With an extensive and ever-evolving selection of sandwiches, wraps, paninis, and hearty soups, Jason’s Deli caters to a wide array of tastes. But what really sets Jason’s Deli apart is accommodating dietary restrictions, offering a range of gluten-free and vegetarian options that don’t compromise on taste.

Take a peak at the menu prices for everything on the Jason’s Deli menu in 2023 below. I also share about the rewards program that allows you to get closer to free food with each purchase.


MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Lighter$5.59
Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Half$5.59
Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$6.59
Premium Ham Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Lighter$5.59
Premium Ham Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Half$5.59
Premium Ham Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$6.59
Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Lighter$5.59
Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Half$5.59
Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$6.59
Chicken Salad with Almonds & Pineapple (Gluten-Sensitive)Lighter$5.59
Chicken Salad with Almonds & Pineapple (Gluten-Sensitive)Half$5.59
Chicken Salad with Almonds & Pineapple (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$6.59
Roast Beef Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Lighter$5.59
Roast Beef Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Half$5.59
Roast Beef Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$6.59
Hard Salami Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Lighter$5.59
Hard Salami Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Half$5.59
Hard Salami Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$6.59
Tuna Salad with Egg Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Lighter$5.59
Tuna Salad with Egg Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Half$5.59
Tuna Salad with Egg Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$6.59
Hot Corned Beef Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Lighter$6.99
Hot Corned Beef Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Half$6.99
Hot Corned Beef Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$8.99
Natural, Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Lighter$5.59
Natural, Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Half$5.59
Natural, Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$6.59
Garden Fresh Salad Bar (Gluten-Sensitive)$7.99
Hot Pastrami Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Lighter$6.99
Hot Pastrami Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Half$6.99
Hot Pastrami Sandwich (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$8.99
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad (Gluten-Sensitive)No Chicken$7.69
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$8.69
Black Bean Taco Salad (Limited Time)Lighter$6.29
Black Bean Taco Salad (Limited Time)Regular$7.79
Quinoa Shrimp & Mango Salad (Limited Time)$8.59
The Big Chef (Gluten-Sensitive)$7.69
Fire Roasted Tortilla Soup (Gluten-Sensitive)Cup$3.49
Fire Roasted Tortilla Soup (Gluten-Sensitive)Bowl$4.99
Chicken Club Salad (Gluten-Sensitive)No Chicken$7.69
Chicken Club Salad (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$8.69
Organic Vegetable Soup (Gluten-Sensitive)Cup$3.49
Organic Vegetable Soup (Gluten-Sensitive)Bowl$4.99
Vegetarian Tomato Basil Soup (Gluten-Sensitive)Cup$3.49
Vegetarian Tomato Basil Soup (Gluten-Sensitive)Bowl$4.99
The Plain Jane (Gluten-Sensitive)Lighter$6.49
The Plain Jane (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$7.59
Pollo Mexicano (Gluten-Sensitive)Lighter$6.59
Pollo Mexicano (Gluten-Sensitive)Regular$7.69
J.D. Nuggetz (Gluten-Sensitive)4 Pc.$4.29
J.D. Nuggetz (Gluten-Sensitive)6 Pc.$6.79
J.D. Nuggetz (Gluten-Sensitive)8 Pc.$7.99
Hot Dog (Gluten-Sensitive)$3.49
Kid’s Baked Potato (Gluten-Sensitive)$3.99
Peanut Butter & Jelly (Gluten-Sensitive)$3.49
Grilled Cheese (Gluten-Sensitive)$3.49
Ham & Cheese (Gluten-Sensitive)$3.99
Turkey & Cheese (Gluten-Sensitive)$3.99
Smoked Turkey Traditional Box (Gluten-Sensitive)$9.09
Roasted Turkey Traditional Box (Gluten-Sensitive)$9.09
Roast Beef Traditional Box (Gluten-Sensitive)$9.09
Premium Ham Traditional Box (Gluten-Sensitive)$9.09
Homemade Chicken Salad Traditional Box made with Almonds (Gluten-Sensitive)$9.09
Homemade Tuna Salad Traditional Box made with Hard Boiled Eggs (Gluten-Sensitive)$9.09
Steamed Veggies (Gluten-Sensitive)$1.99
Fresh Fruit (Gluten-Sensitive)Cup$2.79
Fresh Fruit (Gluten-Sensitive)Bowl$6.29
Baked Chips & Pickle Spear (Gluten-Sensitive)$0.59
American Potato Salad (Gluten-Sensitive)$1.99
Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (Gluten-Sensitive)$2.49
House Chips & Pickle Spear (Gluten-Sensitive)$0.59
Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips & Our Family Recipe Guacamole (Gluten-Sensitive)$2.49
Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips & Our Family Recipe Salsa (Gluten-Sensitive)$2.49
Gluten-Sensitive Traditional Box$9.09
Udi’s Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle$1.99


MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Maine Lobster Chowder (Limited Time)Cup$4.49
Maine Lobster Chowder (Limited Time)Bowl$5.99
Beef Stew (LImited Time)Cup$4.49
Beef Stew (LImited Time)Bowl$5.99
Fire Roasted Tortilla SoupCup$3.49
Fire Roasted Tortilla SoupBowl$4.99
Vegetarian French Onion SoupCup$3.49
Vegetarian French Onion SoupBowl$4.99
Broccoli Cheese SoupCup$3.49
Broccoli Cheese SoupBowl$4.99
Vegetarian Tomato Basil SoupCup$3.49
Vegetarian Tomato Basil SoupBowl$4.99
Organic Vegetable SoupCup$3.49
Organic Vegetable SoupBowl$4.99
Chicken Noodle SoupCup$3.49
Chicken Noodle SoupBowl$4.99
Southwest Chicken ChiliCup$4.49
Southwest Chicken ChiliBowl$5.99
Spicy Seafood GumboCup$4.49
Spicy Seafood GumboBowl$5.99
Chicken Pot PieCup$4.49
Chicken Pot PieBowl$5.99


MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Quinoa Shrimp & Mango Salad (Limited Time)$8.59
Garden Fresh Salad Bar$7.99
The Big ChefLighter$6.19
The Big ChefOriginal$7.69
Chicken Caesar – No ChickenLighter$5.39
Chicken CaesarLighter$6.39
Chicken Caesar – No ChickenOriginal$6.89
Chicken CaesarOriginal$7.89
Chicken Caesar – Sub SalmonLighter$8.38
Chicken Caesar – Sub SalmonOriginal$9.88
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad – No ChickenLighter$6.09
Nutty Mixed-Up SaladLighter$7.19
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad – No ChickenOriginal$7.69
Nutty Mixed-Up SaladOriginal$8.69
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad – Sub SalmonLighter$9.18
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad – Sub SalmonOriginal$10.68
Chicken Club Salad – No ChickenLighter$6.19
Chicken Club SaladLighter$7.19
Chicken Club Salad – No ChickenOriginal$7.69
Chicken Club SaladOriginal$8.69
Chicken Club Salad – Sub SalmonLighter$9.18
Chicken Club Salad – Sub SalmonOriginal$10.68
Taco SaladLighter$6.29
Taco SaladOriginal$7.79

