2014-08-17 16_23_20-Catering Trucks from AA Cater Truck Inc. - Internet ExplorerManufacturer: AA Cater Truck Inc.

Description:  Based solely out of California, in LA, AA Cater Trucks has spent decades providing mobile kitchens to industry clientele. AA features our own set design, the body being manufactured for us by HIVCO, though we can also provide custom Trailers and Trucks/Vans for service. We have some of the highest crash test results in the industry, showcasing our priority to safety and security. We export these trucks all around the world and US, from Asia to Europe and everywhere else.

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Past Customers: Planet Smoothie

Customer Reviews: “I’m finally starting my own food truck, which I’m very much excited about. I came here about 7 to 8 months ago to get an idea and information to how to get my business started. Richard Gomez (P.P.C Custom Sales, Engineering/Design) had helped my partners and I. He’s very detailed and gave us some great pointers, he took us on a tour of the complete warehouse and also the commissary next door which is where you would store your food truck and prep before heading out on the road. He showed us two trucks which have a different floor plan. So my partner and I finally got our finances situated and are now ready to finally make the move to get this business going. We went back today and luckily Richard was there to help us once more which made it less nerve wrecking. We told him we are ready! Lol he took us to his office and guided us to where to get permits and to a finance company. He gave us the applications, the floor plan to our truck and even went out of his way to type up a step by step process to get the business up and running. Thanks! And we will be back soon!”

“this is the worst place to bring your truck in for repairs  I have gone there 2 times they guess what the problem is the first time I told them which parts need to be change the truck had a bad ignition switch they said no its the battery I have work at a car dealership since I was 15 years old I told them they said this a food truck its different so I said ok they took more than a 1 hour messing with the battery finally I told them again its the ignition switch they said maybe yeah they change it and the truck turns on but the dumbass did not tighten it all the way my worker had problems the next day so I went back ask them to tighten it I don’t have the proper tool he brings a hammer and a flat head screwdriver and tightens it he did not use the proper tool they just like to waist time because they charge by the hour worst place in town to bring in your truck for repairs stay away”

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750 E. Slauson Ave
Los Angelas, CA 90011
United States

Phone: (323) 235-6650

Website: http://www.aacatertruck.com/

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