Early vending machines have been around since the 1880s and gradually evolved into a $2.6 billion dollar global industry. The industry began selling postcards on train station platforms in the United Kingdom, but is most well known today for dispensing pre-packaged beverages and snacks.

In the United States, vending machines are a lucrative sales channel in airports, train stations, and bus stations. As you already know, vending machines work around the clock, never complain, or ask for a raise so this can be an appealing business to own from an operational standpoint.

While placement in a high-traffic area will always be the most important factor for success in this business there are other improvements you can make to increase sales over a collection of vending units. One way is to feature eye-catching marketing slogans, taglines, and even hash-tags on vending machines to capture the curiosity of prospective customers. These are our favorite slogan ideas organized by category for a vending machine business.

Vending Machine Marketing Slogans

Vintage Coca-Cola vending machine.

  • America’s best vending machine providers
  • Arizona’s only real “Full Service” distributorship.
  • We’re here when you can’t wait for lunch.
  • You aren’t happy when you’re hungry.
  • Your partner for a middle of the day pick me up.
  • Bad breath? We offer breath freshening gum and mints.
  • Bringing vending to your business.
  • Quench your thirst right now!
  • Organic snack options that make you feel good.
  • Your partner in snacking.
  • More than 50 Snack Options Under $2.00.
  • Always open for you.
  • Sweet treats, candy bars, chips, and more in one store.
  • Change is inevitable, even from our vending machines.
  • Happy belly at the push of a button.
  • Convenience at your fingertips
  • For the best in quality vending.
  • For the Golden Age of vending services
  • Manufactures of custom designed vending machines.

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  • Nationwide Distributors of Coin Operated Equipment Since…
  • Next generation vending for this generation.
  • Offering Quality Vending services since 1955.
  • Refreshment solutions to quench your thirst.
  • Serving The Vending Industry for Over XX Years!
  • Sublime refreshment at your fingertips.
  • We accept payments with cash and credit card.
  • Don’t drive for high-quality coffee. Get it here!
  • The Red Eye Vending Diner.
  • The best in automated food vending services.
  • The perfect choice for your vending solutions.
  • Top-quality vending machines for better sales.
  • We can vend anything your heart desires, as long as it’s food and drink.
  • We serve it, because you deserve it.
  • Recharge with an energy drink.
  • Ice cold refreshment is served here.

Funny Vending Machine Taglines

Soda machine in the middle of nowhere.

Vending machine taglines don’t need to be boring. This is a business model that doesn’t need to take itself too seriously. After all, the main work associated with operating the business is maintaining and restocking supplies.

  • Because the drug store is not open 24/7.
  • Everyone hates change. Everyone loves candy bars.
  • Because vending is the best way to buy…
  • Freedom. Liberty. Better Vending Machines.
  • Giving you exactly what you need, even if it is not always what you wanted.
  • Here when you need us, and when you don’t.
  • Making vending an art form in today’s world.
  • Pop in a coin and take away a snack.
  • To sell, it needs to be seen.
  • Vending anything. Well, ALMOST anything…
  • Vending machines are for life, not just snacks!
  • Vending robots to make you happy
  • Vending snacks to the masses for money
  • We are lean, mean, dunkin machines.
  • We bring good things to vending machines.
  • Reinvest those quarters into your belly.
  • We vend so you don’t have to.
  • We vend, you buy. That’s the way it goes.
  • When you need what only we can give…
  • You bring the customers, we’ll bring the machines
  • You slip it in, we’ll pop it out!
  • You’ve got coins, we’ve got snacks.

Vending Machine Captions for Social Media

Vending machines can sell small novelty items like toys.

Try these vending captions and hash-tags for if you plan to market the business on social media websites like Instagram or Facebook.

  • #automatedretail
  • #coffeetime
  • #conveniencestore
  • #everythinghastoberighteous
  • #Instacandy just for you
  • #inthedarknessvendingmachinesgivelight
  • #omgvending
  • #smartvending
  • #thefutureishere
  • #thefutureofretail
  • #thelightinthedarkofnight
  • #thevendboxlife
  • #thischangeseverything
  • #touchscreenvendingmachine
  • #unattendedretail
  • #Vendingfor the masses
  • #vendingmachinelife
  • #vendingmachineseverywhere
  • #vendingmachinesnacks
  • Vending Instagram “Likes” to boost your ratings

Vending Machine Quotes

Read all about it.

Vending machines have been around for about 150 years so quotes from famous people, celebrities, and even politicians are available. Here are the best quotes we could dig up on this subject.

  • “Bragging that you had sex with a prostitute is like bragging that you got coffee out of a vending machine.”
  • “Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.”
  • “I like it when you reach into a vending machine to grab your candy bar, and that flap goes up to block you from reaching up? That’s a good invention.”
  • “I like vending machines, because snacks are better when they fall.”
  • “I turned around and headed back to the stairwell, planning to go downstairs and buy a chocolate bar from the vending machine.”
  • “I want to get a vending machine, with fun sized