Soup is considered as an ideal comfort food. Feeling cold? Drink soup. Feeling sick? Cook up some chicken noodle soup as a home remedy. Looking for an easy to prepare meal that’s ready to eat in less than five minutes? Heat up some chowder in the microwave. Whatever the situation, soup is a simple to prepare, affordable meal.

But soup is more than just comfort food. It’s a big business opportunity as well. According to industry research, Campbell’s Chunky alone sells more than $397 million in the United States annually with 48% of the population eating the meal with dinner regularly.

Soup can be sold in a variety of ways including piping hot bowls at a small restaurant or entering the specialty food business with dry packed soups in cans, wet packaged soups ready-to-heat in a microwave, or frozen. You could even start an online store. But first you need a catchy name that helps your brand stand out from the entrenched competition. Below are soup business name ideas that will have customers asking for one more bowl.

Soup Business Name Ideas


There are many kinds of soup. There are thick, rich soups with cream and potatoes such as chowder. There are also light and clear soups using broth in Vietnamese Pho. Choose from the name suggestions that best suits your style below.

Market Research: 55 Disruptive Soup Industry Statistics and Market Data

  • Soup Base
  • Chowder Queen
  • Soup-er Moms
  • The Wooden Spoon
  • Big Bowls
  • Liquid Gold
  • Cave Man Soups
  • Raw Soup Company
  • Pat’s Keto Soup
  • Prepper’s Soup Group
  • Soul Food
  • Heart Warmers
  • Soup Etc.
  • The Big Ladle
  • Survival Soups
  • Tasty Thai Soup Company
  • Congee and Friends
  • Today’s Specials
  • Mary’s Vegan Soups
  • Chowder Monster
  • Heaven’s Broth
  • Chicken Soup and More
  • The Good Soup
  • Soups Unlimited
  • Everything Gumbo
  • Heat Then Eat
  • Oishi Ramen
  • Let’s Go Pho
  • Chowder Brothers
  • Pot Secrets
  • Magic Broth
  • Simply Stewed
  • Bowlful Bliss
  • Taste of India Soup Co.
  • Soup and Co.
  • Onion Soup Dudes
  • Friendly Soup Company
  • Soups and More
  • Chowder Bonanza
  • Souptopia
  • Nice Chicken Noodle
  • Organic Broth Group
  • Midwest Momma Soups
  • Bad Ass Broths
  • Chowder Mania
  • Spoonful
  • Sip and Repeat
  • Souptastic!
  • The Giant Pot
  • Soup Haven
  • Soup Escape
  • Belly Full
  • The Light Meal
  • Healthy Bowls
  • In The Name of Soup
  • Home Test Kitchen
  • Chowder Guys
  • Subzero Soup Makers
  • Slurp!
  • Dig In!
  • Egg Drop Soup Sisters
  • Humble Beginnings
  • Stew Me Up
  • Old World Italian Weddings
  • Mad Bowls
  • Hot Pot
  • The Soup Expert
  • Soup and You

Soup Restaurant Name Ideas

A bowl of Vietnamese soup.

Soup restaurants are like a sanctuary for people who are looking for some homemade comfort food. They also allow you to provide a quick meal to customers without being in the high-calorie fast food segment. Here are a few soup restaurant name suggestions to consider.

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  • The Barracks
  • The Gumbo Palace
  • Grandma’s Kitchen
  • Soupefied
  • The Pho House
  • Soup Express
  • Soup Central
  • Sip and Slurp
  • Soup Out
  • The Neighborhood Kettle
  • The Soup Club
  • Chowder Lover
  • Soup 101
  • Soup King
  • Crazy Soups
  • Pho 87
  • Soup Your Way
  • Noodles and Soup
  • Soup Everyday
  • Chowder Dreams
  • Bowl O’ Soup
  • Flame On
  • The Pho Company
  • Homemade Bowls
  • Chowder Parlor
  • Pho To Go
  • The Ramen House
  • Dragon’s Den
  • The Soup Group
  • Camp Chowder
  • Soup Delights
  • Kelly’s Comfort Eats
  • Soup For The Soul
  • House of Soup
  • Hot Pot Lovers
  • The Congee Hub
  • The Little Soup House
  • Bread Bowls
  • Hearty Bowls
  • Legendary Soups
  • Stew For You
  • Miss Bouillabaisse
  • Savory Soups
  • Bowls of Love
  • Sinful Soups
  • Wisconsin Steamy Bowls
  • Our Daily Bowl
  • Good Guk (Guk in Korean is soup)
  • The Soup Project
  • Souperior Bowls
  • The Boston Soup and Sandwich
  • The Lite Luncheon

Funny Soup Name Ideas

Soup equals love.

Funny soup names make for a great conversational piece and are a stark contrast to the traditional soup isle at your grocer. You can use a humorous brand name to draw people in, but make sure your product tastes exceptional or you won’t get a repeat sales.

