Plan to start your own cookie company? That’s exciting news! Whether you intend to bake at home or open your own shop, one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a new business owner selecting the name of your cookie company.

The brand name is the first impression for customers and will help them to decide if they are interested in sampling your cookies or not. Your business name is also an important step that will influence the public image of the company too. Once you pick something, it’s going to be difficult to change your name without confusing customers. So no pressure!

If you are an artisanal brand or sell gluten-free or vegan cookies then having a name that reflects these unique points will help attract the customers you want. If you want to brand as a fun cookie store that doesn’t take itself too seriously then maybe a funny name would be best. 

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We have created a list of 167 cookie company name ideas to get you started organized by theme. If none of the names feel quite right for your business, then read on to the end for some tips on how to find the right name for you. 

Funny Cookie Company Name Ideas 

If your brand is fun-loving, quirky, joyful cookies then pick a funny name to convey this to your customers. The cookie and cookie-related puns are endless; you could even come up with a pun on the location or your name if you want. You want a name that will stand out to your customers as being fun or funny. 

  1. Choc Chip Off The Old Block 
  2. BYO Milk 
  3. Basic Biscuits 
  4. Kiss the Cookie 
  5. Eat Me 
  6. Get Stuffed Cookies 
  7. Cook E’s 
  8. Sugar and Spiked 
  9. Don’t Get Salty About This Sugar
  10. Chip Chip Hooray 
  11. Joyful Snacks
  12. Cooooookies 
  13. Bake My Day 
  14. The Cravery 
  15. Gooey Insides
  16. Tiny Treats
  17. Procrastibaking 
  18. Life’s A Batch 
  19. Pretty Baked
  20. The Sweet Spot 
  21. Dessert Room 
  22. Totally Baked
  23. Cookie Factory
  24. Rolling Dough 
  25. Nibbles and Nuts
  26. Cookie Jar 
  27. Cheat Day Café
  28. Yummy Tummy Cookies
  29. Sweetie Cookies
  30. Smart Cookie 

Cute Cookie Company Name Ideas

chocolate covered cookies

Chocolate covered mini cookies.

Cookies make us think of childhood, so the cute route is natural for a cookie company. You may cater for kids parties, baby showers, even do hen dos with a cute cookie company. Choose a name that expresses the sweetness and innocence of your cookie company. 

  1. Cookies and Scream
  2. Cookie Dough and Co
  3. Candyland Cookies
  4. Cookies for Kids
  5. Fairy Floss and Sprinkles
  6. Choc Chip Fun
  7. Cookie Castle 
  8. Good News Cookies
  9. Cookie Meow Meow 
  10. Cookies and Cream 
  11. Pass the Milk 
  12. Milk and Choc Chips
  13. Sprinkles and Choc Chips 
  14. Sugar and Spice 
  15. Itsy Bitsy Cookies 
  16. Sugar Kisses 
  17. Sweetest Shoppe 
  18. Candy Cookies 
  19. Cookie Creche 
  20. Chocolate Buttons 
  21. Cookie Time 
  22. California Cookies 
  23. Dough Bites 
  24. Cookie Barrel 
  25. Feed Me Cookies 
  26. Monster Cookies
  27. Cookie Kingdom 
  28. Baby Blue Cookies
  29. Cookie Bang Bang 
  30. Heart Shaped Cookies 
  31. Big Day Biscuits 
  32. Wine Time Cookies 
  33. Cookies and Milkshake 
  34. Cookie in a Pan 
  35. Baby Cakes 
  36. Cookie Crumbs 

Artisanal or Specialty Diet Cookie Company Name Ideas

These cookies have something extra to offer; they might be gluten-free or vegan; they might even be your grandma’s recipe. Make sure you capture the essence of what your cookies have to offer.

There is no point calling your company “Milk and Cookies” if you only sell vegan cookies. Your target market will not be attracted by that name. 

  1. Flavorful Fancies 
  2. Cookie Skillet
  3. Farm Bake Cookies 
  4. Red Hot Cookies 
  5. Vegan Cookies 
  6. Hold the Milk 
  7. Gluten-Free Goodies 
  8. Meemaw’s Cookies 
  9. Secret Ingredient Cookies 
  10. Johnson Family Recipe 
  11. Baked With Love 
  12. Like Mamma Used To Make 
  13. Farmhouse Cookies
  14. Moo Free Cookies 
  15. Natural Cookies 
  16. Nanna’s Bakery 
  17. Beachside Cookies 
  18. Tucker Family Bakery 
  19. Butter and Flour 
  20. Homemade Cookies 
  21. Pinwheel Café 
  22. Happy Tummy 
  23. Cookies and Coffee 
  24. Mia’s Cookies 
  25. Ben’s Bakery 
  26. Wholesome Cookies 
  27. Crumbly Goodness 
  28. Golden Bakes 
  29. Baked Heaven 
  30. Green Goodies 
  31. Buddha Belly Bakery 
  32. Gluten-Free Zone 
  33. Kind Cookies
  34. Thoughtful Goods
  35. Creative Cookies
  36. Kosher Cookies 

Special Occasion Cookie Company Name Ideas

valentines day cookies

Valentines Day Holiday Cookies.