Specialty Sandwiches

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Asiago Pot RoastHalf$6.99
Asiago Pot RoastRegular$8.99
Asiago Pot Roast (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$8.49
Cuban PressHalf$5.79
Cuban PressRegular$6.79
Cuban Press (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Club RoyaleHalf$6.59
Club RoyaleRegular$7.59
Club Royale (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Deli ClubHalf$6.39
Deli ClubRegular$7.39
Deli Club (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
California ClubHalf$6.59
California ClubRegular$7.59
California Club (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Santa Fe Chicken SandwichLighter$6.29
Santa Fe Chicken SandwichHalf$6.29
Santa Fe Chicken SandwichRegular$7.29
Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Amy’s Turkey-OHalf$4.79
Amy’s Turkey-ORegular$5.79
Amy’s Turkey-O (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
The Papa JoeHalf$6.29
The Papa JoeRegular$7.29
The Papa Joe (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Ranchero WrapLighter$6.19
Ranchero WrapHalf$6.19
Ranchero WrapRegular$7.19
Ranchero Wrap (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Turkey WrapHalf$5.69
Turkey WrapRegular$6.69
Turkey Wrap (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Mediterranean WrapHalf$5.69
Mediterranean WrapRegular$6.69
Mediterranean Wrap (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
MeataBalla (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Smokey Jack PaniniLighter$6.29
Smokey Jack PaniniHalf$6.49
Smokey Jack PaniniRegular$7.49
Smokey Jack Panini (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Chicken PaniniLighter$6.49
Chicken PaniniHalf$6.69
Chicken PaniniRegular$7.69
Chicken Panini (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Tuna MeltHalf$6.29
Tuna MeltRegular$7.29
Tuna Melt (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59

Famous Favorites

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Reuben The GreatLighter$7.99
Reuben The GreatHalf$7.99
Reuben The GreatRegular$9.99
Reuben The Great (Famous Favorites 1/2 Sandwich Special)$8.59
Reuben The Great with PastramiLighter$7.99
Reuben The Great with PastramiHalf$7.99
Reuben The Great with PastramiRegular$9.99
Reuben The Great with Pastrami (Famous Favorites 1/2 Sandwich Special)$8.59
The New York YankeeLighter$8.99
The New York YankeeHalf$8.99
The New York YankeeRegular$10.99
The New York Yankee (Famous Favorites 1/2 Sandwich Special)$8.59
Hot Corned Beef SandwichLighter$6.99
Hot Corned Beef SandwichHalf$6.99
Hot Corned Beef SandwichRegular$8.99
Hot Corned Beef (Famous Favorites 1/2 Sandwich Special)$8.59
Hot Pastrami SandwichLighter$6.99
Hot Pastrami SandwichHalf$6.99
Hot Pastrami SandwichRegular$8.99
Hot Pastrami (Famous Favorites 1/2 Sandwich Special)$8.59
Beefeater (Famous Favorites 1/2 Sandwich Special)$8.59
Wild Salmon-wichHalf$7.49
Wild Salmon-wichRegular$8.49
Wild Salmon-wich (Famous Favorites 1/2 Sandwich Special)$8.59

Build Your Own Sandwiches

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Roast Beef SandwichLighter$5.59
Roast Beef SandwichHalf$5.59
Roast Beef SandwichRegular$6.59
Roast Beef (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Roasted Turkey Breast SandwichLighter$5.59
Roasted Turkey Breast SandwichHalf$5.59
Roasted Turkey Breast SandwichRegular$6.59
Roasted Turkey Breast (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Smoked Turkey Breast SandwichLighter$5.59
Smoked Turkey Breast SandwichHalf$5.59
Smoked Turkey Breast SandwichRegular$6.59
Smoked Turkey Breast (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Premium Ham SandwichLighter$5.59
Premium Ham SandwichHalf$5.59
Premium Ham SandwichRegular$6.59
Premium Ham (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Tuna Salad with Egg SandwichLighter$5.59
Tuna Salad with Egg SandwichHalf$5.59
Tuna Salad with Egg SandwichRegular$6.59
Tuna Salad with Egg (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Chicken Salad with Almonds & Pineapple SandwichLighter$5.59
Chicken Salad with Almonds & Pineapple SandwichHalf$5.59
Chicken Salad with Almonds & Pineapple SandwichRegular$6.59
Chicken Salad with Almonds & Pineapple (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Natural, Grilled Chicken Breast SandwichLighter$5.59
Natural, Grilled Chicken Breast SandwichHalf$5.59
Natural, Grilled Chicken Breast SandwichRegular$6.59
Natural, Grilled Chicken Breast (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Veggie SandwichHalf$5.59
Veggie SandwichRegular$6.59
Veggie Sandwich (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Hot Corned Beef SandwichLighter$6.99
Hot Corned Beef SandwichHalf$6.99
Hot Corned Beef SandwichRegular$8.99
Hot Corned Beef (Famous Favorites 1/2 Sandwich Special)$8.59
Hot Pastrami SandwichLighter$6.99
Hot Pastrami SandwichHalf$6.99
Hot Pastrami SandwichRegular$8.99
Hot Pastrami (Famous Favorites 1/2 Sandwich Special)$8.59

