Building an Instagram or other social media account that shares compelling imagery and videos of food is one of the most popular categories of account online. After all, there’s nobody that doesn’t appreciate a good meal. And in the current environment, people are spending more time than ever researching how to prepare gourmet meals at home.

But coming up with the right name for your Instagram account isn’t always easy. Most of the broad words will already be claimed by other users. The name also needs to be catchy, on brand with the type of food content you’re posting, and short enough to adhere to Instagrams naming requirements.


Look what I found!

Well, we’re here to tell you to relax because we did the thinking for you. Here are 137 unique food Instagram username and handle name ideas you can browse and model for your own account. By the end of this list, you’ll have a name you’ll like so you can start posting content for your new food blog and gather in followers at once!

Pro Tip!

Before you scroll through the names listed below, keep in mind that Instagram and other social media accounts do not use spaces on their usernames and handles. You can use periods and underscores if you wish to put a space between the names or you can just type it out as one word.

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Underscores may also be placed before and after a word. Don’t be disappointed if you find the name already taken and unavailable once you sign up for your social media page. With the help of periods and underscores, you may get the name you want.

We also suggest building a list of other social media pages that you like to see what’s working now. Here’s a list of 40 Food Instagram Accounts you should follow for cooking tips according to to kick start the research process.

Food Instagram Name Ideas

Published on Instagram.

Posting food photos and videos on social media, especially on Instagram, is very popular. People visit social media for recipe ideas based on what others are sharing. This can be particularly effective if you’re able to build an audience around a certain food niche or diet like Keto or Gluten-Free. This approach ensures that you’re building a following around folks with a specific lifestyle and dietary needs.

Here are some catchy food Instagram name ideas that can work for just about any food account.

  • Chow Down
  • Spiced Up
  • Nom Noms
  • My Favorite Diet
  • Fabulous Food
  • Meat In Between
  • The Food Icon
  • The Food Directory
  • Taste The World
  • Ooey Gooey
  • Food Haven
  • Burp in Boston
  • All-Night Bites
  • Mouthilicious
  • Cup Of Yum
  • All Things Butter
  • Chew Me
  • Pig Out
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Classic Eats
  • Food Surfin
  • Chef’s Apron
  • Foodfull
  • The Food Spot
  • Starch
  • Loaded Eats
  • Knifed
  • Married To The Cuisine
  • Food Reel
  • The Fry Guys
  • The Food Gang
  • Breakfast Trip
  • Pasta Wonderland
  • Food Intermission
  • Burst of Flavors
  • Your Daily Bread
  • Devoured
  • Grub Love
  • High Tea
  • Feast For The Eyes
  • Finding the Buffet
  • Boodle Fight
  • Chow Street
  • Savory Treats
  • Food Treks
  • Will Travel for Food
  • Knockout Nuggets
  • Freaky Food List
  • Momma’s Weekend Meals

Indian Food Page Name Ideas for Instagram

indian spices

Appealing photo of Indian spices.

Indian cuisine is a food group that’s ideal for sharing on social media. There’s endless flexibility with Indian food, as it can be spicy, vegetarian, or made into a fusion dish by being inserted into a taco. The seasonings and look of these meals also lend themselves nicely to social media sharing. The names listed below mention specific Indian dishes which can be helpful if you have a food Instagram page dedicated to Indian cuisine.

  • The Curry Guru
  • Masala Bonanza
  • Naan Etc.
  • Kebabs and More
  • Samosarama
  • Curry Wonders
  • Saffron Fantasies
  • Delicious India
  • Level Spicy
  • Indian Food 101
  • With Chutney
  • Closer To India
  • Morning to Naan
  • North Indian Food Blogger
  • South Indian Food Photos

Vegan Inspired Handle Ideas

Vegan cookies anyone?

Veganism is more than just a diet. It’s considered a lifestyle. Vegan food is different from just being vegetarian wherein vegans do not eat animal products and are concerned where their food comes from and how it arrives on their table.

