Do you have a passion for Indian food that you’d like to share with the world through a blog or Instagram page? We’ve organized some of the best name ideas to help inspire your cooking blog or food page name.  These name suggestions are organized by category below so you can jump straight to the name ideas that interest you the most.

Indian Cooking Blog Name Ideas

indian spices

Indian spices can create robust vegetarian flavors.

  • Better with Veggies.
  • Indian Cooking Made Easy
  • Indiana cuisine’s finest.
  • Legacy cuisine.
  • New Delhi Eats
  • The Pune Chef
  • Mom Tested Indian Meals
  • Caste Cooking Blog
  • Not just curry.
  • Simple Indian Cooking
  • Recent traditions.
  • My mother’s recipes.
  • The Indian Cooking Blog
  • Ever-changing recipes.
  • Breakthrough Indian cooking.
  • Our family’s secrets.
  • The cooking mama.
  • Amazing Indian cuisines.
  • The Indian food guru.
  • Simple curry cooking.
  • 5-minute Indian meals.
  • Curry Up!
  • Definitely healthy meals.
  • Indian meal preps.
  • Indian Foodie queen.
  • Mumbai Food Blog
  • 10 out of 10 meals.
  • Expertise and spices.
  • Quick traditional Indian cooking.
  • Home-cooked family meals.
  • Regional flavors.
  • Let’s combine our dishes.

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  • Every region has its own dish.
  • Kadi dishes.
  • Indian meals, please!
  • It’s called Tari.
  • Are you in a Tari?
  • Demystifying Indian cuisine.
  • Different regions, different flavors.
  • Indian spices.
  • Spices and veggies.
  • Not your ordinary biryani.
  • South Indian flavors.
  • Intricate Indian creations.
  • Are you in a curry?
  • Traditional non-traditional.
  • Spices up your life!
  • Let’s make this a feast.
  • Garam masala, anybody?
  • Star prepping up!
  • Eating at the Taj Mahal
  • Great cuisines from the south.
  • Cook to your hearts’ delight
  • Makin’ it your own.
  • The best from the east.
  • Spices galore!
  • A different way of cooking healthy.
  • Amber Palace Eats

Indian Food Page Name Ideas for Instagram

Indian Chinese fusion

Food page name ideas.

  • Authentic Indian Recipes
  • Food and Spices from India
  • Cooking with (Name)
  • (Name)’s Kitchen
  • The Indian Cuisine
  • Spicy TasteBuds
  • Curry is Life
  • Indian Gastronomy
  • The Spice of Life
  • Svarg Ka Ek Tukada
  • Craving for Indian Cuisine
  • The Taste of India
  • Creative Cooking by (Name)
  • Tastefully Yours
  • Simply (Name)
  • Indian Cooking At Its Finest
  • Bhunao Recipes
  • Inspired by Do-Piaza
  • Handi Cooking
  • Tawa Recipes
  • Everyday Indian Cooking
  • India’s Mixing Pot
  • Old-Style Indian Recipes
  • Recipes by (Name)
  • Amazing Indian Flavors
  • Truly Indian Recipes
  • Not Just Spices
  • Indian Cooking Essentials
  • Bukhara Cooking
  • India’s Celebrated Recipes
  • Southern Recipes
  • Basically Indian
  • Better Indian Recipes
  • Unadulterated Indian Cuisine
  • Cooking, the Indian Way
  • Modern Take on Indian Cuisine
  • Indian Cuisine Chronicles
  • Brainstorming Indian Food
  • Indian Food Favorites
  • Beloved Indian Recipes
  • Personal Kitchen Favorites
  • Indian Kitchen Secrets
  • Recipe for the Master
  • Quick Indian Recipes
  • India’s Most Popular Recipes
  • Recreating Indian Dishes
  • Recipe Conversations
  • Unspeakable Indian Delights
  • Creative Indian Recipes
  • Indian Dish Basics

Vegetarian Food Blog Name Ideas for India

Indian pickles include a wider range of pickles, as well as the more spicy varieties

Indian pickles include a wider range of pickles, as well as the more spicy varieties.

  • Naturally (Name)
  • Everything Veggies
  • (Name)’s Kitchen
  • Healthier Way
  • In the name of health
  • Meatless Kitchen
  • Indian Meat Alternatives
  • Vegetable Moments
  • Plants Vs. Meat
  • Revenge of the Veggie
  • Veg Recipes of India
  • Kitchen Sprouts
  • Plant Nation
  • Veg Connoisseurs
  • Spiced Veggies
  • Nature’s BountyVeg It Up
  • Vegetarian Ventures
  • The Veggie the Better
  • All About Veggies
  • The Harvest
  • Oh My Veggies
  • The Vegan Adventures

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  • Vegetable Republic
  • Sprouted Kitchen
  • The Green Kitchen
  • Exclusive Vegan
  • The Healing Curry
  • Colors and Spices
  • Fooduzzi
  • Monsoon Spice
  • The Veggie Queen
  • Rise Up, Vegans!
  • The Right Diet
  • The Indian Vegan Blogger
  • Vegan Therapy
  • The Yummy Plant
  • Morally Correct Cooking
  • Flexitarians
  • Easy Peasy Vegetable Recipes
  • Vegan Connoisseurs
  • Vegetarian Zen
  • Eating Naturally
  • Vegan Proponent
  • The Veggie Enthusiast
  • The Veggie Blogger
  • The Plant Kitchen
  • The Meat Free Blog
  • The Indian Vegan
  • Guilt-Free Recipes

Indian Food Channel Name Ideas

indian peppercorn

Indian peppercorns.

