Yin and Yummy
  • San Dynasty Buffet
  • Wen Do We Eat
  • Treat of the East
  • Dine with Chinese
  • The Ginger Cow
  • The Food Dynasty
  • Dragon Chef
  • The Noodle Boss
  • Far Eastern Gourmet
  • Royal Dim Sum
  • Emperor Noodles
  • Asian Wok Diner
  • Eastern Hotpot
  • Oriental Dumplings
  • Chow Mein Drive-In
  • Kung Pao Chicken Corner
  • Tofu Cafe
  • The Wonton Palace
  • Spring Rolls Haven
  • Congee Street
  • Chinese Burger Station
  • The Fortune Cafe
  • Yin And Yang Bites
  • Oriental Garden Cafe
  • Chopsticks Corner
  • Authentic Asian Food Street
  • Dragon Lounge
  • The Emperor’s Corner
  • Hotpot And Grill Station
  • Dumpling Diner
  • Panda Chef
  • Have Some Buns
  • Yummy Chinatown
  • Asian House Diner
  • Dine At The Palace
  • Dragon Diner
  • Bamboo Kitchen Cafe

Regional Names

These name ideas represent different geographic areas of China. This type of name can also help describe the style of Chinese food you plan to serve among more sophisticated patrons.

Yummy Asian Rice Balls.

  • North China Cuisine
  • Guandong Gourmet
  • A Taste of Hong Kong
  • The Fujian Bite
  • Savory South China
  • Tibetan Treats
  • Yummy in Yangzi
  • Lick Your Plate in Loess
  • Gansu Gourmet
  • Jinlin Dinein
  • The King of Chongqing
  • The Taste of Ningxia
  • Shandong Express
  • The Eaters Republic of China
  • Taiwan Yum Yum
  • Awesome in Taiwan
  • Central China Eats
  • Red China Sauce
  • The Tibetan Vegan
  • The Road to Tibet
  • Passport to Shandong
  • Yangzi is Delicious
  • Spices from Ningxia
  • Loess Fusion
  • Eaten in Ningxia
  • A Menu in Taiwan

Food Names

Another frequently used approach to name a Chinese restaurant is to focus on the star dish. Kung Pao chicken for example is a popular dish in the United States that you could build the brand around. Just make sure you’re able to knock the feature dish out of the park before select it as your name.

Chinese menu options.

  • Where’s the Beef and Broccoli?
  • The Chinese Chicken Spot
  • Mangolian and Ramen Buffet
  • Rockin’ and Ramen
  • Fantastic Fried Rice
  • The Egg Roll Bowl
  • Szechuan Delight
  • Souper Won Ton
  • Top Shelf Lo Mein
  • Kung Pao Pow Wow
  • Chinese Chicken Wings
  • Flying High Orange Chicken
  • Hungry Chow Mein
  • Buddha Belly Noodles
  • General Tso Chicken Sandwiches
  • Sesame & Ginger Fusion
  • Spicy Dragon Noodle
  • Humpty Dumplings
  • The Asian Lettuce Wrap
  • The Skinny Mongolian
  • Overflowing Soy
  • Seaweed and Soy
  • Chinese Shrimp House
  • The Sesame Calf
  • Nolan and His Noodle

Gourmet Names

Positioning your Chinese restaurant as high-brow has its advantages. For one, you’ll be able to charge a higher average ticket versus cheap Chinese restaurants. Second, you can attract a more affluent customer base with more discretionary spend to purchase appetizers, handcrafted beverages, or alcohol. Catering to the high-end of any market is rarely a bad strategic idea.

  • The Emperors Dish
  • The Visiting Monarch
  • Asian Royalty
  • The China King Supper Club
  • Tsar Dumplings
  • Elevation: Gourmet Chinese Meals
  • Asian Fusion House
  • The Collective
  • Chinese Foodie
  • Deluxe Asia
  • The Asian Gastronome
  • Traditions Chinese Restaurant
  • The Discerning Palate
  • The Asian Critic
  • Chinese Epicure
  • Highbrow Lo Mein
  • Winning Chef
  • Better than Royalty
  • The Main Course
  • Gourmet Asian Delights
  • Last Level Chinese Food
  • Tame the Dragon
  • Yin and Yang Balance
  • Master Sous Chef
  • Chinese Culinary Graduate

Quick Serve Names

Quick serve restaurants (QSR) serve better quality food than traditional fast food establishments, while maintaining efficient service and low price point. This style of restaurant has increased in popularity over the past 20 years and is a works well for restauranteurs starting a Chinese restaurant. Note the focus on speed and quality ingredients in these example names.

