Southern food is known for pan-fried chicken, black-eyed peas, collard greens, poke sallet, mashed potatoes, cornbread, sweet tea, and pies. This cuisine is a timeless staple of the American south.

As people continue spending more time at home, food bloggers of all kinds have benefited as more consumers turn to online recipes for instruction on cooking. According to reports, blogs have grown 12% since 2015. In fact, there are approximately 409 million people around the world who look at more than 20 billion pages each month. Based on this data, right now still feels like a terrific time to start a food blog.

If you’re an aspiring blogger with a deep-rooted passion for Southern food, here are some food blog name ideas you can use. These ideas work for a blog, social media page, or vlog.

Southern Food Blog Name Ideas

Grilled chicken from a barbecue food truck

Grilled chicken is popular in the south.

  • Southern Style
  • Grubs from the South
  • Southern Comfort Food
  • All Roads Lead to the South
  • The Southern Hemisphere
  • Food Throughout the South
  • Our Food Down South
  • Turn to Southern
  • The Southern Way
  • South Good Food
  • Southern Food Fusion
  • Great Recipes from the South
  • Southern Customary Food
  • Traditionally South
  • Southern Origins
  • Flavors of the South
  • Southern Roots
  • Grew Up in the South
  • Meats and Greens
  • Soul Food
  • Real Cajun

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  • Chicken and Waffle Blog
  • Cooking Down South
  • Creole Cookin’
  • Ancestral Recipes
  • Traditional Southern Cooking
  • The Complete Southern Meal
  • Southern Food Guide
  • Organically Southern
  • Cajun Contagion
  • Keto Friendly Southern Cooking
  • Soulely Southern
  • Been to Florida
  • Southern Cuisine Must-Haves
  • Southern Technique
  • Cajun Style Cooking
  • Southern Kitchen
  • Feeling Cajun
  • Creole Tradition
  • Southern Baking Blog
  • Eating Down South
  • Quick Cajun Recipes
  • 5-Minute Southern Cooking
  • Cooking with (Name)
  • (Name)’s Kitchen
  • Southern Kitchen Setup
  • Strictly Cajun
  • Mom’s Best Recipes
  • Truly Southern Style
  • The Grits Vlog
  • Big Bold Flavors
  • Southern Chef
  • Bitter and Spicy
  • Southern Slices
  • A Slice of the South
  • Cajun Chronicles
  • Crawfish Cook Out Blog
  • Real Southern Meals
  • Southern Authentic
  • (Name) & (Name)’s Southern Cooking
  • Explosion of Southern Flavors
  • Organic Southern Spices
  • Cinnamon Digest
  • Nutty Desserts
  • Diverse Flavors
  • Evolving Tastes
  • Southern Rich Flavors
  • That Southern Thing
  • Southern Chicken Recipes
  • Trending South
  • Viral Southern Recipes
  • It’s About South
  • Southern Food You Love
  • Classic Southern Food
  • Rich Flavors from the South
  • Essentially Spicy
  • Kitchen Turning South
  • Southern Grandmother Blog
  • Secret Southern Recipes
  • Southern Masters
  • Quick and Easy Recipes
  • Tryin Out South

Southern Food Page Name Ideas for Instagram and Facebook

Chicken and waffles is a classic meal of the south.

