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8 09, 2020

150 Iconic Food Stall Business Name Ideas

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Food stalls offering ready-to-eat foods and drinks have long been embedded into American culture. Though previously banned at the start of 18th century America, street food which was sold through stalls, eventually gained popularity and became a staple of New York streets around 1910 selling everything from hotdogs to snacks. […]

4 09, 2020

100+ Inspiring Cake Business Name Ideas For You

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Who doesn’t like cake?! Unlike its desert counterparts, chocolates and candies, cakes appeal to more people, sweet tooth or not. Typically baked, cakes used to be just an alteration of bread. In 2019, the value of the global cake market was nearly $43 billion with projections for annual growth […]

3 09, 2020

101 Innovative Care Package Business Name Ideas

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The care package was inspired by the humanitarian aid given by CARE, or the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere. CARE is an organization that was developed after the 2nd World War to support people affected by the war. The organization eventually evolved into an NGO helping people around […]

27 08, 2020

150 Traditional Deli Shop Name Ideas Filtered by Specialty

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Have you ever wondered what and how deli’s started? According to Merriam-Webster, a delicatessen or deli for short is a retail store offering ready-to-eat food products such as prepared salads or cooked meat. It finds its roots in Germany way back in the 18th century. European immigrants specifically the Ashkenazi […]

24 08, 2020

100+ Smartest Mushroom Startup Company Name Ideas of All Time

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The mushroom farming industry is estimated to have a value of $16.7 billion according to industry research. If you’re reading this then you’re likely curious about how can participate in the industry. Let us help you spark that idea and get you started on this overlooked specialty food business.

Did […]