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Description:  Another builder business in the state of Florida, Food Truck Heaven has been spreading our food (and some non-food) vehicles through the region; in fact, we are proud to say we now have trucks throughout Florida, Georgia, and the Islands. We can custom build almost anything from shell to finish, specializing in Truck and Trailer manufacturing; we can also make RVs, Trolleys, Busses, or any other specialty vehicle you may need. For those who have a truck in need of repair, or need to fix another builder’s error (we’ve seen plenty), we are masters of anything with a motor, plumbing, etc. Helping to bring your vision to life is our goal.

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Past Customers: Donna’s, Top Fries, The Farmhouse

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841 NW 57 Place
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

Phone: (954) 275-7218

Website: http://www.foodtruckheaven.com/





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