2014-08-27 18_54_11-Nelson Manufacturing - Internet ExplorerManufacturer: C. Nelson Manufacturing Co.

Description: The Nelson Manufacturing Company was found in 1898, where it started its work in cold and freezer units; we were the first company to manufacture a mechanically refrigerated ice cream cabinet. It’s been owned by the Smith Family for the past 30 years in Ohio, applying the product to custom commercial refrigeration products, which has evolved into more complex vending options in recent years, including Kiosks, Truck Freezers, and various types of Carts. Our accounts include all major ice cream companies, and can be found in amusement parks, sports complexes, universities, and other places throughout the US.

We are the best at keeping it cool, supplying everything from conventional chest type cabinets to custom fabricated equipment, sinks, carts and more. If you’re looking to start selling any kind of frozen product, we’re your guys; our specialty is providing the finest ice cream cabinets, as well as helping you to sell the products outside the store.

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Past Customers: Melting Moments, Bahama Buck’s SnoBlast, Ben & Jerry’s

Customer Reviews: “Well… we’ve been going strong for about 2 weeks now, and we absolutely LOVE our Nelson Cold Plate Freezer. Every good thing we heard about these machines is 100 percent true. They are the best thing… no wait, the ONLY thing to use in a commercial Ice Cream novelties vending truck. The guys running home freezers on power inverters, and the guys running dry-ice are totally wasting their time and money. Running a home freezer in a commercial truck is like trying to remove a Phillips screw with a pocketknife. Nelson Cold Plate Freezers are without question, the RIGHT tool for the job. When we expand in a year or two, we plan on getting a Cold Plate Cart, and you know where we will be buying it from! Thank you very much for your part in making our new business venture a screaming, ice-creaming success.” – Bart & Andy Jones, ‘&E’s Ice Cream’

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265 N. Lake Winds Pkwy
Oak Harbor, OH 43449
United States

Phone: (419) 898-3305

Website: http://www.cnelson.com/





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