Guavas are mildly sweet, sometimes sour, fruits found in many tropical and subtropical countries. Westerners usually process and consume these delightful fruits as juices, jams, or smoothies. But in countries where guavas are common, they can be eaten fresh from the tree. Guava can also be sliced up and mixed in salads, soups, and other dishes.

If your café, restaurant, or fruit stand is serving guavas, check out these captions, quotes, and hashtags you can use to promote the food item. Any of these will tell your audience how healthy, delicious, and special these fruits are.

Guava Captions

guava tree

On the vine of a guava tree.

Let’s begin with some straightforward yet catchy captions about guavas.

  • I can eat a bowl of fresh guavas in one sitting.
  • Fresh guavas anyone?
  • Enjoying fresh tropical guava juice
  • First time to taste Indian guavas!
  • A kilo of guavas goes a long way.
  • Guava: the fruit of life
  • You can’t fully experience the tropics without trying guavas.
  • I love guavas!
  • Guava jam tastes better than peanut butter.
  • A bite of guava is a tropical experience.
  • Guavas have entered mythology.
  • Time to harvest my guavas!
  • I would like a bag of tasty guavas for my birthday.
  • Can guavas be made into a cake?
  • There are more ways to prepare guavas by juicing them up.
  • Keep my guavas plain. I’ll be the one to sprinkle the spice on them.
  • My grandma always shares her guavas.
  • Do you know that guavas can protect you against pimples and acne?
  • Don’t touch my guava juice.
  • Rare to find fresh guava juice here in this temperate region.
  • Guavas make me happy.
  • If it’s guava, I want it.
  • Cold guava juice on a hot day
  • I’d take ice-cold guava juice than pina colada
  • It’s impossible not to like anything guava.
  • If only fresh guavas were readily available stateside…
  • Best guavas in the world!
  • There is nothing bad about guavas.

Guava Fruit Captions

You can use these captions to spark interest in your social media posts that feature luscious, freshly harvested guavas.

  • Guava has a lot of fiber.
  • Guava: your best bet against diarrhea.
  • Here’s why I love guavas.
  • An unripe guava fruit is as hard as stone!
  • Eat healthily! Eat guavas!
  • Guavas are some of the world’s most versatile fruits.
  • Eat guavas ripe if you don’t want to break your teeth.
  • Bowel problems? Eat some guava.
  • Guavas make everything cool—including your health.
  • Guavas—the real fruit of life.
  • Guava is the next superfruit.
  • The guava is one of those fruits that you can eat at various stages of ripeness.
  • Guava is a rich fruit—rich in nutrients, that is.
  • Guavas are abundant in antioxidants.
  • High cholesterol? Guavas can help lower your cholesterol level.
  • Summer in the tropics brings the sweet scent and taste of guavas.
  • In summer, guavas are ripe for picking.
  • Big guavas, small guavas—they all taste great!
  • Guavas complete a kaleidoscope of fruity colors.
  • I love the sweet smell of ripe guavas.
  • I don’t buy laxatives. I eat guavas.
  • When hiking in the tropics, I’m always on the lookout for a guava tree.
  • Guava juice is nature’s very own Gatorade.
  • Guava is the fruit of envy among people who don’t live in the tropics.
  • Fresh guava juice is on our table every day.
  • Nothing comes between me and my bowl of guavas.
  • Guava fruits taste like happiness.
  • Guavas are Mother Nature’s candies.

Guava Quotes

More guava.

Use any of these guava quotes in your social media posts or marketing collateral.

  • Life is too short. Eat guavas.
  • The only thing I don’t like about ripe guavas is that it attracts flies.
  • Guavas rule! Loud, proud, and hard.
  • He’s hard-headed like unripe guava.
  • Time can soften even the toughest. Like the guava.
  • Guava—a unique fruit with a hint of sweetness, sourness, and mint.
  • The charm of guavas rests in their exotic taste.
  • I’m lucky to have a healthy guava tree growing in my backyard.
  • I’m not exactly a fruit lover, but guavas are an exception.
  • Like guava, a person can look tough on the outside.
  • I never get tired of eating guavas.
  • Perhaps it’s time to put fruits like guava back into your life.
  • Life can be hard, sweet, or soft—like guavas.
  • A hot summer day always welcomes the coolness of guava juice.
  • Make guavas a part of your life.

