What’s not to love about chicken dishes? From the classic fried chicken to the complex Coq au Vin, chicken is one of the most popular and affordable protein options. There are literally tens of thousands of recipes that feature chicken as primary or secondary ingredient.

Are you running a café, bistro, or restaurant that specializes in chicken dishes? Do you want to feature certain chicken dishes on your menu? Then you might want to check out these captions to label your social media posts for Instagram or Facebook.

Chicken Captions for Instagram

BBQ chicken wings with sauce.

  • I love my fried chicken.
  • There’s no world without fried chicken.
  • Best chicken of all
  • My favorite dish is simple fried chicken.
  • Chicken dinner saves the day.
  • Warming up a rainy day with a hot homemade chicken noodle soup
  • Let’s have a chicken breakfast.
  • Nothing beats the taste of farm-fresh, free-range chicken
  • Delicious to the bones
  • Don’t touch my chicken.
  • Perfect chicken south style
  • Chicken that James Bond will love
  • Most delicious chicken ever!
  • Never thought lemon chicken tastes sumptuous.
  • You can make any dish out of chicken.
  • I’m in chicken paradise.
  • Peace is achieved by a perfect serving of chicken.
  • Grilled chicken with spicy barbecue sauce is love.
  • Keep your hands off my buttered chicken.
  • I don’t care if it’s messy but it’s good.

Funny Chicken Captions

While delicious chicken dishes fill the tummy, clever captions can fill the soul. Check out these humorous captions for your social media posts.

  • I love that chicken skewered.
  • There’s no Chicken Little here.
  • No one crosses the chicken.
  • I wish there was a day when no one asked why the chicken cross the road.
  • Spare chickens. Eat more pork.
  • There are more chickens than birds on this planet.
  • I don’t care which comes first—the chicken or the egg. I eat them all.
  • Don’t chicken out on pork.
  • Chickens poop the perfect breakfast.
  • Everybody has the chicken lifestyle.
  • It’s a dystopian chicken.
  • Then the chicken asked, “What’s for dinner?”
  • “How do you like your eggs?” said no chicken ever.
  • Chickens are God’s angels.
  • He chickened out with his head cut off.
  • No one is ever tired of eating chicken.
  • Whatever it is, it should be chicken.
  • Is there such a thing as a cyber chicken?
  • I want my chicken—rare.
  • It’s war if you take my chicken off my plate.

Fried Chicken Captions

Fresh fried chicken.

Fried chicken is one of the world’s most popular dishes. If you have videos and photos of delicious fried chicken, then catapult your dish to fame with these captions.

  • Deep golden fried chicken makes the best lunch.
  • Fried chicken—unhealthy but who cares?
  • Smile! Dinner’s chicken!
  • The sound of chicken pieces sizzling in oil is music to my ears.
  • Each time you eat a fried chicken, make a wish.
  • A party isn’t complete without fried chicken.
  • Ice-cold beer and spicy fried chicken. What’s not to love?
  • Mom prepares the best fried chicken.
  • Dad’s fried chicken should be a classic.
  • First time eating fried chicken prepared the 1800s way.
  • Fried chicken is super food.
  • I daresay, this butter-drenched fried chicken is the best.
  • I’ll make my fried chicken sushi, please.
  • This is my secret fried chicken recipe.
  • Gordon Ramsay will go nuts over my original fried chicken.
  • Fried chicken extravaganza.
  • Take me to a fried chicken buffet.
  • Don’t discard the skin of a fried chicken. That’s the best part.
  • The aroma of perfectly fried chicken makes my mouth water.
  • Spicy fried chicken and creamy carbonara. What bliss.

Live Chicken Captions

Photos and videos of live chickens bring scenes and memories of idyllic, pastoral life. Use these captions for such posts.

  • Eat everything. That chicken died for you.
  • In the old times, we have to run to eat our dinner.
  • Chasing our lunch at the farm
  • It’s hard not to feel sorry for those happy chickens
  • More and more chickens, please!
  • Establishing a chicken poultry is a great business.
  • Chickens here and chickens there.

