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Brett Lindenberg is the founder of Food Truck Empire and Food Empire Pro. Brett's mission is help to entrepreneurs start and grow profitable food businesses. Since 2014, Brett has interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs on the Food Empire Pro podcast and written hundreds of blog posts on all aspects of food business. Brett has been quoted in media outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, and The Washington Post.
3 02, 2021

101 Appalling Water Pollution Slogans That Inspire Us All To Do Better

By |2021-02-03T14:20:48+00:00February 3rd, 2021|Industry News|0 Comments

Water is life. This isn’t a slogan reserved for hippy environmentalists, it’s a basic requirement to sustain all life. Without water, mankind and plant-kind will quickly become extinct.

If we don’t want to go the way of the caveman, we need to start seriously rectifying the pollution of our most valuable […]

1 02, 2021

150+ Creative Food Drive Slogans That Encourage More Donations

By |2021-02-01T23:12:37+00:00February 1st, 2021|Specialty Food|0 Comments

Did you know 8.9% of the global population faces hunger? But this is not a global problem exclusively. There are malnourished people, those who are suffering from poverty, and those who cannot afford a decent meal in the United States too. It’s an alarming issue and one that our […]

28 01, 2021

Download My Pitch Deck Template for Food Businesses (Free)

By |2021-01-28T13:34:52+00:00January 28th, 2021|How To|0 Comments

Have an idea for a food business, but are short on funds to make it happen? One of the best ways to put your business in front of angel investors is with a pitch deck. And the best way to get your idea in front of investors is by submitting […]

26 01, 2021

The Complete History of Jimmy John’s Marketing Slogans and Quotes

By |2021-01-26T20:54:58+00:00January 26th, 2021|Franchise|0 Comments

Jimmy John’s sandwich shop was founded in 1983 by 19 year-old high-school graduate James John Liautaud in Charleston, Illinois. Over the past 4 decades, Jimmy John’s has grown into a widely popular sub sandwich concept with 2,800 stores (including franchises) across the United States.

Opened with a $25,000 capital investment […]

24 01, 2021

87 Unforgettable Indian Restaurant Slogans and Quotes You Can Use

By |2021-01-24T13:37:49+00:00January 24th, 2021|Restaurant|0 Comments

While Indian cuisine may only account for around 2% of the total ethnic food market in the United States, the food is growing at an astounding rate. And thanks to the adventurous tastes of the Millennials, even non-Indian restaurants are offering some form of Indian-inspired dishes fusion dishes […]