Need help naming your homemade food business? No matter if you’re selling artisan pickles, fresh-baked cookies or peanut butter smashed with your own hands we’re here to help.

We’ve organized a list of 57 name ideas ideal for small cottage food businesses like yours. In this list we’ve outlined titles that are proven to help you sell more whether you’re planning to sell to friends and family members or try the local farmer’s market. We’ve also compiled names to avoid and best practices to inspire your own budding food brand. Let’s do this!

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Homemade Sandwich Spread Canned and Labeled.

Good Names

These examples are generated using time-tested approaches to title a business. At a high-level, each of these names embraces being small and local.

Consumers will naturally associate local with being small-batch, artisan, and exclusive. Each of these are characteristics of a winning small food brand.

  • Ruthie’s Artisan Chocolates
  • Charlie’s Kitchen
  • Grandmother’s Mixer
  • Momma’s Home Cooked Delights
  • From the Farm
  • Dad’s Backwoods Jerky
  • Small Batch Breads
  • Marshall County Spreads
  • The Backyard Garden
  • Johnson’s Veggie Farm
  • Homegrown Salsa Co.
  • Homespun Jelly and Jam
  • Neighbors Canned Goods
  • Community Baker’s Group
  • Jimmie’s Kettle Corn
  • Good Friends Table
  • Pioneer Cookies
  • Boston Hot Sauce
  • Maggie’s Fine Mustards
  • Carlito’s Gourmet Ketchup
  • Auntie’s Bake Sale
  • Sisters Brownies
  • Homespun Tortilla’s
  • Grandaddy’s Famous Pickles
  • Two Rivers Granola Bars
  • Nighttime Canning Collective
  • My Mom’s Chicken Soup
  • Larry’s Homemade Carmel Corn
  • Family Recipe Foods
  • Cathy’s Custom Cakes and Pies
  • Local Casserole
  • Family Secret Recipe
  • Small Town Syrups
  • Pete’s Brittles and Fudge
  • Generations Rhubarb Sauce
  • Fertile Harvest
  • Papa’s Trail Mix
  • Riverside County Spice Co.
  • Billy’s Rib Rub
  • Sally’s Seasonings
  • Mountain Range Nuts and Berrys
  • Park City Marmalade
  • The Flavor of Home
  • Rangeland Fruits
  • Family Farm Produce
  • Small-Batch Corn Tortillas
  • Brother’s Butters and Spreads

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Bad Names

Cookies like this are a popular cottage food business option.

Here are a few names to avoid at all costs. While it can be tempting to be clever with your small food business name, sarcasm and humor usually don’t resonate across a wide swatch of demographics. As a result, steer clear of the following:

  • My Personal Test Kitchen
  • Science Experiment
  • My Messy Kitchen
  • DIY Cakes
  • First Time Chef
  • Day Old Baker
  • Leftover Cupcakes
  • Dave’s Funeral Biscuits
  • The Spoiled Chef
  • Terrible Bakers Co.

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Tips to Inspire a Winning Name

courtney mckamey
Many food businesses start from the home.

Good news. Since you’re coming up with a name for a hobby food business, you don’t need to stress out too much about big questions like the longterm vision for the company. At this point you don’t need to worry about getting into retail or figuring out how to scale the business into larger markets either.

If the goal is to stay small, make a few bucks on the side, and share food you love making, don’t become paralyzed by the company name. In many cases, hobby businesses like this will sell direct to friends, coworkers, and perhaps the occasional craft fare or famers market. Your product will be purchased because people already know you or want to try something new that can’t be bought elsewhere.

In some cases, small producers like this don’t even need to come up with a formal business name. You can operate these businesses using your own name assuming you adhere to all of the cottage food laws of your state.

One big piece of advice when naming a homemade food business is to embrace being small. Everyone that’s visiting a farmer’s market, checking out a county fair, or buying direct is choosing you because you’re a small-batch producer.

People visit a farmer’s market with the intent of supporting small-batch producers. They want their dollars to support local businesses just like you. Don’t fall into the trap of developing a brand name that makes you look bigger than you really are. In this case, small is good.

Just because you start small, doesn’t mean you need to stay small.

You’ll notice our “good names” list above follows this advice. All the examples published here establish the brand as local and hand made. There are three time-tested approaches used in these examples:

  • Name: By utilizing your own name or someone else’s, you suggest that something is small batch and made by a craftsman.
  • Heritage: You can using descriptive words like Grandma, Mom, Brother, or Father to establish that the recipe has been passed down for generations.
  • Location: Listing the name of your city, county or some famous landmark is another effective way to establish your brand as one of a kind.

We hope this guide has helped inspire you to come up with a winning name for your homemade food business. We can’t wait to see what you cook up!

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