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  • These chickens are ready for a gladiatorial fight.
  • Sorry, chicken. But you are delicious.
  • Chase the chicken.
  • Let me become the person my chickens want me to be.
  • Best sunrise music: the cackle of my roosters.
  • If you can see a chicken’s eyes, they have no fear.
  • Chickens are bred to be food.
  • Respect the humble chicken.
  • It’s chickenomics.
  • I’m going to build a chicken coop.
  • You’re pretty, beak to tail.
  • Chickens have complex personalities.
  • Each chicken has its day.

KFC Captions

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Outside a KFC location.

KFC is among the world’s most well-known fast-food chains that specialize in perfectly cooked fried chicken.

  • What’s the matter, Colonel Sanders? Chicken?
  • Better than McDonald’s
  • The Colonel likes breasts, legs, and wings.
  • Let’s energize KFC.
  • KFC Fried Chicken is the finest invention in the world.
  • Colonel Sanders of KFC is proof that it isn’t too late to chase your dreams.
  • KFC chicken is cooked to inspire.
  • KFC Chicken has a taste that sticks.
  • My 3 favorite letters are KFC.
  • Taste the difference in KFC.
  • Experience the best fried chicken in KFC.
  • Doused in 11 secret herbs and spices
  • If MTV is to music, then KFC is to chicken.
  • Colonel Sanders’s chicken recipe was rejected more than a thousand times before a restaurant approved it.
  • It’s love at first bite in KFC.
  • Enjoying a spicy chicken in KFC is an adventure.
  • KFC makes you orgasm in the mouth.
  • KFC is a chicken-lover-friendly establishment.
  • Want to do something evil? Open a freshly cooked KFC box in a crowded subway.
  • There’s something supernatural about KFC.

Chicken Nuggets Captions

Chicken nuggets are fun bites for a light meal. Use these captions for social media posts that revolve around these delightful bite-sized nuggets.

  • Cute chicken nuggets
  • Eggs and chicken nuggets make the best filling breakfast.
  • I think like a chicken nugget.
  • Imagine this as a small chicken.
  • I’m a hardworking chicken nugget.
  • Give me a huge serving of chicken nuggets, and I’ll be fine.
  • Enjoying the Caribbean with some chicken nuggets
  • Never leave the office without some chicken nuggets
  • Try out my very own chicken nugget recipe.
  • Mom’s chicken nuggets are the bomb.
  • With Grandma’s special chicken nuggets, we could open a restaurant.
  • Nothing better than a snack of chicken nuggets at the beach
  • There’s nothing a serving of chicken nuggets and sour cream can’t fix.
  • Having a bad day? Have some chicken nuggets.
  • Chicken nuggets—my new favorite snack.
  • Mcdonald’s is still the king of chicken nuggets.
  • All chickens refuse to become nuggets.
  • Chicken nuggets make me really happy.
  • Eat smart. Eat a nugget.
  • I want to be sexy, but I need chicken nuggets.

Chicken Quotes

Use any of these quotes in marketing collateral and social media posts.

  • Respect the chicken. Eat everything, and don’t leave any waste behind.
  • It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t love chicken.
  • Whatever cooking style, chicken makes the world go round.
  • The best dishes have chicken in them.
  • It’s not surprising that chicken is one of the primary ingredients in the world of cuisine.
  • You can’t go wrong with a chicken dish.
  • Do you notice how chicken is so interwoven in our lives?
  • Chicken dishes are some of the tastiest and most popular meals in the world.
  • The culinary world cannot exist without chicken.
  • Life in this world is not complete without chicken dishes.
  • A properly cooked chicken enables people to believe in the existence of God.
  • There are millions of chicken dishes all around the world.
  • You can make your own chicken specialties with the simplest of ingredients.
  • One day, I’ll have a chicken farm outside the city.
  • My mom cooks a particularly mean chicken soup.
  • Better buy chicken than drugs.
  • Eat broiled chicken with closed eyes. There’s a difference.
  • I’ve never seen and tasted such a perfectly grilled chicken than this one!
  • The world’s favorite dish is fried chicken.
  • If you want to open a restaurant, always serve fried chicken. You can never go wrong.

