Some people drink gin when they’re celebrating a special occasion, hanging out with friends, or simply having their own ‘me’ time, while others drink gin when they’re going through some tough times. In fact, in the US alone the import value of gin in 2019 amounted to about 9.2 million proof gallons. That’s a whole lot of ginned up alcohol.

If you run a bar or restaurant serving gin, here are 200+ clever gin captions and quotes you can post on social media. These messages could be used to promote gin during a happy hour or part of the menu.

gin tonic lime

Gin, tonic, and lime.

Gin Captions for Instagram

  • Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my gin.
  • All you need is gin.
  • No Friday is complete without gin.
  • Gin is like a meal. There’s lime, ice, tonic, and booze.
  • There is no better drink than gin.
  • Half price gin and tonics from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.
  • My gin is my water.
  • If I ever come to you sad, please know that I don’t need advice, I just need gin.
  • Gin is the ultimate alcoholic drink. No one can tell me otherwise.
  • The only constant in my life.
  • What’s better than starting your day with gin? Nothing else.
  • My friends and I bond over gin and we couldn’t be happier.
  • You can send me to a dessert with a bottle of gin and I promise I won’t come back.
  • Fighting the urge not to replace water with gin.
  • I’ve got my girls and gin in my hand. Nothing else can make my night better!
  • You can be my friend if you consider gin your ultimate drink!
  • A real man prefers gin over beer. Believe me.
  • I would prefer gin as a temporary solution to all my problems in life.
  • If you want to enjoy your weekend, you must stock up on gin.
  • My favorite time is gin o’clock!

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  • Day and night, all I have is my bottle of gin.
  • Heaven must consist of dozens of gin bottles.
  • I’m a simple man. You can make me happy by offering a glass of gin. Better yet, a bottle of gin.
  • Gin makes my life go round. Literally.
  • Don’t confuse gym with gin. They’re totally opposite things. One you can live without, and one you can’t.
  • No bad days when you’re drinking gin.
  • Gin is my fighting spirit.
  • Gin is my coffee. I need it every morning.
  • Gin keeps me alive and well!
  • Gin literally makes my heart pound.
  • The only drink I’m willing to be hungover.
  • Friends who offer you gin are good friends.
  • My secret in life is having a glass of gin before I sleep at night.
  • I look better with gin in my hand.
  • Gin is a drink for anyone who has good taste and wants a good time.
  • Prepare the gin and let’s get this party started.
  • I am mentally drunk just thinking about gin.
  • It doesn’t taste any better than this!

Get ready for a great night with a gin and tonic in your hand.

Quotes about Gin

  • “Gin lovers are better lovers.” – Anonymous
  • “I only drink gin on two occasions. When it’s my birthday and when it’s not.” – Anonymous
  • “Laughter is the best medicine, or gin. Whatever.” – Anonymous
  • “I make gin disappear. What is your super power?” – Anonymous
  • “For gin, in sober truth, supplies the fuel for flaming youth.” – Noel Coward
  • “Love is like a bottle of gin. But a bottle of gin is not like love.” – Anonymous
  • “I tried to say no to gin but it’s 40% stronger than me.” – Anonymous
  • “When life hands you lemons, find someone who has gin.” – Anonymous
  • “To gin or not to gin? Silly question.” – Anonymous
  • “Smile, there’s gin.” – Anonymous
  • “Sunday is my rest day. I spend the whole day finishing the rest of gin I have left in the bottle.” – Anonymous

Gin and Tonic Captions

  • Gin and tonic is my ultimate choice.
  • If you decide to get drunk, at least choose gin and tonic. Be classy and hungover.
  • Gin and tonic is my favorite duo.
  • Nothing else beats gin and tonic.
  • If you’re inviting me to have a drink, it better be gin and tonic.
  • Need something to cheer you up? Let me get the iconic duo.
  • Gin and tonic is my favorite type of special water.
  • Save water. Drink gin and tonic.
  • If you want to start your week right, drink gin and tonic on a Monday morning.
  • What do you mean the perfect duo doesn’t exist? You haven’t heard of gin and tonic?
  • If I can invent a new superhero, I’d pick gin and tonic.
  • The only way to make me happy is a glass of gin and tonic.
  • Gin and tonic make my life a lot happier.
  • Some people can’t live without coffee, well, I can’t live without my gin and tonic. Always a must-have in every occasion!

