Manufacturer: Titan Solutions

Description: Titan Solutions is a retail construction company with over two decades of experience that specializes in custom-built kiosks for a variety of food service types including ice cream, coffee, frozen yogurt and much more.

The company can help you build an attractive presence in any retail setting, including shopping malls or open-air retail centers. They offer competitive pricing without compromising the customer’s expectations and build quality. The company provides a worry-free full-service guarantee throughout the construction of the project.

Titan Solutions has made a variety of projects in the past from furniture, retail displays, paneling, and kiosks to name a few. The last 10 years saw a shift in the company’s focus into making retail custom kiosks located in shopping malls across the U.S. Some of their notable works include the I CE NY at Woodlands mall in Texas and the Redemption Brewery in Muncie, Indiana. I CE NY is a custom-built ice cream kiosk wherein they used a combination of aluminum framing and wood paneling. At Redemption Brewery, they custom-built the kiosk with metal fabrication and accented it with custom industrial furniture to give that urban industrial look.

Here are some of the products and service from Titan:

  • Furniture
  • Cosmetics
  • Inline Stores
  • Mall Carts
  • Restaurant Style Food Kiosks
  • Ice Cream Kiosks
  • Retail Displays
  • Wrought Iron
  • Cabinets

Past Customers:

PopFancy Popsicles: Titan Solutions helped this company bring their market fresh, organic, hand-crafted popsicles to food courts in shopping malls. Customers can easily select their desired popsicle flavor through the see-through display showcasing a variety of their yummy treats. Back to back LCD panels placed at the corner of the kiosk provides a good opportunity to promote their products.

I CE NY: Titan Solutions also helped this merchant deliver custom-built kiosks that serve ice cream in malls. The well-designed kiosk has a standard counter height which provides good visibility of the different areas of the kiosk. Customers can see how their food is prepared from start to finish. The kiosk features two LCD panels placed on each side of the stall to promote their different ice cream products.


15405 Kurt Dr.
Humble TX, 77396

Phone: (281) 973-9653



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