  • Southern Comfort
  • Missing Southern Cooking
  • The Great Southern Cook-off
  • Southern Like Nothing Else
  • The Southern Foodie
  • The Southern Guy
  • Cajun Foodie
  • Gone Down South
  • Recipes Down Below
  • Ancestral Cuisine
  • Suddenly Southern
  • Ragin’ Cajun
  • Southern Basics
  • Basin’ Down South
  • Our Mother’s Recipes
  • Southern Edition
  • Edible Cooking
  • Succulently Southern
  • Savory Recipes
  • Buggy Full of Goodies
  • Recipes Druthers
  • Bubba and Sissy’s Southern Cookin’
  • What doohickey is this?
  • Plumb Southern
  • Hoppin’ Johns and more
  • Food ChoicesChoose Southern
  • (Name) and Friends Cajun Recipes
  • Southern Folks Cuisine
  • Southerners Epic Cuisine
  • Recipes from the Border
  • Kitchen Hacks
  • Right Down Below
  • Make Me Crave for Cajun
  • Cravin’ Cajun
  • Not Your Ordinary American Recipe
  • Featuring South
  • Beginning South
  • Best Cooked South
  • Just South
  • Prime Recipes
  • Finest Southern Cooking
  • Captivatingly Southern
  • East Fried
  • Farm Fresh Recipes
  • Country Style
  • Farm Bites
  • Country Fried Cookin’
  • Tasty Cajuns
  • Scrumptious Recipes
  • Fusion FeastFood Quest
  • Meat N’ Eat
  • (Name)’s Greens
  • Feed Creek
  • Food Pad
  • Southerners Unite
  • Prime Fried
  • Frieddo
  • Food Boss
  • Meal Pals
  • Corn Bread Vlog
  • Fatty Fingers
  • Greener Greener Chicken Dinner
  • The Chicken Machine
  • Southern Love
  • Born Frying SouthernThe Spice of Life
  • Food Frolic
  • Recipes of the South
  • Foodie Bliss
  • Mississippi Bakers
  • House of Cajun
  • The Ultimate Taste
  • Cravings Blogger
  • Heavenly Southern
  • Cajun Bliss
  • Green Cravings
  • Fried Desired

Top Southern Food Bloggers List

Start a baking blog

The American south has a lot to offer in terms of recipe inspiration and there’s already dozens of popular bloggers creating content about this niche of the market. Here are some of the south’s top food bloggers you should be following.

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Amber Wilson. For the Love of the South by Amber Wilson is an amazing, classic, no-nonsense food blog that will inspire you to take on that southern flavor. Her blog covers anything from bacon sandwiches to doughnuts or anything you can think of the southern style. Don’t forget to check out the impressive photography on her blog as well.

Susannah Brinkley. The author of Feast + West is a Charlotte, NC native who accounts her life down south. Other than her cooking and entertainment stories, Susannah chronicles her travels and how these trips influence the meals she prepares. Susannah confesses she’s a self-taught baker inspired by her mom who was a cook at Le Cordon Bleu.

Stacey Little. Stacey is behind the Southern Bite food blog showing southern dishes don’t always need to be fried. Stacey hails from Alabama and comes from a long line of southern cooks. According to Stacey, her main goal is to bring back families together at the table, enjoying meals without the distraction of technological devices. Check out the blog to find easy-to-follow recipes that are family-friendly.

Erika Council. Erika, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia admits her life revolves around food. The Southern Soufflé author had been cooking since her college days, serving meals out of her dorm room. Her blog features traditional Southern dishes with a twist, so don’t forget to check out her interesting blog.

Michael W. Twitty. Michael is a culinary historian and food writer who authors the food blog, Afroculinaria. The blog focuses on the conservation of traditional African-American food culture in the south. Afroculinaria tackles the role food has played in African-American culture in the region.

Lana Stuart. Never Enough Thyme creator Lana Stuart grew up in rural Georgia in the 50s and 60s. During that time, she learned how to cook from a large family of southern cooks. Never Enough Thyme features a fusion of traditional and modern southern dishes to stir your cooking creativity.

Rachel Matthews. The A Southern Fairytale creator, Rachel Matthews, has been publishing since 2007. Hailing from Texas, she chronicles her kitchen adventures creating new recipes taking inspiration from her grandma’s recipe cards to restaurant menus.

If you want to break into the southern food blogging scene, one proven way to accomplish this is to develop a distinct culinary niche. Some specialty cooking ideas include Cajun, Creole, Tidewater, Lowcountry, Appalachian, and Floribbean. The flavor of southern cooking has reached north and is known internationally so you’ll still be able to reach a global audience using this approach.

Certain elements of southern food such as corn, squash, and deep-pit barbecuing were derived from southeast American tribes such as the Choctaws, Seminoles, and the Caddo. Other components were infused from European and African ingredients when they came to America.

After identifying a name that matches your personality and style of cooking, check out my process for coming up with awesome blog topic ideas here. Follow the tips in this guide and you’ll never struggle with finding topics to write about again.

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