212, 2020

19 Facts about the Creamsicle You Never Imagined Were True

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Part of the original Popsicle Brand, the Creamsicle is one of four related products, which includes the Fudgsicle and the Yosicle. These treats contain fudge and yogurt respectively. The original Popsicle has been around since 1905, but didn't get a rebrand until 1922. The Creamsicle was born in the late [...]

112, 2020

How Two Moms Launched Keto Cracker Company Defy Foods

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Hello! Who are you and what food business did you start? Hi, we’re Suzanne and Jessica and we’re the co-founders of Defy Foods. After both doing keto for the last 5 years and losing over 150 pounds combined, we both missed having something crunchy and convenient, and everyone we talked [...]

112, 2020

101 Unique Gas Station Business Name Ideas (2021 Update)

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Gas stations, filling stations, petrol stations; there are a multitude of names used to describe the same thing. A service center that sells gasoline, sometimes known as “gas” or petrol (UK), and diesel to the public. Most of these gas stations offer the added convenience of offering all sorts of [...]

3011, 2020

100+ Unforgettable Mobile Home Park Name Ideas You Can Use

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Mobile home parks, also called trailer parks (a term widely used that carries a slightly negative connotation), are a larger and can be more profitable business than you might think from the outside. In fact, investment activity in mobile home parks rose by 20% in 2018 with Real Estate Investment [...]

2911, 2020

37 Verified Barbershop Industry Statistics and Growth Trends

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Prior to the pandemic, most of us didn't realize the barbershop is one of the essential services we use to stay clean, looking, and feeling good. Even in a time period of stay-at-home orders and Zoom meetings in sweat pants, everyone still wants to look good. Assuming you don't want [...]

2711, 2020

175 Brilliant Noodle Company Name Ideas That Aren’t Taken

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Noodles are a main ingredient in the dishes of nearly every culture from Vietnamese to Thai to Italian. They’re eaten stir-fried, deep-fried, cold, dunked in your soups, and can even be found in salads. And because they’re so simple and easy to cook made up of a handful of low-cost [...]