Meatless Eats

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Caprese PaniniHalf$6.29
Caprese PaniniRegular$7.29
Caprese Panini (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Garden Fresh Salad Bar$7.99
Spinach Veggie WrapHalf$5.59
Spinach Veggie WrapRegular$6.59
Spinach Veggie Wrap (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Zucchini GrilliniHalf$5.59
Zucchini GrilliniRegular$6.59
Zucchini Grillini (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Veggie SandwichHalf$5.59
Veggie SandwichRegular$6.59
Veggie Sandwich (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Caprese PaniniHalf$6.29
Caprese PaniniRegular$7.29
Caprese Panini (Manager’s 1/2 Sandwich Special)$7.59
Black Bean Taco SaladLighter$6.29
Black Bean Taco SaladRegular$7.79

Pastas, Potatoes, and More

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Chicken AlfredoLighter – No Chicken$5.59
Chicken AlfredoLighter$6.59
Chicken AlfredoOriginal – No Chicken$6.99
Chicken AlfredoOriginal$7.99
Chicken Pasta PrimoLighter – No Chicken$5.59
Chicken Pasta PrimoLighter$6.59
Chicken Pasta PrimoOriginal – No Chicken$6.99
Chicken Pasta PrimoOriginal$7.99
Penne Pasta & MeatballsLighter$6.49
Penne Pasta & MeatballsOriginal$7.89
Zucchini Garden PastaLighter$6.49
Zucchini Garden PastaOriginal$7.89


MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Ham & Salami MuffalettaWhole$11.99
Roasted Turkey Breast MuffalettaWhole$11.99
Ham & Salami MuffalettaHalf$7.99
Roasted Turkey Breast MuffalettaHalf$7.99
Ham & Salami MuffalettaQuarter$6.29
Roasted Turkey Breast MuffalettaQuarter$6.29
Ham & Salami Muffaletta SpecialQuarter$7.29
Roasted Turkey Breast Muffaletta SpecialQuarter$7.29
Tunaletta SpecialQuarter$7.59

Giant Potatoes

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Pollo MexicanoLighter$6.39
Pollo MexicanoOriginal$7.49
The Plain JaneLighter$6.29
The Plain JaneOriginal$7.39

Fruit & Sides

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Green Chile Potato Salad$1.99
American Potato Salad$1.99
Italian Pasta Salad$1.99
Fresh FruitCup$2.79
Fresh FruitBowl$6.29
Steamed Veggies$1.99
Organic Blue Corn Chips with Homemade Guacamole$2.49
Organic Blue Corn Chips with Homemade Salsa$2.49
Organic Blue Corn Chips with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus$2.49
Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salad$1.99
Quinoa and Kale Super Slaw$1.99
Caprese Pasta Insalata$1.99

Kid’s Menu

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
J.D. Nuggetz4 Pc.$4.29
Grilled Cheese$3.49
Hot Dog$3.49
Peanut Butter & Jelly$3.49
Ham & Cheese$3.99
Turkey & Cheese$3.99
Mac & Cheese$3.49
Pepperoni Pizza$3.49
Cheese Pizza$3.49
Bowtie Pasta & Meatballs$3.99
Bowtie Pasta & Chicken Alfredo$3.99
Kid’s Salad Bar$4.59
Kid’s Baked Potato$3.99


MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Fountain Soda$1.99
Jason’s Water$1.89
Iced Tea (Sweet Or Unsweetened)$1.99
Black Currant Tea$1.99
Fresh-brewed Coffee$1.29
Gingerale, Root Beer, Black Cherry Or Cream SodaBottle$2.19
Sweet Leaf – Citrus Green, Raspberry Or Peach Tea$2.19
Orange Juice$2.49
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper Or Diet Dr. PepperCan$1.29
Iced Tea (Sweet Or Unsweetened)Serves 8-10$9.99
Black Currant TeaServes 8-10$9.99
LemonadeServes 8-10$9.99


MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal Cookie$1.19
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.19
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie$1.19
Sugar Cookie$1.19
Fudge-Nut Brownie$1.39
Strawberry Shortcake$3.29
Classic Cheesecake$3.29
Strawberry-Topped Cheesecake$3.29
Carrot Cake$3.29
Cappuccino Coffee CakeSlice$3.29
Udi’s Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle$1.99

Ways to Save at Jason’s Deli

Here’s a detailed overview of ways to save at Jason’s Deli. To safe money, it all starts with joining Jason’s Deli Rewards Program:

One of the key features of the Jason’s Deli rewards program is the ability to earn points or Deli Dollars Rewards on every purchase. For every dollar you spend at Jason’s Deli, you earn 1 point. These points accumulate and can be redeemed for rewards. When you reach a milestone of 250 points, you’ll receive a $10 reward that you can use on your future purchases at the deli. To redeem your points, you have two options:

a. In-Store: Present the QR code generated in the “Earn” section of the app, or simply tell the cashier the email address or phone number associated with your rewards account at the time of purchase. Your $10 reward will be deducted from your bill.

b. Online or via App: Sign in to your rewards account on the app or website when placing an order. Your points will be automatically applied to your order, and you can redeem your $10 reward.

Jason's Deli Menu Poster

Jason’s Deli Menu Poster.

Birthday Treat: Make sure to add your date of birth to your profile inside the app. This way, Jason’s Deli can send you a $5 off coupon for anything on the menu. You’ve got to use this coupon within 30 days of receiving it before expiring.

Refer and Earn:

  • Share Your Personal Code: Jason’s Deli rewards program encourages you to refer friends and family. You’ll have a personal referral code that you can share with others. When a friend signs up for the program using your code and makes their first purchase, both you and your friend benefit.
  • 15 Extra Points for You: As a thank you for referring a friend, you’ll receive 15 extra points in your rewards account. This means you’ll be getting a little bit closer to hitting the 250 point threshold where you get a $10 reward.
  • Free Large Drink for Your Friend: Your friend, upon signing up with your code, will receive a free large drink as a welcome gift. It’s a win-win situation for both of you.

In the past, Jason’s Deli has been known for its inclusive approach to offering discounts to both seniors and students. For seniors, the restaurant often provided special coupon discounts, such as 10% off their entire meal or a free drink with the purchase of an entree.

free delivery for teachers

Free delivery for Teachers on Friday (select locations).

My last bonus hack is for all the hard-working teachers and educators out there. Did you know Jason’s Deli offers free delivery on Fridays ($20 minimum order) for teachers. That’s right, many locations will bring you lunch for free on Friday’s to avoid those costly delivery fees upcharges through dining apps.

What is in Jason’s Deli Taco Salad?

Jason’s Deli Taco Salad is a delightful and hearty option for those craving a flavorful Tex-Mex twist to their salad experience. Packed with a mix of salad greens and organic blue corn chips, this dish offers a satisfying crunch that perfectly complements the rich and zesty toppings.

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You have two protein options for the main topping of this filling salad: either classic Chili or the Southwest Chicken Chili. The salad is then generously garnished with cheddar cheese, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, and a medley of Southwest spice. To complete this Tex-Mex masterpiece, it is served with salsa on the side. With the choice of a Lighter version priced at $6.29 or the heartier Original version at $7.79, Jason’s Deli Taco Salad offers a budget-friendly yet mouthwatering option for those looking for a satisfying meal.

What is in the California Club?

The California Club on of the most popular sandwiches on the menu. It features roasted turkey breast, crispy bacon, Swiss cheese, creamy guacamole, fresh tomato slices, and organic field greens, all generously spread with mayo, and served on a toasted croissant.