Funny Chicken Quotes

Laughter is the best medicine and so is chicken soup. Check out these funny quotes about chickens and chicken dishes.

  • Forget veganism. Embrace chickenism.
  • Real men eat chicken.
  • If someone catechizes you to become a vegetarian, eat a chicken in front of him.
  • Chicken is a rich source of protein—and cholesterol.
  • Eat chicken drumsticks, and you can almost hear the beat.
  • Yes, deep-fried chicken is unhealthy. But do you really care?
  • Can’t catch a turkey? Then catch a chicken.
  • Why chicken? Well, why not?
  • I was born in the Year of the Chicken. No wonder I love fried chicken.
  • Can we catch chickens if they had 4 legs?
  • Chickens are the eagles of the farm.
  • I love chickens more than I love TV.
  • Instead of watching TV, eat fried chicken. And play video games.
  • Stop asking me why the chicken crossed the road.
  • Why did the dead chicken cross the road? Because it was tied to the turkey.
  • Be hungry and eat chickens.
  • Guess what? Chicken butt!
  • The sexiest leg ever—a chicken leg.

Chicken Lover Captions

group of chickens

I heart chickens.

Let your special someone know that you long for a perfect chicken dish.

  • I’m a chicken lover.
  • Come on, who doesn’t love chicken?
  • Take me to a nice and simple chicken dinner.
  • I can’t resist a man who can cook the perfect fried chicken.
  • I’m lucky to have a boyfriend who can cook spicy fried chicken.
  • I was a vegetarian—until I married a chicken lover.
  • Both of us can never say no to chicken.
  • You love chicken? You got yourself a date.
  • Finger-licking chicken!

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  • People who love chicken are the best lovers.
  • If we have a date, you should order me a big platter of chicken.
  • Saturday home evening is chicken time.
  • This cold night, I celebrate my love with some chicken soup.
  • I look forward to being sick just because my girlfriend prepares me the ultimate chicken noodle soup.
  • A chicken dinner is the ultimate date.
  • I love chicken. Change my mind.
  • When depressed, have a fried chicken.
  • The smell of fried chicken arouses me.
  • Perfectly roasted chicken is an emotion.
  • Crispy buttered is life.

Chicken Puns

Chickens are lively creatures. Chicken dishes are delicious meals. And these puns compliment either.

  • Want to get out? There’s the eggs-it.
  • Chicken lovers, hen-semble.
  • You’re so pretty. I can’t stop chicken you out.
  • I have OCD—Obsessive Chicken Disorder.
  • Don’t burn the fried chicken. Watch the cluck.
  • Level up your chicken face.
  • The plot chickens.
  • It’s fowl play.
  • I love hanging out under the fowl tree.
  • I’m an eggs-plorer of food!
  • You’re the oil beneath my wings.
  • Are you afraid of flying? You’re chicken.
  • I wake up when the cluck strikes 5.
  • Beat it with the drumsticks.
  • This is the hen-trance to the barn.
  • You’re competing? Break a chicken leg.
  • Eggs-cuse me, I’m cooking my chicken.
  • What do you call a chicken that lays eggs in the wintertime? A spring chicken.
  • They’re so romantic. They’re dancing chick to chick.
  • For chickens, talk is cheep.

Chicken Hashtags

chicken sandwich with coleslaw

Who can resist a chicken sandwich?

Use any of these chicken hashtags so your social media posts will be easier to find.

  • #friedchicken
  • #chickenwings
  • #chickendrumsticks
  • #chickenrecipes
  • #winnerchickendinner
  • #chickennoodlesoup
  • #grilledchicken
  • #seasonedchicken
  • #chickenstock
  • #chickenandwaffles
  • #chickendinner
  • #chickennuggets
  • #chickenbiryani
  • #chickensandwich
  • #chickenbarbecue
  • #chickendish
  • #chickenlollipop
  • #bbqchicken
  • #chickencurry
  • #chickenlover

What’s your favorite kind of chicken? Nuggets? Wings? Drum sticks, perhaps? Use any of the social media captions and quote above to showcase your clucking favorite chicken specialty on Instagram.

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