  • Soups R Up
  • Leaky Cauldron
  • Filled To The Brim
  • Sit and Slurp
  • Pumpkin Soup Paradise
  • The Soup Fix
  • Addicted to Broth
  • Soupy Sisters
  • Droop Soup
  • Sinister Soup Co.
  • Pho Fighter
  • Little Shop of Chowders
  • My Little Congee
  • Super Bowl
  • Pho Real
  • Soup Dee Doo
  • The Asian Spoon
  • Soup O’clock
  • Mister Soupy
  • Stirred
  • Chowderama
  • Stock Market
  • Starters
  • Bone Broth Wonders
  • Purely Soup
  • Cozy Food
  • Cuppa
  • Soupernatural
  • The Soup Company
  • Got Soup?
  • Spoonful of Love
  • Chowder Master
  • Stock Up
  • Souperb!
  • Feast on Soup
  • The Cure
  • Soup Junkie
  • The Soup Garden
  • Ramen Again
  • Pho Keeps
  • Congee Auntie
  • World Famous Hot Pot
  • Soup Solutions
  • Chowder Power
  • Chowder Please!
  • Sunny Soups
  • Everybody Wants Soup
  • Mean Soups
  • More Than Just Broth
  • Amazing Chowders
  • Noodle Soup Madness
  • Soup ‘N Toast
  • Wild Soups
  • Soup Anytime

Names for Soup Kitchens

pumpkin soup

A seasonal soup.

Soup kitchens are known for serving free or affordable food to the less fortunate. These are inspiring organizations that aid those in need or folks who have fallen on hard times. Below are some of the best name ideas for soup kitchens we could find.

  • The Porridge Storage
  • The Simple Gift
  • Blessed Meals
  • Warm Hearts Soup Kitchen
  • Master Soup Kitchen
  • The Soup Corner
  • Chowder House
  • Soup Hut
  • Broth Shack
  • The Soup Room
  • Aunties’ Kitchen
  • The Soup Community
  • From My Kitchen
  • Countertop Magic
  • Soup Nook
  • Man Cave
  • Chowder Space
  • Broth Cove
  • The Big Kitchen
  • Happy Soup Kitchen
  • Hot Zone
  • The Soup Department
  • The Chef’s Table
  • The Humble Scullery
  • The Happy Place
  • The Soup Pantry
  • Kitchen Wonderland
  • Center Stage
  • Chowder Kingdom
  • Broth Heaven
  • Steamy Space
  • The Soup Helpers
  • Pick Up A Bowl
  • Helping Hands
  • Little Helpers
  • Share A Bowl Project
  • One Pot For All
  • Belly Satisfied
  • Definitely Soup
  • The Room Where Soup Happens
  • Soup For All
  • Full Circle
  • The Round Table
  • Kitchen Flame
  • Inspired Helpers
  • The Common Area
  • Soup Gods At Work
  • Chowder Craft
  • The Soup Crew
  • Soup Meals To Go

List of Catchy Soup Slogans

Pair your business names with a catchy soup slogan. Here are some you can use:

  • Let our soups stir your soul.
  • A bowl filled with love.
  • A spoonful of lovin’.
  • Family secret recipes in a bowl.
  • Delicious soup for the soul.
  • Chowder for that extra power for the day.
  • It’s so good you can’t help but to have our soup everyday.
  • Gatherings call for homemade soup.
  • Will warm your heart and soul.
  • Soup today, soup tomorrow.
  • Every day is chicken noodle soup day.
  • You don’t need to get sick to have soup.
  • Soup is Life in Winter

Overview of the Soup Industry

global soup

Soup is enjoyed around the world.

Soup is one of the first foods we enjoy as children. We’ve probably had it first when we were babies past our sixth month where our parents or guardians would start us off on some pureed soup that’s easy to digest and swallow. Later in life the meal becomes a familiar comfort food when we’re sick. So in a way, soup is with us through every stage of life.

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Though soup is simple to whip up, it has also evolved to accommodate the busy lives of many. Soup can now be bought in cans or packed dry wherein you can reheat it in a pot or just add water. Soup is also a lifesaver when it comes to packing for emergencies such as stocking for typhoons that soup manufacturers have made it more convenient to open without having to use a can opener. You can store canned soups in your pantry or garage for years without the product going bad.

In 2018, the soup market size was valued at $16.1 billion United States dollars globally. Sales are expected to rise due to the public becoming more aware of eating healthily and soups can be lighter compared to solid meals. Even some canned soups contain healthy nutrients although one should watch out for their sodium content.

During the early stage of the global pandemic this industry saw rapid spike in sales due to the long shelve life of the product. Soup can also be warmed up and served in a survival situation with little more than a small fire. This make’s it the ideal item for preppers who want to be prepared for power outages or natural disasters. In fact, we think creating a specialty soup brand that caters to this segment of the population could be a fantastic business opportunity.

The future is attracted to everything convenient and soups, especially instant noodles, are making their way to every household. If you’re having doubts about putting up a soup business plan be sure to download our food business model canvas for free. This tool will help you start a food company the smart way. With the right name, a business plan, and a delicious tasting menu, your soup business has all the right ingredients to become a profitable venture.

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