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  • They say that guavas on a bowl give you great fortune.
  • Guavas are great fruits on the go.
  • Growing up in a tropical country, I have a special love for guavas.
  • My sister has a love-hate relationship with guavas.
  • Guavas can be mixed together with cubed papayas for a delightful, crunchy salad.
  • How do I love guavas? Let me count the ways.
  • Biting into a ripe guava fruit is heaven.
  • Guavas are best enjoyed during the hot season.
  • Guavas—a tasty tropical experience.
  • Munching on guavas is fun.
  • “The guava tree stands alone in the heart of the jungle, bearing witness to the passing of time.” – unknown
  • “A guava tree in bloom, for instance, lost in the pages of a good novel, can bring delight with its fictional perfume to any number of real rooms.” – Jose Eduardo Agualusa
  • “Life is like a bowl of guavas. Some sweet, some not so sweet, but a few pieces will always be delicious.” – unknown

Funny Guava Quotes

Some say guavas look cute. You can take advantage of this “cuteness” through these funny guava quotes.

  • Guava fruit. The more you eat, the more you poot.
  • Be strong and hard like a guava fruit.
  • If you find yourself without a weapon, throw a guava fruit. It’s hard enough.
  • For some reason, eating guavas motivates me to bite hard.
  • If someone throws a rock at you, throw unripe guava at him. It’s as hard as a rock.
  • Eating unripe guava is breaking the rules—and your teeth.
  • Nothing lasts forever. Not even tough guavas.
  • A guava a day keeps the doctor away but the dentist closer.
  • Fear the unripe guava.
  • Soften a hard day by eating some guavas.
  • In the name of dentistry, we were required to eat a bowl of guavas.
  • My tummy looks like a giant guava.
  • You got a hard six-pack? I have guava pack!
  • I choose guavas over bananas.
  • Guavas are hard, but why are they so vulnerable to worms?
  • You can’t compare apples to oranges. Guava beats all of them.
  • I’m creating a musical theme for guavas. It’s hard.
  • Guavas are the right fruit for the stubborn.
  • A guava tree in bloom invites lots of flies.
  • I got hit by a falling guava fruit. And it hurts!
  • What do guavas and stubborn people have in common? They’re hard.
  • I ate a kilo of delicious guavas. Now, I’m really trying to get them out of me.
  • I’m a 40-year-old guava lover.
  • Guava makes you brave. Yes, seriously.
  • When eating unripe guava, it’s always a battle between the guava and your teeth.
  • A friend once broke his dentures while eating guava.
  • The cloying, sweet scent of tropical fruits like guavas is addicting.
  • Don’t mind me. It’s a guava thing.

Guava Smoothie Quotes

bitter smoothies

Smoothie made with guava.

Guavas can be made into beverages such as juices or smoothies.

  • Guava smoothies are way better than commercial ice cream.
  • Hard to imagine something so hard can become something so soft.
  • A guava smoothie for breakfast? Why not?
  • A guava smoothie is the older sibling of guava juice.
  • Just chill! It’s a guava smoothie.
  • Taking guava juice to the next level
  • This is a slurp instead of a munch.
  • If you don’t like crunchy, then you’ll like slurpy.
  • Let’s share some guava smoothie recipes.
  • Milk and guava— you get the best of both worlds with a guava smoothie.
  • We need some energy. We need a guava smoothie.
  • Hard and soft. That’s a guava and watermelon smoothie.
  • Ready to start your guava smoothie program?
  • Check out this classic guava smoothie recipe.
  • Considering how hard guava fruits are, will making them into a smoothie dull the blades?
  • Guava smoothies demand a lot from your blender.
  • Best guava smoothie ever!
  • Guava smoothie has more than enough fiber.
  • Make me a guava smoothie!
  • Guava smoothie is now my favorite smoothie.
  • The mildness of a guava smoothie makes it better than strawberry or banana.
  • Make guava smoothie our prime beverage.
  • The taste of guava smoothie is the answer to all the questions in the universe.
  • Where can you find the freshest guava smoothie?
  • Experience the taste of the tropics with a guava smoothie.
  • A cold, healthy guava smoothie is the next best thing to a white-sand beach.
  • When depressed, have a guava smoothie.
  • A well-made guava smoothie will make your day.