Looking to put up a vegan Instagram food account? Take your pick from this list of names:

  • The Vegan Center
  • The Wholesome Eater
  • Beyond Eating
  • Pure Sustenance
  • Vegan Nourishment
  • Vegetables And Beyond
  • Tempehtation
  • Becoming Vegan
  • Deliciously Clean
  • Everyday Grains
  • Veg Eatables
  • Nature First
  • Vegan Blooded
  • Change of Lifestyle
  • Plant Based
  • The Vegan Hour
  • Clean Green Tummy
  • Vegan In Session
  • Green Super Foods
  • Thoughtful Eater
  • Strictly Clean Diet
  • Of Roots And Crops
  • Things Tofu Can Do
  • Green Replacement
  • The Vegan Palate
  • Mouthwateringly Vegan
  • Flavorful Greens
  • Heaven On This Earth
  • The Green Food Stuff
  • Fruits, Nuts, and More
  • Hearty Veganism
  • Green Fiber Fighters
  • Vegantopia
  • Vegan-abled
  • Physically Vegan Fit

Healthy Food Names


Look at all those greens!

Planning to start a social media company that provides healthy eating tips? The appealing aspect of this approach that you can naturally weave in content about exercise, mindset, mental health, and cooking into your stream. You can also use your platform to provide healthier alternatives to meals your audience is already eating.

Like ways to cook grilled meals rather than fried ones. All in all, healthy living means treating your body well. Below are some healthy food names you can use for your social media page:

  • Tossed
  • The Healthy Grub
  • Salad Extravaganza
  • Grilled Eats
  • Savory Visuals
  • Total Wellness Now
  • Clean Green Choices
  • Clear Mind Healthy Body
  • Greens 4 Lyf
  • Healthy Green Munchies
  • Ever Berryfull
  • Vitamin Healthy
  • Protein Routine
  • Metabolic Boost
  • Bye Bad Calories
  • Tartine Dreams
  • Plenty Healthy
  • Avocado Tales
  • Healthy Foodist
  • Healthy Feast
  • Fluent In Green
  • Inner Body Challenge
  • The Healthy Quest
  • Weight Loss Connection
  • Eat Right Etc.
  • The Right Portions
  • Accurate Eats
  • Flawlessly Healthy
  • Strictly Clean and Green
  • Tofu Frenzy
  • Packed Brunches
  • Of Nuts and Grains
  • Delish Good Eats
  • Clean Feasting
  • Veggie Specialties
  • Beets For Keeps
  • Mushroom Challenge
  • Appetizing Greens
  • Keto Hotspot
  • Tasteful Diet
  • Traditional Spread
  • Just Healthee
  • Wellness Punks
  • Cleansing Eats
  • The Fitness Gourmand
  • No Diets Diet

What should you name a food page on social media?

Don’t get stressed thinking about your social media brand name.

Naming your food page can be quite difficult if you don’t know the direction you’re taking. So the first thing you should tackle before signing up for your new Instagram account is to plan what you’re going to post.

It will also help if you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you be posting mainly about meals?
  • Will you be including desserts?
  • Will you be posting about drinks?
  • Are you going to follow a theme?
  • Will you include dishes from around the world?
  • What type of content do I want to make longterm?
  • What type of an account would be fun to do?

Figuring out a theme for your food page will help you come up with a name faster. For instance, vegetarians usually use mushrooms as a substitute for their meats like “burger” patties. If you plan on posting all things mushroom, then you can use the name Mushroom Challenge. For more ideas on the type of content people actually want to consumer online, read our guide on the subject.

You can also use your own name to keep things personal or when you want to post all your cooking videos or photos. Handles such as “Martha’s Eats” or “Jeremy’s Steaks” can be used. You could also rhyme words if you’d like to make it catchy like Protein Routine or Beets for Keeps.

Another concept you might like to try is posting a certain color for your images. For example, you can post all things green like salads, kale smoothies, green apples, and everything else that has the color green. This type of concept follows a certain aesthetic that caters to a group of audience.

Whatever you choose, we hope you were able to pick a name from the list above. Let us know which one was the catchiest for you in the comment section below.

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