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Description:  Based in Los Angeles, Kareem Carts has been operating for 30+ years on the business of offering almost every kind of mobile food-based vending vehicles that one can think of. Though we started in Carts, and can find and make everything from popcorn to hot dog to roasted nut carts, Kareem’s also works with our customers to generate Trucks, Mobile Kitchens, Trailers, and all other manner of street vending and production.

We help customers to design their dream vending cart/truck, assist in the city regulation paperwork when buying directly from us, and produce our custom stainless steel or otherwise outfitted product. Examples of Specialized vehicles we can and have made, not including your own custom job, are: taco truck, churro cart, food catering trailer, fruit carts, fryer trailer carts, biosnopes, coffee trucks, and many more.

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Past Customers: Ricky’s Fish Tacos, Angie’s Wieners, Maxwell Street Dogs

Customer Reviews:

“Happy Valentines day. And I must say Kareem Carts is absolutely the BEST! Awesome! They have rebuilt a old dog cart for me and did a fab job. They worked with me and my budget and have been their for me every time. If you need any work done or just looking to start up, you ( wont!) and can not find a better place than KAREEMS. This is the hole truth and nothing but the truth no joke
Thank you
David Hartel”

I paid kareem $7050.00 back in april 2015.. i was given 3 diff due dates and 1 of which i drove 3.5hrs to pick up before he called me and said wasnt ready… months later i finally got my trailer after i got a call telln me it was ready.. i live 4hrs away from his warehouse and upon getting there, i had to wait and watch them for 5hrs finish building it… when they were finished the guys crammed it through 2 other carts and i said it wasnt fitting and they pushed anyway breaking tail lights on it and acted like nothing happened.. then i had to wait another 45 minutes for them to finish Fixing that… on my drive home with the trailer, it took me 7 and a half hours to haul it home on whats normally a 3 in a half hour drive , because the windows were installed improperly and kept blowing open on the way home because kareem carts didnt install the locking latch .. got home finally in the wee hrs of the early morning, and the next day i thought the trailer was a bit short as I DIDNT EVEN HAVE A CHANCE TO EXAMINE IT OR SHOW ME HOW THINGS WORK DUE TO IT WAS AFTER 6PM AT THIS POINT AND THE CREW AT KAREEMS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OFF AND THEY WERE PISSED BECAUSE THEY HAD TI FIX THE TAIL LIGHT THEY BROKE WE AND WERE MAD AT ME AS IF IT WERE MY FAULT.. measured it and it was 2 feet shorter than what it was supposed to be and missing half the components/features that were supposed to be on the trailer.. i went back dwn TO L.A. again to show him this and he signed another contract to rebuild the trailer i asked for to begin w, plan that was submitted to my Health Dept.Also was told by kareem over phone he would pay my gas for this trip since i have had to drive dwn soo many times 7 hr round trip which he only gave me 100$.. I used over 3/4 of a tank of gas to get there and its takes 90$ to fill truck which equals ruffly 180$ what i shouldve received from kareem and refused to give me the rest after explaining that to him… then 8/18/15 he signed contract new trailer would be ready w in 30days and which would be 9/18/15 it is now 12/6/15 and no calls replys back to messages or any notice of new trailer or even updates… To do this to someone is complete bullshit and please if u are considering using kareem PLEASE RECONSIDER USING A DIFFERENT MANUFACTURER AS THIS HAS BE NOTHING LESS THAN THE WORST BUSINESS I HAVE EVER DEALT W… ALL OF THIS IS COMPLETELY TRUE I EVEN SENT HIM A TEXT TO HIS CELL YESTERDAY ASK WHAT HE WAS GONNA DO TO MAKE THIS RIGHT AND I HARDLY EVER TAKE THE TIME TO WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THIS BUT NEW CUSTOMERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW AND IM TIRED OF BEING PATIENT I AM EVEN GIVING YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAkE THIS rught sO YOU CAN STILL FIX THIS.. I WOULD LIKE A THAT 7050.00 PAYMENT go TOWARDS A DIFFERENT TRAILER OF MY CHOICE AND A NICE DISCOUNT too AS ITS WINTER AND SUMMER HAS PASSED AND I HAD A TRAILER I WAS NOT ALOUD TO USE DUE TO HEALTH DEPT NOT PASSING IT BECAUSE KAREEMS GUYS DIDNT BUILD IT TO SPECS AND WAS FAULTY IN EVERY ASPECT..DUE TO ABOVE MENTIONED, I WAS UNABLE TO BE MOBILE W MY SHAVE ICE IN MY TOWN THAT IS 100PLUS DEGREES DURING SUMMER AND I COULDNT MAKE MONEY… Ball is in his court or he is gonna be next! – Steven Sullivan

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Commissary #1

5850 S Avalon
Los Angelas, CA 90003
United States

Commissary #2

4423 S Vermont Ave
Los Angelas, CA 90037
United States

Phone: (323) 232-6880 (#1)

(323) 234-4378 (#2)

Website: http://kareemcarts.com/cart/





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