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2014-08-25 12_14_40-Red Door Trucks - Internet ExplorerManufacturer: Red Door Trucks

Description:  Red Door Trucks is a Boston-based company that focuses on helping those in, or looking to get into, the Food Truck industry in a variety of ways. Besides working with customers to design their custom truck (Food Trucks seem to be the only thing they make), we also offer plans and trucks for marketing/advertisement, assist in building your online presence (though it’s not seen too much on their own sites apparently), hold shared kitchens/commissaries for people to use, and are even opening our own “Food Truck University” this year to better help potential entrepreneurs get into the business. Outside of this, we also offer training in food safety, cleaning, and sanitation.

We work with a large number of local chefs and restaurateurs to help develop our own menus and trucks, the experience in which we use in helping build others. Our company has thus developed a ‘Culinary Fleet’ of 14 different trucks, each designed and staffed to make certain unique styles of food, to lend out to any catering and event party as needed.

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Past Customers: Due to a lack of Gallery for past work on their website, and full ambiguity on whether the pictures of Food Trucks on their Facebook page are past customers or merely local trucks, one cannot currently figure out which trucks have been built by them.

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371 Dorchester Ave
Boston, MA 02127
United States

Phone: (617) 464-4260




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