Guava Island Quotes

Guava Island is not a literal island. It’s a beautiful American musical film directed by Hiro Murai. I won’t tell you any spoilers, but check out these quotes that will encourage you to check out this film.

  • Guavas start to bear fruit after 2 years and will continue to do so for around 40 years.
  • There are no zombies on Guava Island.
  • Let’s watch Guava Island.
  • Guava Island is a musical, not an island.
  • Drinking guava juice while watching Guava Island. Sweet!
  • Guava Island is a cool musical.
  • Guava Island: tropical vibes
  • Didn’t know that Danny Glover and Rihanna are involved in Guava Island.
  • Guava Island makes me want to be a singer.
  • The songs in Guava Island are awesome!
  • Real music. That’s what the songs of Guava Island are.
  • I didn’t know that Guava Island has a bit of betrayal in it.
  • Kofi and Dani in Guava Island have an interesting relationship.
  • I think Zoila and Mapi are Dani’s true saviors on Guava Island.
  • In Guava Island, Red is really an evil person.
  • There are many bosses like Red in the real world.
  • I’d quit my job if Red was my boss.
  • I have a dream of hosting my own music festival like on Guava Island.
  • Guava Island: we all have our day.
  • Dreams come true on Guava Island.
  • The musical Guava Island reminds me of the movie Purple Rain.
  • The musical Guava Island is thematically ambitious.
  • The Guava Island musical inspired me to practice playing the guitar.
  • Guava Island is a bittersweet story of a dream that came true.
  • Who is the gunman on Guava Island?
  • It’s sad that Deni died before he can perform his dream concert.
  • Where the heck is Guava Island?
  • Are there really guavas on Guava Island?

Pink Guava Quotes

ripe guava

Ripe guava that’s ready to eat.

Guavas are often green. However, there are those that are pink in color or have pink pulps. Many say that pink guavas are the sweetest and juiciest.

  • For some reason, pink guavas taste better with a bit of salt.
  • I love the softness of pink guavas.
  • You could sink your teeth in pink guavas.
  • The yumminess of pink guavas awaits you.
  • Where can we find pink guavas?
  • Pink guavas—best guavas I’ve ever tasted.
  • I like to add a bit of spice to my pink guavas.
  • Those pink guavas are pieces of heaven.
  • These are beautiful ripe apple guavas.
  • These pink apple guavas add a crunch to fruit or vegetable salads.
  • Those Thai maroon guavas are actually cultivars.
  • Who likes pink guavas? I do!
  • I love you as much as I love pink guavas.
  • The sweetness of pink guava compliments very well with a bit of salt.
  • Why do you like pink guavas?
  • Soft pink guavas have a delightful feel in your mouth.
  • Now, I prefer pink guavas over-ripe figs.
  • I wish someone would make pink guava jam.
  • I want my pink guavas pure. No salt, no spice.
  • Pink guavas are the bomb!
  • Do you know that pink guavas have a myriad of health benefits?
  • Pink guavas are my lifeblood.
  • One day, I plan to retire to a tropical island and plant pink guavas.
  • What’s the difference between pink and white guavas?
  • How do pink guavas taste?
  • Pink guavas, pink kisses.
  • Pink guava lemonade: what’s not to love?
  • Love pink. Love guavas.

Guava Puns

Puns can be fun! Use any of these captions to add life—and sweetness—to your guava-related posts and marketing content.