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  • I dare you to name a better duo than the sweet, tangy taste of gin and tonic.
  • Drinking gin and tonic won’t hurt anyone.
  • Gin and tonic are my therapy.
  • You can never go wrong with gin and tonic.
  • You don’t have good taste if you don’t like gin and tonic.
  • I can only be friends with people who like the same alcohol as I do and it’s gin and tonic. If you don’t like it, don’t even dare say hi to me.
  • One plus one equals to but why does gin plus tonic equal a hundred for me?
  • Money can’t buy happiness but you can buy gin and tonic and it will bring you happiness for sure.
  • Let the good times roll with gin and tonic.
  • So stoic to have gin and tonic tonight!
  • Only a few understand the legend that is gin and tonic.
  • Gin and tonic are the taste of good times.
  • Filled with perfection.
  • The drink that makes you wink.
  • A match made in heaven.
  • The couple that will never divorce.
  • More than one is many but never enough for me.
  • My daily exercise includes getting up to grab a glass of gin and tonic.

Funny Gin Captions

  • You think life is difficult? Drink gin. It won’t be easier but at least you’re drinking gin.
  • You think you’re perfect when you don’t even drink gin?
  • I can go through anything with gin in my hand.
  • It’s not my dream to get married. I just want 365 days of vacation and an endless supply of gin my whole life.
  • Kids nowadays think they’re all that when they start drinking but they don’t even drink the good stuff like gin.
  • I can’t do anything unless I have my glass of gin.
  • I think about gin only 3 times a day – when I wake up, when I’m not eating, and before I go to bed.
  • I used to party so hard every Friday but now, all I want is to spend my weekends in my room and drink my gin.

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  • If you’re looking for me, you can find me at a bar that serves the earliest happy hour with gin on their list.
  • I only drink gin during happy hour and when it’s not happy hour.
  • Don’t tell me to drink moderately when I only drink gin and tonic.
  • Drinking gin is like gulping down a bottle of milk when you were a newborn.
  • Gin makes me do things I don’t ever dare do when I’m sober.
  • You can get over a break-up faster when you get drunk with gin.
  • Make the hangover worth it when you get drunk with gin.
  • Life is short to have bad quality drinks.
  • Do what makes you happy even if that means drinking gin with every meal.
  • Don’t let others make you feel bad for hoarding bottles of gin in the grocery store.
  • I only need two things in life – gin and tonic.
  • Sinfully mine.
  • The badass drink made for those ready to party.
  • I will always swipe right for gin. 

It’s never too early to have a glass of gin.

Funny Gin Drinking Quotes

  • “A yawn is like a scream for gin.” – Anonymous
  • “I work so I can buy gin so I can tolerate work.” – Anonymous
  • “Looks like it’s a gin-gin situation.” – Anonymous
  • “There’s a time and place for gin. In my hand and now.” – Anonymous
  • “Gin because no great story started with someone eating a salad.” – Anonymous
  • “It’s not my fault I have a double chin. When God was giving out chins, I thought he sold gins, so I said I’ll have a double.” – Anonymous
  • “Gin made me do it.” – Anonymous
  • “If you can’t remember my name, just say ‘gin’ and I’ll turn around.” – Anonymous
  • “It’s Friday. This evening, I will become a her and rescue some gin that is trapped in a bottle.” – Anonymous
  • “My hobbies include drinking gin and waiting for Friday.” – Anonymous
  • “Let the good times roll and open up some gin!” – Anonymous

Gin and Tonic Quotes

  • “The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.” – Winston Churchill
  • “You are the gin to my tonic.” – Anonymous
  • “Banned myself from using the words gin and tonic. I haven’t spoken in several days.” – Anonymous
  • “If life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic.” – Anonymous
  • “I’m on the gin and tonic diet. I’ve already lost three days.” – Anonymous

“My officemate has just started a ‘gin and tonic Thursday’ scheme, it takes place at my desk, and I’m the only person that knows about it.” – Anonymous

  • “Gin and tonic – perfect for those who like drinking but hate themselves.” – Anonymous
  • “A good book holds you down. It’s another anchor that keeps you from getting up and having another gin and tonic.” – Roy Blount

You can already imagine the tangy taste from this gin and tonic.