  • The Indian Cooking Channel
  • Exclusively Indian Cooking
  • (Name) Kitchen
  • Indian Taco TV
  • Cooking with (Name)
  • Hindu Fry
  • Excellent Indian Cuisine
  • Delhi Cooker
  • Indian Culinary
  • Hindu Recipes
  • The Indian Oven
  • A Touch of India
  • An Indian Kitchen
  • The Indian Chef
  • Delhi Kitchen
  • The Indian Cook
  • Dishes from India
  • The Indian Culinary Experience
  • Of Flavors and Spices
  • Creative Indian Recipes
  • Superb Indian Recipes
  • The Bharat Chef
  • Hot Indian Cuisine
  • 5-Minute Indian Cooking
  • The Traditional Meal
  • Basically Indian
  • Spicy War
  • Indian Culinary Fusion
  • Indian Street Kitchen
  • Traditionally Indian
  • Hindu Style Cooking
  • Indian Food Creations
  • Brainstorming Indian Cuisine
  • The Indian Cook
  • Cooking, the Indian Way
  • Indian Cuisine in 10 Minutes or Less
  • Hindu Chef
  • India’s Best Recipes
  • The Food Gurus
  • Finest Indian Recipes
  • Mix and Match
  • Celebrated Indian Chefs
  • Indian Cooking Weekend
  • Culinary Transformations by (Name)
  • Culinary Discoveries from India
  • The Spicy Chef
  • Home Cooked Indian Recipes
  • From Delhi to the World
  • The Cooking Capital of India
  • Intricate Indian Cuisines
  • The Guys from Delhi
  • Indian Kitchen Magic

Popular Food Influencers in India

Indian spices are hugely popular across America today

Indian spices are hugely popular.

Just like in the West, there are a number of Indian food influencers who give honest food reviews and share recipes online. Some bloggers are more prolific with written word (bloggers) while others focus their efforts on YouTube videos. Let’s take a look at some of these food influencers who have grown a loyal fan base over the years.

  1. Kartik Khanna. Popularly known as The Kitchen Foodie, Kartik’s humble beginnings as a shy foodie have come a long way. Kartik has never been afraid to try something new in the kitchen. His blogs are full of delectable feasts along with skillfully angled photography, which is a valuable skill for any popular food blogger.
  2. Rekha Kakkar. Rekka is known for her blog called My Tasty Curry. Rekka’s blog content focuses on easy-to-make meals with the premise that as long as you’re familiar with the ingredients and know-how to use them, you’ll make a memorable meal.
  3. Swayampurna Mishra. Also known by her blog La Petit Chef, Swayampurna takes on home-cooked meals with ease. Swayampurna’s masterpieces include delectable eats from breakfast to dessert. She couples these recipes with brilliant photography guaranteed to make your mouth water.
  4. Archana Doshi. Archana is another prominent Indian food blogger who got started way back in 2007. Archana’s love of cooking is evident and has made it her life’s work to teach others to cook. Archana has a huge media presence and has been featured on CNBC and even a commercial for the Google Chrome browser.
  5. Nisha Madhulika. Nisha has more than 11 million subscribers on YouTube, making her one of the most recognizable Indian food influencers in the world. Nisha’s YouTube videos explain how to make Indian meals at home.

If you’re planning to start your own food blog, it’s important to evaluate what’s already popular in the Indian food blogging space using the examples above. Take time to research the types of recipes with the most shares or comments. In other words, you want to understand what’s working so you can include similar content in your own blog.

For example, if healthy Indian snacks is a top performing recipe for another blogger, take the time to create and publish your take on the topic. This doesn’t mean copy recipes. Instead, publish what you believe would be a delicious and healthy snack.

How Indian Food Bloggers Make Money

Indian food bloggers make money in the same way as other bloggers around the world. Here are the most popular options.

  • Advertising: The blog you’re reading right now generates revenue through advertising. This is one of the top ways food bloggers make money by either writing or publishing video recipes.
  • Partnering with Brands: Many Indian food bloggers partner with cooking or food brands to generate revenue. In most cases a brand will reach out to the blogger and compensate them for promoting their products in a video or recipe. You can view examples of brands Archana’s Kitchen has worked with here. The list includes household names like KitchenAid among others.
  • Products: You can use the attention earned from a blog to sell a wide variety of products. As an Indian food blogger, you could come out with your own specialty line of Indian spices to sell. Alternatively, you could write and sell a cookbook with even more recipes. You could even come out with a brand of pans or specialty knifes. The product options are almost endless.

Indian food is arguably one of the most fascinating cuisines around the world with its variety of spices, colors, vegetarian and meat-based meals. If you’re genuinely passionate about cooking Indian food, you’ll never run out of cooking tips and techniques to share if you plan to specialize in this cuisine. We wish you all the success in your own blogging journey!

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