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2 02, 2021

50+ Subway Restaurant Slogans and Jingles You’ll Never Forget

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Subway is one of the world’s top quick-serve industry chains with more than 24,000 locations in the United States alone. Subway is the leading sandwich chain in the U.S., topping the sales of its nearest competitor, Arby’s, by more than three times. Among other quick service restaurants in the world, […]

29 01, 2021

200+ Unforgettable Hot Dog Company Slogans and One Liners

By |2021-01-29T14:33:06+00:00January 29th, 2021|Hot Dogs|0 Comments

Hot dog vendors use some of the wildest one-liners to capture the attention of anyone with a mouth and a few dollars of cash. I knew one vendor that became locally famous with a sign proclaiming, “Hot dogs as big as a baby’s arm!” Not surprisingly, this unique product claim […]

21 01, 2021

200+ (Actually Good) Restaurant Slogan and Tagline Ideas That Aren’t Lame

By |2021-01-21T13:41:11+00:00January 21st, 2021|Restaurant|0 Comments

Searching for a restaurant slogan or tagline that’s actually good? We’ve got you covered with more than 200 tagline ideas you can incorporate into your restaurant marketing. These suggestions are ideal to display on an external sign, chalk menus, takeout boxes, napkins, or social media.

Below are six groups of restaurant […]

16 01, 2021

200+ Funny Customer Service Quotes and Responses You Can Use

By |2021-01-15T13:42:24+00:00January 16th, 2021|Industry News|0 Comments

Customer service is an important characteristic of any successful restaurant or food truck. By providing unmatched guest service, you can win over repeat business for years. But let’s be real. You’re bound to encounter some bad apples now and again. For times like these, it’s nice to be able to […]

12 01, 2021

100+ (Actually Memorable) Hand Washing Awareness Quotes and Slogans

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Hand washing is one of the simplest steps we can take to prevent the spread of germs. If you operate a food truck, restaurant, or catering business, encourage employees to wash their hands thoroughly is actions you can take to ensure customers feels comfortable eating at your establishment.

Did you know […]