  • Organic Yang
  • Year of Delicious
  • The Efficient Panda
  • The Family Dragon
  • Mandarin Express
  • Speedy Asian
  • So China
  • Authentic Chinese
  • The Natural Pig
  • California China
  • Eastern Lemon
  • Orange and Pig
  • Jackie and the Dragon
  • The Asian Pear
  • All-Natural Chinese
  • Fast and Simple
  • Fruits of Mandarin
  • Oriental Espresso
  • Dinner Wisdom
  • Purity Chinese Restaurant
  • Organic Oriental
  • Brisk Eastern Gourmet
  • Nimble Table
  • Sprightly Chop Stick

Chinese Buffet Names

Buffet dining has endured the test of time and is a favorite option for many restaurant patrons. Find a good name for your Chinese eat-all-you-can here if you’re planning to start one.

  • Asian House Buffet.
  • Dragon Heat Cafe.
  • Imperial Dragon Buffet House.
  • Oriental Buffet Diner.
  • Abundance Cafe.
  • Oriental Lantern.
  • Buffet At Palace.
  • WonTon All You Can.
  • Noodle Buffet Express.
  • Grand Oriental Buffet.
  • Asian Wok Food Village.
  • Golden Event Cafe.
  • Fortune Cuisine Diner.
  • Chopsticks Kitchen.
  • Imperial Chopsticks.
  • Cafe Bamboo Event House.
  • Niu House Of Buffet.
  • The Chinese Cookbook.
  • The Famous Imperial.
  • The Oriental Pantry. 
  • Imperial Dragon Luxury.
  • Chinese Alley Buffet.
  • Roaming Panda Buffet Express.

Cantonese Restaurant Name Ideas

Cantonese or Yue cuisine is the cuisine of the Guangdong province of China. This cuisine is the most popular Chinese cuisine in the world. Their food has a fresh, natural, and mild flavor compared to other cuisines with spicy and flavorful food. Some of the most popular Cantonese dishes are Ah Yat Abalone, Roasted Suckling Pig, and White Cut Chicken.

  • Poached Lobster House.
  • Guangdong Grill Station.
  • Canton BBQ Spot.
  • The Roasted Goose.
  • Guangzhou Wenchang Chicken.
  • Ho Fun Cafe.
  • Hoisin N’ Grill.
  • Cantonese Dim Sum.
  • Home Of Original Kao Ru Zhu.
  • Yuchi Geng Station.
  • Jiayan Dawang Xia Bistro.
  • The Dragon And Tiger Fight.

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  • Cultural Food Village.
  • Shenzhen Drive-In.
  • The Canton Chefs.
  • Huaqiang North Road Cafe.
  • The Ancestral Food Palace.
  • Xianhu Garden Cafe.
  • Huacheng Roadside Resto.
  • Guangzhou Restobar.
  • Baomo Cafe.

Sichuan Restaurant Name Ideas

Sichuan cuisine, also known as Szechuan or Szechwan cuisine, is a spicy, savory style of cooking that originated in Chengdu and Chongqing, Sichuan Province in southwest China. Some of the most well-known Sichuan dishes are Mapo Tofu, ‘Twice Cooked Pork’, Dandan noodles, and Kung Pao chicken.

  • Kung Pao Chicken House.
  • Dandan Noodlehouse.
  • Savory Oriental.
  • Spicy And Savory Grill.
  • The Sichuanese Style.
  • Awesome Chengdu.
  • More Than Spice.
  • Black Bean Cafe.
  • Red Chili Oil Gourmet.
  • Supreme Soup House.
  • The Special Cuisine.
  • Mount Emei Food Palace.
  • The Big Buddha Express.
  • Jinli Foodstreet.
  • Kuanzhai Food Alley.
  • Huanglong Cafe.
  • The Panda Food Valley. 
  • The Sichuan Chefs.
  • Oriental House Of Flavor.
  • Bangbang Chicken House.