Gin Christmas Captions

  • If the turkey is the star of Thanksgiving, gin is the star of Christmas for me.
  • Make Christmas celebrations merrier with a bottle of gin to share with friends and family!
  • The only gift I want to receive on Christmas, a sexy bottle of gin.
  • Ho ho ho. Where did my gin and tonic go?
  • If I don’t find a bottle of gin under the Christmas tree I will not be happy.
  • The only thing I expect inside my Christmas present.
  • I can’t wait to get drunk with gin and enjoy Christmas with the relatives I barely see.
  • The sound of opening a bottle of gin is like Christmas carols to my ear.
  • Gingle bell gingle bell, gingle all the way!
  • I’m getting into my Christmas spirit starting with gin.
  • Glad you could join us for Christmas. We’ve prepared the best spirit for this special holiday.
  • Santa better get me some gin or this holiday will be over.

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  • I will thank Santa all my life if I ever have a year supply of gin every Christmas.
  • I open my bottle of gin every Christmas morning.
  • The only thing I look forward to every Christmas is singing carols while holding a glass of gin.
  • Spread the spirit of gin during Christmas day!
  • The sound of opening a gin bottle is like Christmas carols to my ears!
  • You don’t need to gift me anything fancy on Christmas day. Just a bottle of gin and I’ll be merry the whole day!
  • On the 1st day of Christmas my true love sent to me 5 bottles of gin!
  • Sharing my favorite Christmas spirit of all time!
  • Want to get into the holiday spirit? Let me open a bottle of gin.
  • Get in the spirit of giving and give me a bottle of gin.
  • There’s no other present better than a box or two of gin bottles.
  • It’s always a merry good time with a glass of gin in my hand.

Gin Puns

  • Let the games be gin.
  • You have such a thick skin for someone who doesn’t drink gin.
  • It’s a win-win situation when you have a bottle of gin.
  • I can play the violin while drinking gin.
  • You look like the sunrise because you remind me that every beGINing is beautiful.
  • In a world full of spirits, you’re the only gin to my tonic.
  • There’s got to be more gin in life.
  • I can feel a ginvincible force of nature coming to me.
  • I don’t get drunk. I just get ginified.
  • Quit playing gins with my heart.
  • I want it gin way.
  • I want a ginnie in a bottle.
  • Gin me baby one more time!
  • We’re all in gin together, once we know that we are, we’re all stars and we see that.

One bottle is never enough.

Gin One Liners

  • Hurry up and let the drinking beGIN.
  • Be a gin – smooth, light and makes people good inside.
  • Keep your gin up and make wonders.
  • Perhaps, wine for the ladies? No. We’ll have gin please.
  • If you want to date me, you must buy me gin.
  • Gin or nothing. Your loss, dude.
  • You’re the most beautiful and most gincredible girl I’ve ever met.
  • Call me gin and I’ll be there.
  • Do some good and treat me a bottle of gin tonight.
  • Gin almighty.
  • The powerful gin is coming your way.
  • The one and only gin.
  • The head turner, literally.
  • Gin is the OG drink.
  • I only go where gin’s at.
  • There should be a gin membership.
  • If there was a gin God, I would be a follower.
  • Home is where gin is at.
  • Wake up to a glass of gin. 

Gin Jokes

  • I love you from the gin back to tonic.
  • Here’s to the only one that makes my heart melt – gin.
  • Cheers to the one that makes my world go round, literally – gin.
  • You know I love you if I agreed not to drink gin for 1 night.
  • Have you renewed your gin membership?
  • I got in a gincident yesterday. Good thing my friend was there to accompany me.
  • Happy new week! Hope you have an gincredible week ahead of you!
  • Keep calm and drink gin.
  • Believe you can and your halfway there especially after drinking gin.
  • I believe in the holy spirit of gin.
  • Are you game to have a drink? The gin’s on me.
  • If there was an alcohol election, I would vote for gin all the way!
  • It is time to hit the gin and bulk up!
  • Spread gin, not germs.
  • Vitamins keep your health in check but gin keeps me sane.
  • If I can get married to gin I’ll do it.
  • I don’t need a lot of things in life. I just need that thing that starts with g and ends with n.
  • Quit the talk and just go straight to drinking gin.
  • I mastered alcoholic beverages major in gin.
  • I can teach all about gin in university.
  • My eyes only spark for gin.
  • How do I breathe without gin in my body?
  • If you prefer beer over gin then that’s on you.
  • Gin is my nighttime.
  • Gin is the best I ever had.
  • On Wednesdays, we drink gin.

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