  • Guava nice day!
  • What do you call hot fruit that comes out of a volcano? Guava.
  • That fruit is handsome! It’s so guave.
  • I guava have some of those!
  • To guava is to receiva!
  • Guavalicious!
  • I guava get some of those!
  • Do you guava it?
  • The ruler of that tropical paradise is Che Guava.
  • I guava be a smoothie.
  • Guava be cool.
  • It’s guava booty!
  • That man is a guavantor.
  • Fruits are guavailable here.
  • In Guava Island, people cheer, “Guavoha!”
  • Rather than a pina colada, I’d like a guavaloha.
  • I’m guava happy!

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  • Guava juice mio!
  • I’d guava be a normal employee than a manager.
  • Stay guava fresh and cool!
  • It’s guava time!
  • The guava of my life
  • I guava go on a tropical vacation.
  • Guavas have the seeds of hope.
  • This is a fruitful guava harvest.
  • I ran out of guava juice.
  • I arrived juiced in time.
  • Juiced a little guava.

Funny Guava Puns

Let’s put a smile on your viewers’ faces as they read these puns.

  • Roses are red/guavas are green/put me in a time machine.
  • I guavitate towards you.
  • Lady Guava is a terrible singer.
  • Are you guavailable?
  • Today is a guaventure.
  • I bought guavas as trail food during a guaventurous trek.
  • Guavantify that data.
  • I’m single and guavailable.
  • Guava it/just a little bit
  • I guava be with you.
  • What would you guava have? An apple or an orange?
  • You guava be good!
  • You’re a guava girl.
  • I am Guavani Giorgio.
  • Who is Guavani Boccaccio?
  • I’m juiced a simple guava girl.
  • I don’t guava clue how to make this smoothie.
  • I guava soft spot
  • We just finished our guava jam session.
  • I’m so jelly for guavas!
  • Planting my backyard guava tree groove went smoothie.
  • Guava me up, Scott!
  • Can’t give up. Guava get going.
  • Guava tree, very pretty.
  • That’s not just big! That’s guavantuan!
  • Guarding the guavas!
  • Use guava and mortar in construction projects.
  • Never guava give you up.

Guava Hashtags

What’s your favorite fruit?

Use these hashtags to make it easy for social media users to find guava-related content.

  • #guava
  • #guavafruit
  • #guavajuice
  • #healthyguava
  • #ripeguava
  • #guavasmoothie
  • #guavapineapple
  • #guavadrink
  • #guavaseedoil
  • #guavaphytochemicals
  • #nutritiousguava
  • #guavafolkmedicine
  • #ripeguava
  • #guavainrecipes
  • #guavapaste
  • #guavaleaftea
  • #guavaseason
  • #guavatree
  • #guavajam
  • #guavacandy
  • #freshlypickedguava
  • #medicinalguava
  • #guavalicious
  • #guavaandcreamcheese
  • #benefitsofguava
  • #guavaisland
  • #guavapulp
  • #indianguavas

Guava Fruit Slogans

If you’re selling guavas or guava-related products, use these slogans to promote your food items.

  • Good health. Have guavas.
  • Exercise, a positive attitude, and guavas
  • Delicious guava goodness
  • The joy of the tropics
  • Taste the sweetness of the tropics
  • A gift from the tropics!
  • A taste of tropical paradise!
  • Guava lovers are welcome here!
  • Everything about guava
  • We serve guavas however you like.
  • Fresh is best!

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  • The guava republic
  • Idyllic guavas here
  • Nothing beats guavas!
  • The experts in guavas
  • Start your adventure in guavas.
  • Where the best guavas are!
  • Love guavas? Come here!
  • Experience the full health benefits of guavas.
  • Guava—the fruit that detoxifies
  • The sweet guava
  • The fruits of labor
  • Have you tried our wonderful guavas?
  • The guavas of the future
  • Super guava!
  • Gotta have guavas!
  • Your guava choice

Guava Industry Statistics

Here are some interesting figures about the guava industry.

  • Producing a yield of 21.8 million tons annually, India is the largest producer of guavas in the world.
  • The average yearly world production of guavas amounts to over 55 million tons.
  • There are many varieties of guava, but the Indian Allahabad Safeda is considered to be the best.
  • Guavas are among some of the fruits that are consistently attacked by parasites such as the fruit fly.
  • A single guava fruit contains 257% of the daily value of vitamin C.

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