When it comes to bagels, Einstein Bros Bagels offers a wide range of flavors and cream cheese flavors or Shmears to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of classic plain, everything, or sesame bagels, or you prefer more unique options like asiago cheese, cinnamon raisin, or blueberry, Einstein Bros Bagels has your back.

Here are the prices for everything Einstein Bros Bagels menu in 2023. I also share the delicious list of Shmear flavor options and smart ways to save on each visit including an Unlimited Free Coffee offer.


MenuSize / QuantityPrice

Bagel Boxes

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Baker’s Dozen Box$14.99
Half Dozen Box$8.99
Extra Smaher$2.99


MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Egg Sandwiches$4.49
Egg Sandwiches with Cheese Only$4.99
Egg Paninis$5.99
Egg Wraps$4.99
Nova Lox & Bagel$6.99
Thintastic Eggwhites$4.99


MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Hot Paninis$7.49
Bagel Melts with Turkey & Cheddar$6.49
Bagel Melts with Pepperoni Pizza$5.49
Bagel Melts with Cheese Pizza$5.99

Hot, Iced or Frozen (Signature)

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Chai Tea LatteMedium$3.99
Chai Tea LatteLarge$3.49

Hot, Iced or Frozen (Neighborhood)

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Fresh-Brewed CoffeeRegular$1.99
Fresh-Brewed CoffeeMedium$1.49
Fresh-Brewed CoffeeLarge$2.99
Iced CoffeeRegular$1.99
Iced CoffeeMedium$1.49
Iced CoffeeLarge$2.99
Green TeaMedium$1.49
Green TeaLarge$2.99
Hot ChocolateRegular$1.99
Hot ChocolateMedium$1.49
Hot ChocolateLarge$2.99
Real Fruit SmoothiesMedium$3.99
Fountain & Iced TeaMedium$1.49
Fountain & Iced TeaLarge$2.99

Smart Choices

MenuSize / QuantityPrice
Thintastic Eggwhites$4.99
Thintastic Lunch$5.49
Greek Yogurt Parfaits$2.99

Ways to Save Money at Einstein Bros Bagels

Bagel and a coffee.

Here are my favorite ways to save money and get the best possible deals at Einstein Bros Bagels:

Shmear Society Rewards Program

The Shmear Society Rewards program is a great way to save money at Einstein Bros Bagels. By signing up for free, you can earn points on your purchases and redeem them for various rewards. Here’s how it works:

  • Free Bagel & Cream Cheese: You get a signup bonus of Free Bagel and Cream Cheese coupon when you enroll in the loyalty program.
  • Points Accumulation: You earn 2 points for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases. You can earn points that can be used toward free food items. You can redeem these points for free bagels, sandwiches, or coffee.
  • Birthday Reward: On your birthday, you’ll receive a coupon for a free egg sandwich. Looks like birthday breakfast is on Einstein Bros Bagels this year.
  • Exclusive Offers: Members of the Shmear Society also receive exclusive offers, promotions, and sneak peeks at new menu items.

Unlimited Free Coffee Offer 

How does unlimited free coffee at Einstein Bros Bagels sound next month? When you sign up for the Shmear Society loyalty program and make a purchase this month, you’ll be eligible to get any size of hot or iced coffee next month for free when you make a purchase in the app. This reward valued at $3 daily according to the bagel chain.

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To qualify, members must place one or more orders in a month to earn the reward for the following month. Orders can be placed via the app, online, or in-bakery. Catering and third-party delivery orders don’t qualify. Only one reward can be redeemed per order and can’t be combined with other discounts. Still, this offer could be valued at $93 total depending on the number of days in the month.

To redeem, members must sign into their Rewards account, go to ‘My Rewards’, and select the “Unlimited Free Hot or Iced Coffee with Purchase” to claim this offer.

Discounted Gift Cards

You can regularly buy Einstein Bros Bagels gift cards at a discounted price. is by purchasing discounted gift cards. For example if you’re a member of Costco, you can get 5 $10 gift cards for only $39.99. This represents a discount of roughly 20%.

You can also keep tabs on this page for e-gift card discounts where you can regularly claim limited time discounts of 20%. The bagel chain has regularly offered these discounts around Father’s Day and Mother’s Day celebrations.

Eistein Bros menu poster

Eistein Bros menu poster.

Weekly Deals and Specials

Einstein Bros Bagels frequently introduces weekly deals and specials. These can include discounted prices on specific menu items, limited-time promotions, or even buy-one-get-one-free offers. Stay informed by visiting their website or subscribing to their newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out on any savings opportunities.

Is Einstein Bros. Bagels owned by Panera?

Panera Bread, Caribou Coffee, and Einstein Bros. Bagels have joined forces to create a mega-brand called “Panera Brands.” This gives the concept a footprint of more than 4,000 locations across 10 countries.

