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Description:  Recently established in 2009, Northwest Mobile Kitchen is already widely known as the leading Food Truck builder in the NW region. In 2011, Rich Zeidmen took over as full-partner of the business. Located in Portland, Oregon, our talented team of craftsman and kitchen designers brings years of culinary experience to every project and order. NMK is committed to providing the highest quality design, innovation, and craftsmanship in this industry that we can offer.

We offer designs in, and specialize with, custom outfitted Food Trucks and top of the line Food Cart Trailers, both of which have been booming in the Pacific Northwest area. We have recently expanded our portfolio to also include Promotional Vehicles for companies that have started street campaigns. Whatever your needs in these categories, we can help from designing the base to finding the equipment with full assembly. NMK gives you the highest quality equipment, newly built for the toughest culinary demands; allowing you to spend all your time making great food. Rich

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Past Customers: Big-Ass Sandwiches, My Street Grocery (Whole Foods), Monte Cristo

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Portland, OR 97282
United States

Phone: (503) 704-2450




Diary of a Seattle Food Truck from Danielle Custer.


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A graduate in Bachelors of the International Culinary School at the Art Institutes, Andrew Steifer has spent his days obsessing over everything food and drink. While working towards his Wine Certification, he started writing his own Food Truck Blog focused on reviewing all the mobile vendors of Minnesota.Being the first person to stubbornly pursue a blog like this for their newly budding street food scene, it's safe to say Andrew's love of food trucks is almost dangerous, at least to his wallet. He's been writing since 2013, drinking since 2010, and consuming every delicious morsel he can find every chance he gets.