Jiangsu Restaurant Name Ideas

Jiangsu cuisine, sometimes known as Su cuisine, is famous for its excellent seafood, sweet and light flavors, and delicate textures, highlighting on soup. Stewing, braising, stir-frying, and pickling are some of the most common culinary methods used in this cuisine. Some of the most popular Jiangsu dishes are crab shell meatballs, soft-shelled turtle, and Jinling salted dried duck.

  • Jiangsu Seafood Grill. 
  • The Jiangsu Chefs.
  • Caraway Seed Cafe.
  • Lion’s Head Bistro.
  • Tongli Food Town.
  • The Lingering Garden Cafe.
  • Panmen Gate Hotpot.
  • Shantang Food Street.
  • Master-Of-Nets Garden Cafe.
  • Slender West Lake Bistro.
  • Moon Harbour Cafe.
  • Shi Lu Foodstreet.
  • Silk Museum Cafe.
  • Tulsi Garden Drive-In
  • The Authentic Jiangsu.
  • Guan Qian Food House.
  • Xijin Ferry Gourmet.
  • Yipu Food Garden.
  • Water Fountain Hotpot.

Zhejiang Restaurant Name Ideas

Zhejiang cuisine or Zhe Cuisine is recognized for its excellent sweet, light flavors. This cuisine, like Jiangsu cuisine, uses freshwater fish prominently in its dishes, courtesy of the Yangtze River. Among the must-try Zhejiang dishes include Dongpo Pork, Beggar’s Chicken, and West Lake Fish In Vinegar Gravy.

  • Beggar’s Chicken House.
  • West Lake Drive-In.
  • Flavors Of Zhejiang.
  • Gushan Road Foodstreet.
  • Oriental Grandma Chef.
  • The Hangzhou Cook.
  • The Ningbo Hotpot. 
  • Shaoxing Gourmet.
  • Wenzhou Hotpot.
  • Longjing Tea Cafe.
  • Hangzhou Dining. 
  • The Shaoxing Diner.
  • House Of Jiaohua Ji.
  • Home Of Lonjin Xiaoru.
  • The Zhejiang Seafood.
  • Wuzhen Food Town.
  • Shengsi House Of Seafood. 
  • West Lake Bistro.
  • Hefang Food Street.
  • Hangzhou Food Paradise.
  • Wushan Night Market.
  • Hangzhou Bistro.
  • Zhe Gourmet.

Hunan Restaurant Name Ideas

Hunan cooking is similar to Szechuan, only spicier. Because of the region’s high agricultural output, Hunan has a wide range of ingredients. This cuisine’s most common cooking techniques include stewing, simmering, steaming, salt-curing, and stir-frying. Some of the most well-known Hunan dishes are Duo jiao chopped fish head and Hunan green pepper fried pork.

  • The Spicy Cuisine.
  • Southern China Chefs.
  • Spicy Oriental Resto.
  • The Spice Capital.
  • Xiang Food Town.
  • Suan La Express.
  • Home Of Douchi La.
  • Taste Of Hunan.
  • The Golden Whip Brook Cafe.
  • Mengdong River Cafe.
  • Xibu Food Street.
  • Authentic Duo Jiao.
  • Changsha Bistro.
  • Tuojiang Foodies.
  • Shiyan Lake Drive-In.
  • Dayong Food City.
  • The Xiang Cuisine.
  • Hunan Wonton.
  • Noodles Of Hunan.
  • Hunan Dumplings.
  • The Hunan Chefs.
  • Yandi Square Bistro.
  • Dongjiang Lake Garden Cafe.

Min Restaurant Name Ideas

Min province in East China is a land of mountains and ocean, so the food reflects both. Min cuisine, also commonly known as Fujian cuisine or Fujianese cuisine, loves strong and spicy flavors and refreshing sauces and umami condiments. 

