Verified BuilderWhen I started back in the summer of 2013, I did so with the goal of building the website into a comprehensive resource to help entreprenuers start and operate more profitable mobile food businesses. Overtime, as more people have continued to discover, I’ve received more and more feedback about the information that would be most helpful when starting a business.

One of the requests that I continually received by email was that there wasn’t any place prospective food truck operators could go to find reviews of manufacturers. While the majority of builders out there are legit and produce a quality product, there are many people that had been burned by shady operators. After being emailed enough times I finally decided to listen to the readers and organize the largest list of manufacturers that I could find online to create a place where people could post legitimate feedback about builders and share their experiences. As a result, the manufacturer directory was born.

So what are Verified Builders?

Verified builders are manufacturers that have met with a member of the team and have a shared commitment to delivering world-class food trucks in addition to actively supporting the mobile food movement. When you see that a builder is listed as a Verified Builder on, you can be confident of the following:

1.) We’ve personally spoken with the owners of the manufacturer to ensure they are of the .

2.) Verified contact information and the location of the business.

3.) Have a proven history of quality builds and positive feedback from past customers.

4.) Support and promote the larger mobile food movement for the good of the community.

Are You a Food Truck Manufacturer? Register Now to Become a Verified Builder

Click here for more information about the benefits of becoming a Verified Builder. If you’re a manufacturer of food trucks that fits the description above we’d love to have you join the community of elite food truck builders.

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