Planning to start a seafood restaurant, but can’t come up with the right name?

We’ve compiled 37 business name ideas that will capture the imagination and appetite of future guests while providing you with specific do’s and don’ts when it comes to building the brand.

And since some ideas are better than others, we’ve added a list of terrible names you’ll want to stay away from. Without further delay, here’s the list of creative seafood name ideas!

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Good Seafood Restaurant Names

  • Integrity Fish House
  • The Fish House Organic
  • Running Water
  • The Morning Catch
  • Open Water Seafood
  • The Cajun Catfish
  • Bluefin Organica
  • Sustainable Seafood
  • The Catfish Collaborative
  • Deep Sea Eatery
  • The Oyster and the Pearl
  • The Oyster and Lime
  • Salt and Lemon
  • Freshwater Fish
  • Simple Seafood
  • Organic Fish Market
  • Fresh Fish Taco Company
  • Offshore Grill
  • Modern Fish Bar
  • Cajun Taco Express
  • The Mahi-Mahi Market
  • The California Catch
  • Total Tuna

List of The Worst Seafood Name Ideas

  • Slippery Sallies Trout House
  • Smells like Fish!
  • Captain Bob’s Seafood House
  • The One That Got Away
  • Admiral Annie’s Fishy Chips
  • Frying Nemo Fish and Chips
  • A Salt and Battery
  • Fook Yu Seafood Restaurant
  • Yesterday’s Catch
  • Steve’s Got Crabs
  • Cheap Seafood Buffet and Lounge
  • Don’t Get Hooked!
  • Freddie’s Fish Sticks
  • Fast and Fishy Family Restaurant

Guide For Generating Your Own Name

Generic Seafood Restaurant Menu Example

Looking for a seafood name generator? If the examples listed above didn’t get your creative juices flowing, we have some basic strategies for crafting an unforgettable name in the next 24 hours.

Look Toward Mega-trends: It’s been well documented younger diners like millennials want foods are that are fresh, sustainably, responsibly sourced and organic. But it’s not just the younger generation, there are plenty of older consumers that have adopted these behavior changes as well.

If you plan to start a seafood restaurant and want it to thrive in the next decade, it would be wise to incorporate these preferences into your business name and brand.

Consider Adding Regional Modifiers: When it comes to the modern restaurant consumer, local is another mega-trend you can utilize. Travelers don’t want to eat from the same diners they enjoy at home. They want to explore and taste the flavors of a particular region.

Whether or not it’s right, local also conjures the idea of healthy and organic. By using regional description words like Baja, California, or Louisiana you can differentiate your brand and attract a broader range of eaters.

Use Your Name: There are plenty of seafood restaurants that have used their personal names to differentiate the business. This approach continues to work well. If you’re name is Scott and you’ve always wanted to open a Scott’s Fish & Chips location… We say go for it!

Stay Away From Captains: Throwback seafood brands loved to reference admiralty and maritime ranks like captain. Think twice before you conjure ships or the Navy in this way with a restaurant name. It’s not something that resonates with the modern consumer.

Do Your Due Diligence

Before selecting a name for your restaurant, check to confirm the name hasn’t already been claimed by another business. The goal of this list of to give you some initial brain-storming ideas for a business name.

If you’re thinking about starting a food truck, click here to find some creative name ideas. We wish you the best of luck on your seafood startup!

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