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Brett Lindenberg is the founder of Food Truck Empire and Food Empire Pro. Brett's mission is help to entrepreneurs start and grow profitable food businesses. Since 2014, Brett has interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs on the Food Empire Pro podcast and written hundreds of blog posts on all aspects of food business. Brett has been quoted in media outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, and The Washington Post.
27 11, 2019

How We Started a Handcrafted Nut Butter Company

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Hello! Who are you and what food business did you start?

My name is Mark Overbay, and I’m the co-founder and president of Durham, NC-based Big Spoon Roasters, a maker of small-batch, handcrafted nut butters and snack bars.

We believe […]

26 11, 2019

How to Turn a Home Brew Kombucha Hobby into a 6-Figure Business

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Hello! Who are you and what kombucha business did you start?

As somebody who always grew up wanting to be an inventory, I have always been attracted to figuring out what people wanted, and making something for them. When I grew up, this curiosity and […]

25 11, 2019

57 Proven Food Blog Name Ideas I’m Giving Away

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Planning to start a food blog, but aren’t sure what to call it yet? I started the food (business) blog you’re reading right now so I feel qualified to pontificate about what you should name your food blog too. I hope you’re able to detect the hint of […]

24 11, 2019

How I Started a $150K/Month Tahini Paste Company

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Hello! Who are you and what food business did you start?

Hello!  I’m Amy Zitelman, CEO and cofounder of Soom Foods.  I started the company with my older sisters, Shelby and Jackie, when we fell in love with the magic of tahini.  We set […]

21 11, 2019

67 Sticky Sweet Competition BBQ Team Name Ideas

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Picking the best name for a new BBQ team isn’t easy. There are literally thousands of competitive groups operating across the United States who have claimed most of the obvious titles. In spite of this challenge, my goal is to help you come up with a list of […]