The mastermind behind this? JAB Holding Co. is a conglomerate that’s been on an acquisition spree in recent years, buying up a number of major food and beverage brands. The company’s strategy is to acquire strong brands that it can that can be grown.

JAB Holding Co. understands how to increase revenues and innovate with food concepts. For example, Panera’s recent innovations like their coffee subscription have been game-changers. Caribou Coffee’s global presence and Einstein’s diverse bagel brands make this trio a potential powerhouse. It will be fascinating to see what marketing strategies and menu updates come out of this partnership.

And guess what? JAB also owns other faves like Krispy Kreme.

Outside an Einstein Bros Bagels location.

Are Einstein bagels boiled or baked?

How Do You Bagel?

Einstein Bagels are both boiled and baked as part of their traditional bagel-making process. The first step involves boiling the bagels in water with added ingredients such as malt syrup or honey. This brief boiling period helps achieve the desired chewiness and texture of the bagels.

The bagels are then transferred to the baking stage, where they are placed in the oven and baked at a high temperature. Baking gives the bagels their final crust and cooks the interior to perfection. The combination of boiling and baking is essential in creating the distinctive flavor and texture that Einstein Bagels are famous for.

What is the Shmear at Einstein Bros?

Jalapeno Salsa Shmear anyone?

The “Shmear” is a term used by Einstein Bros Bagels to refer to the bagel shops signature cream cheese spreads. The shmear at Einstein Bros is made from a combination of cream cheese, butter, and additional ingredients like strawberry or honey almond. Here are some examples of commonly offered shmear flavors:

  1. Plain – The classic and simple choice, featuring a smooth and creamy texture with the rich flavor of cream cheese.
  2. Reduced Fat – A lighter option that has a lower fat content while still maintaining a creamy taste.
  3. Honey Almond – This shmear combines the sweetness of honey with the nutty flavor of almonds. This one is my personal favorite.
  4. Garlic and Herb – A savory option featuring the bold taste of garlic, combined with a medley of herbs like parsley, dill, and chives.
  5. Onion and Chive – This shmear offers a tangy and savory experience with the distinctive flavors of onions and chives.
  6. Veggie – A popular choice for those looking for a refreshing and slightly crunchy shmear, it typically contains finely chopped vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, and celery, mixed with cream cheese.
  7. Jalapeño Salsa – A spicy and zesty option, combining the spiciness of jalapeños with a hint of tangy salsa flavor.
  8. Smoked Salmon – This shmear is made with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and various seasonings. This spread provides a rich, smoky, and slightly salty taste.
  9. Strawberry – A sweet and fruity option, ideal for those who enjoy a hint of sweetness with their bagels.

Does Einstein Bros have a Vegan Menu?

Einstein Bros Bagels offers a range of vegan options on their menu to accommodate individuals following a vegan diet.

Vegan Breakfast & Lunch Options:

  • Avocado Toast: Avocado spread with Everything Spice Mix on a plain bagel.
  • Avocado Veg Out Sandwich: Features tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, spinach, lettuce, and avocado spread on a sesame bagel. (Avoid the Garden Veggie Shmear).
  • Garden Avocado Sandwich: An Everything Bagel with avocado, tomato, and spinach (order without eggs and Roasted Tomato Shmear).

Hash Browns: Hash browns are typically made from shredded potatoes and they are typically cooked with vegetable oil, salt, and other seasonings. These ingredients are vegan.

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Is the Garden Veggie Shmear vegan? No. This shmear contains milk so the product is not vegan. Likely some of the misunderstanding about this product likely because it references “veggie” in the name. But steer clear of this item if you’re following a vegan diet.

Vegan Bagels:

  • Classic: Onion, Plain, Sesame Seed.
  • Signature: Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Raisin, Cranberry, Everything, French Toast, Garlic, Poppyseed, Potato, Pretzel, Pumpernickel.

Dairy-Free Spreads:

  • Avocado Spread, Natural Peanut Butter, Natural Strawberry Jelly.

Vegan Toppings:

  • Avocado, Arugula, Capers, Cucumber, Green Leaf Lettuce, Red Onion, Spinach, Tomato.

Plant-Based Sides:

  • Barbeque Kettle Chips, Fruit Cup, Original Kettle Chips, Pickle Spear.

Dairy-Free Coffee:

  • Almond milk is available for both iced and hot coffee, as well as specialty espresso drinks.

To ensure that your dietary needs are met, it is always recommended to ask the staff about vegan options.

Does Costco sell Einstein bagels?

Costco does not regularly sell Einstein Bagels in their stores any longer. You can get Kirkland Signature Bagels that are made fresh in the in-store bakery instead.

What time does Einstein Bros stop selling breakfast?

breakFASTER with Einstein Bros. Bagels.

The time that Einstein Bros stops selling breakfast varies by location. However, most locations stop selling breakfast at 2:00 PM. There are a few locations that stop selling breakfast earlier like airports.

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