To make it a complete meal, you can choose one side from a selection that includes fresh fruit, steamed veggies, baked chips, or organic blue corn chips with salsa. Whether you opt for the half ($6.59) or regular size ($7.59), the California Club is West Coast inspired twist on the classic club sandwich.

Does Jason’s Deli Offer a Salad Bar?

Jason’s Deli does indeed offer a Garden Fresh Salad Bar as part of their menu options. This salad bar features select organic items, dozens of toppings like green olives, grape tomatoes, roasted corn, black beans, croutons, broccoli, carrots, bacon bits, nuts, onions, sweet peppers, cheeses, fresh-made sides, and their famous mini muffins. Of course there’s a variety of dressings including Ranch and Italian available. Customers can customize their salads with a variety of options to suit their tastes and dietary preferences on this all-you-can eat salad bar.

The cost of the Garden Fresh Salad Bar at Jason’s Deli is $7.99. For younger diners, the Kid’s Salad Bar available at the lower price of $4.59.

Jason's Deli salad bar

This salad bar is all you can eat.

Does Jason’s Deli Have Fruit Options?

Jason’s Deli has surprisingly high-quality fruit options for a deli. Why? The founder, Joe Tortorice Jr., had a childhood deeply influenced by his father’s grocery store, Fruitland. In 1976, Joe Tortorice Jr. opened the first Jason’s Deli, and he carried with him the principles learned from his father. Central to these principles was the importance of providing customers with the very best, including fresh and delicious fruit options.

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One of the distinctive features of Jason’s Deli’s commitment to fresh fruit is the meticulous process they follow. Every day, in every deli location, they hand-slice whole pineapples and carefully selecting grapes and strawberries. This hands-on approach ensures that the fruit served is of the highest quality, retaining its natural freshness and flavor.

Jason’s Deli offers a delightful selection of fresh fruit options on their menu. Customers can enjoy the following choices:

1. Mixed, Seasonal Fruit: This option typically includes a variety of seasonal fruits such as pineapple, grapes, and strawberries. The assortment may vary depending on the availability of fruits at the time.

2. Creamy Fruit Dip: Jason’s Deli serves a creamy fruit dip. This dip adds a delightful sweetness and creaminess to the fruit, making it even more enjoyable to indulge in.

Customers can order these fresh fruit options in either a cup or a bowl:

  • Fresh Fruit Cup. Priced at $2.79, the Fresh Fruit Cup is a smaller portion suitable for a quick snack or a side dish.
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl. The Fresh Fruit Bowl, priced at $6.29, offers a more substantial portion of fresh fruit.

Does Jason’s Deli use MSG?

Jason’s Deli is committed to providing customers with healthier dining options. In 2008, the chain took a significant step towards improving the nutritional quality of their menu by removing artificial MSG and with the exception of a few fountain drinks, eliminated all high-fructose corn syrup from their food.

This initiative aligns with their dedication to transparency and making informed choices about the ingredients they use. As a result, customers concerned about the presence of MSG in their meals can rest assured that Jason’s Deli does not add MSG to enhance flavor.

Jason's Deli manager's special

Ask about the Manager’s Special at Jason’s Deli.

Where is Jason’s Deli Located? 

Jason’s Deli was founded in 1976 in Beaumont, Texas. The company has grown rapidly in recent years, expanding to more than 270 locations in 28 states. But as you can see from the list below, Texas is a stronghold for this deli. The top states with the most Jason’s Deli locations are:

  • Texas (111)
  • North Carolina (15)
  • Florida (14)
  • Georgia (13)
  • Illinois (12)
  • Ohio (12)
  • Oklahoma (11)
  • Pennsylvania (11)
  • Tennessee (10)
  • Virginia (10)

What are the hours of operation?

The hours of operation for Jason’s Deli vary depending on the location, but here are the standard hours of operation:

  • Monday–Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday–Saturday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Whether you’re planning a quick lunch or grabbing takeout, I hope this guide has answered your most pressing questions about Jason’s Deli.

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