Pan-frying, deep-frying, boiling, baking, stewing, and sauteing with wine are among their favorite cooking methods. Must-try dishes include Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, Boiled Sea Clam with Chicken Soup, and Sweet and Sour Litchis.

  • The Sea Of Fujian.
  • Light And Fresh Cafe.
  • The Fujian Chefs.
  • Sea Clam Harbor.
  • The Drunken Ribs.
  • East China Oriental.
  • Min Food Palace.
  • The Oriental Spice.
  • Fujian Express.
  • The Real Taiwan.
  • Min Food Town.
  • Eastern China Food Town.
  • The Spicy Oriental Resto.
  • Gulangyu Island Cafe.
  • Zhongshan Foodstreet.
  • The Zhongshan Bazaar.
  • Drum Mountain Cafe.
  • Zeng Cuo An Food Village.
  • Xiapu County Gourmet.
  • Qingshui Rock Cafe.
  • Satay Noodle House.
  • The Fujian Spring Rolls. 

Anhui Restaurant Name Ideas

Anhui Cuisine, or simply Hui cuisine, is renowned for its use of wild herbs from both the land and the sea, as well as its simple preparation methods. There are four remarkable features of this cuisine: The locals adore fresh ingredients for starters, whether they come from the mountains, oceans, rivers, or poultry. Second, compared to other classic cuisines, the locals place a greater emphasis on controlling cooking time and temperatures. Third, their top 4 cooking techniques are stewing, braising, salting and steaming. Finally, food is regarded as a form of therapy.

  • The Yellow Mountains Cafe.
  • Fresh Catch Of The East.
  • Oriental Food Therapy.
  • Fresh Seafood Bistro.
  • Hui Noodle House.
  • Anhui Gourmet Spot.
  • Hui Food Palace.
  • Anhui King Chefs.
  • The Sea Of Anhui.
  • Anhui Food Express.
  • Hui Food City.
  • Tunxi Ancient Food Hub.
  • Piano House Cafe.
  • Celestial Capital Peak Cafe.
  • Fenghuang Drive-In.
  • Fenghuang Bistro.
  • Greeting Pine Cafe.
  • Huayuan Food Street.
  • Shexian County Cafe.
  • Wenzheng Mountain Gardens.
  • Huizhou Hotpot.
  • Lush Hill Oriental Cafe.
  • Anhui Delicacies.
  • Wild Herb Bistro.
  • Hui Spring Rolls.
  • The Real Flavors Of Anhui.
  • Four Seasons Tofu House.

Shandong Restaurant Name Ideas

Shandong or Lu cuisine is divided into two distinct styles: Jiaodong, which focuses on light seafood dishes, and Jinan, which emphasizes soup usage in its meals. Shandong cuisine is frequently regarded as one of the most influential cooking styles in Chinese culinary history, despite its limited availability in the West. Some of the well-known Shandong dishes are Sweet and Sour Carp, and Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion.

  • Northern Coast Cafe.
  • The No. 1 Cuisine.
  • Shandong Seafood.
  • Jiaodong Seafood House.
  • The Seafood Cooks.
  • Oriental Shandong.
  • Lu Dragon Cuisine.
  • The Seafood Boss.
  • Shandong Fortune Bistro.
  • Shandong Panda.
  • Lu Food Palace.
  • Daming Lake Cafe.
  • Yantai Hill Drive-In.
  • May Fourth Food Square.
  • Qushuiting Food Street.
  • The Shandong Chefs.
  • Jinan Express.
  • Jiaodong Food City.
  • Scallion Seafood Cafe.
  • Shandong Noodlehouse.

We hope these organized lists have provide inspiration when determining the right name for your establishment. For example, a staple menu item of Chinese restaurant operating in the United States is beef and broccoli. But in mainland China this is not a traditional ingredient since Western broccoli is not native to the area. Instead other leafy greens are mixed with beef to create the dish. There are literally dozens of examples we could cite as well.

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Remember, you should never select the name of a business on a whim as potential customers will have plenty of preconceived ideas about what a restaurant name represents. Make sure the expectations align with the type of food and experience you plan to deliver in the restaurant. Let us know what business name you’ve selected in the comments below.

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