If you cater to special events or do giant cookies instead of cake, then you need a name that captures the fun and impact of your cookies. You could opt for some variation or pun on the events that you cater for, or you may choose something that captures the wow-factor of your cookies. 

  1. Celebration Cookies 
  2. Life Is Sweet 
  3. Whimsy Bakery 
  4. Sweetest Life
  5. What a Treat
  6. Treat Yo’self 
  7. Positive Vibes
  8. Sweetest Celebrations 
  9. Milky Way Cookie
  10. Cookie Dough Bliss
  11. Kitchen Flour 
  12. Good Vibe Desserts
  13. Butter Them Up 
  14. Milk Bar
  15. Sugar Cookies
  16. Cookies For Summer 
  17. Giant Cookies
  18. Funtime cookies
  19. Rainbow Cookies 
  20. Sweet Memories
  21. Bake It Til You Make It 
  22. Cookies Cookies Cookies
  23. Baked Goods
  24. Milk It 
  25. Heavenly Treats
  26. Blissed Out 
  27. Sugar Fix 
  28. Ultimate
  29. Just Desserts
  30. Cookie Bundle 
  31. Perfectly Sweet
  32. The Fix 

Fancy Cookie Company Name Ideas


Macarons are considered “sort of” fancy.

If you are offering a more high brow cookie to discerning clients, then your name needs to reflect it. Brainstorm some ideas based on the area, based on your unique business model, and how to bring cookies alive to this demographic. Maybe think about whether you’re attracting the parents or the kids of the area as well. 

  1. Salt and Sugar 
  2. Les Gourmands Cookies 
  3. Cookie Jar Café 
  4. Red Velvet Bakery 
  5. Gourmet Bakery 
  6. Biscuit Barrel 
  7. Cookie Market 
  8. Amelia’s Desserts
  9. Oh Sugar
  10. La Rustica 
  11. Cottage Cookies 
  12. Cookie Spot 
  13. Bite-Sized 
  14. Yummy Mummy 
  15. No. 5 
  16. Cookies Inc. 
  17. Top Shelf 
  18. Choc Chip Café
  19. Biscuit Bakery 
  20. Cinnamon 
  21. Pure Sugar 
  22. Hi Sweetness
  23. All Round 
  24. Heartfelt Cookies 
  25. Espresso Cookies 
  26. Three Brothers Bakery
  27. Cookie Gallery 
  28. Biscuit Bounty 
  29. Spoilt Rotten 
  30. Dessert Cookies
  31. Cookie Parlor
  32. Pantry Cookies
  33. Brilliance Bites

Tips For Coming Up With Your Own Cookie Company Name Ideas 

Inside a boutique bakery.

If none of the cookie company name ideas speak to you, then come up with your own; it’s easier than you think. The most important thing is to brainstorm as many ideas as possible so that you have plenty to work with when coming up with your name. Brainstorm puns, family names, pet names, streets where you used to live, anything that you think may help in coming up with company names. Keep these things in your mind while writing down words: 

  • Cookie-related words and puns 
  • The location of your store or company
  • You and your interests
  • What kind of cookies you want to sell 
  • What makes your company unique 
  • The type of customer you want to sell to 

Brainstorm as many words as possible, even ones that seem silly to you. The more you have to work with the more ideas for names you will have. Once you have your brainstormed list, piece together ideas, even half-baked ones (not sorry for the pun) to start coming up with some ideas. List down as many cookie company name ideas as possible; you can always cross them out later. 

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Once you have a long list of name ideas, put them down for the day, go run errands, go out with friends, play with your kids, whatever. You need to give your subconscious time to mull over the ideas so you can come back and look at the list with clarity. 

Narrow your list down to your top five or ten ideas and run them by friends and family. Make sure the people you talk to about it are creative, trusted to support you, or meet your target demographic. If you have a friend who is painfully critical about everything, leave them off the list, no one needs that! Your friends will be able to tell you what works and what doesn’t or they may even suggest a great pun that may have escaped you. 

At the end of the day, you are the one who will be looking at your business name day in and day out. Renaming and rebranding your business can be extremely costly, so it is best to pick a name you love. If one or two people do not like your business name, well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  

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