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Description:  Food Trucks South is an Atlanta-based operation that punches out quality-made vehicles for clientele, and has worked with business owners small and large. Our paramount commitment is to manufacture the finest quality “Platform and Wheels” for the food service industry. Recently this has included working with designs for trucks to travel in and assist Disaster Relief areas.

We specialize in bigger, sturdy model Food Trucks with a strong foundation that owner David Ford has chosen to ensure performance and durability. Once selected, new or pre-owned, we outfit with fully customized Support Beams, Ventilation Hoods, Graphics/Exterior, and every other aspect and piece of equipment to fit your unique and exact requirements and needs. Service is Food Trucks South’s mantra, and we back it up with hard work and quality components to make the truck you need.

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Past Customers: Barone Meatball Company, Waffle House, Arepazone

Customer Reviews: “I first contacted David Ford of Food Trucks South back in May 2012 with the dream of opening the first true gourmet food truck in the Jackson, MS area. After a few months went by my wife and I were ready to pull the trigger and let David get going on the fabrication. With the help of David and his staff, we were off and running with our truck LurnyD’s Grille at the end of September. He and his crew did not disappoint. From the build out, to helping with layout for efficient work flow and his enormous attention to detail, I feel LurnyD’s Grille is one of the finest trucks operating anywhere in the United States. I knew I had something special when my local health inspector walked aboard and in less than two minutes declared it the nicest truck or concession trailer she had ever seen. She then said lets go inside and finish up the paperwork where she indicated she had spent hours trying to approve vehicles like mine. Keep in mind she has over 30 years experience in the field. My wife and I can’t thank David and his staff at Food Trucks South enough for our wonderful truck.” –Lauren and Betsy Davis of LurnyD’s Grille

“I would to like take a moment to compliment David Ford and his staff for the wonderful food truck that they built for us here at Armstrong Atlantic State University. When I first started looking for someone to build us a truck for our university, I wasn’t sure where to look. What I found in David at Food Trucks South, was someone who understood everything that I was looking for and more. David was able to explain everything I needed to know from beginning to end and helped us create a beautiful truck. From beginning to end, David was there for me anytime that I needed him. David was there to lend his expertise anytime that I needed to ask something and never failed to answer or return my calls. I am very happy with our truck and would recommend David at Food Trucks South to anyone looking for the best food truck available.” — Sodexo

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1092 W. Atlanta St STE 250
Marietta, GA 30060
United States

Phone: (404) 913-4452

Website: http://foodtruckssouth.com/


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