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Brett Lindenberg is the founder of Food Truck Empire and Food Empire Pro. Brett's mission is help to entrepreneurs start and grow profitable food businesses. Since 2014, Brett has interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs on the Food Empire Pro podcast and written hundreds of blog posts on all aspects of food business. Brett has been quoted in media outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, and The Washington Post.
16 02, 2021

401 (Not Lame) Greeting Card Company Name Ideas for 2021

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Believe it or not, printed greeting cards are still a big business. Greeting cards in the United States have an annual retail sales between $7 – $8 billion. This means there’s still a strong customer base of millions that buy and send greeting cards for holidays, graduations, weddings, and […]

14 02, 2021

Market Analysis for the $100+ Billion Per Year Burger Business

By |2021-02-14T13:13:46+00:00February 14th, 2021|Podcast|0 Comments

Thinking about starting a burger restaurant or truck? We conduct a deep dive into the $100+ billion dollar burger restaurant industry in the United States, the estimated costs to get started, and profit potential for this massive food business opportunity. The companion podcast for this market analysis is brought to […]

11 02, 2021

150 (Unpretentious) Vegetarian Blog Name Ideas That Work

By |2021-02-11T15:26:21+00:00February 11th, 2021|Industry News|0 Comments

Thinking about starting a blog covering vegetarian or plant-based eating? According to one national survey there are 8 million people over the age of 18 in the United States with a solely vegetarian diet. Considering the increasing number of plant-based meat alternatives and movements like Meatless Monday, creating a […]

10 02, 2021

150 All-time Greatest Flower Shop Marketing Slogans and Taglines to Consider

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Did you know there are more than 31,000 flower businesses in the United States? While florist businesses in the United States are a proven industry valued at more than $5 billion, the competition is also fierce in just about every local market.

One way you can differentiate your shop in […]

10 02, 2021

181 All-time Best Homemade Food Slogans Ideas List You Can Use

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If you’re passionate about cooking, starting a homemade or cottage food business is can be a fulfilling way to supplement your existing income. We’ve compiled a large list of cottage food business ideas here if you’re looking for inspiration on food items that work.

Whether you dish up delicious meals, […]