Who doesn’t love pork? Bacon, honey-baked ham, and pork chops, what’s not to appreciate? The “other white meat” as its been coined is enjoyed in most parts of the world. Its popular among dishes is indisputable along with chicken and beef. In fact, pig farming has been around since 5000 B.C.

In the Western world and Central Europe, pork is the most popular meat. It’s also popular in East and Southeast Asia (Mainland Southeast Asia, Philippines, Singapore, East Timor, and Malaysia). Because of its fat content and texture, it’s used in Asian cuisines particularly in China. Pork, however, is prohibited for consumption in some regions due to certain widely-held religious beliefs like Judaism and Islam.

Are you a diehard pork lover? Here are some captions and quotes you can use for food photos. Let’s do this thing.

Seasoned pork steak. 

Pork Captions

  • Here’s the fork, where’s the pork?
  • Make the most out of pork.
  • It’s the other white meat.
  • Naughty, but pork.
  • Ding-dong! Pork calling!
  • May the pork be with you!
  • Life should taste as good as pork.
  • Think positive, think pork.
  • Pork glorious pork.
  • Pork is no misteak!
  • Grilled to perfection.
  • Solid protein for your body.
  • Well done pork.
  • The art of pork.
  • Cooked to pork-fection.
  • Come on, hog it out
  • The pork show.
  • Pork is the best!
  • Pork Hub.
  • Little. Different. Pork.
  • I’ll show you my pork if you show me yours.
  • Pork for all.
  • It’s not a dream. Pork is real!
  • One pork fits all.

Pork Quotes for Instagram

“You can never put too much pork in your mouth as far as I’m concerned.” – Lewis Black

“There is poetry in a pork chop to a hungry man.” – Philip Gibbs

“Thou shall not kill. Thou shall not commit adultery. Don’t eat pork. I’m sorry, what was that last one?? Don’t eat pork. God has spoken. Is that the word of God or is that pigs trying to outsmart everybody?” – Jon Stewart

“If I had to narrow my choice of meats down to one for the rest of my life, I am quite certain that meat would be pork.” – James Beard

“I’m such a foodie. If I see a pork chop, I’m eating it.” – Josh Henderson

“I didn’t eat pork either. Except bacon, of course. Everyone eats bacon.” – Tarryn Fisher

“To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living.” – Anthony Bourdain

“Pork – no animal is more used for nourishment and none more indispensable in the kitchen.” – Alexis Soyer

“First the pork chops, then morality” ~ Bertolt Brecht

“As for meat, I’m not going to become vegetarian. I’m telling you that right now. I want me a steak. I want me a pork chop. I want me a lamb chop, even a piece of duck every once in a while. We used to have ham and salami, all that crazy stuff.” – Sharon Jones

“The thing I can’t resist is a pork pie. That’s my idea of a lovely treat.” – Delia Smith

“I like pork chops and country ham, creamed potatoes, stuff like that. Redeye gravy. It comes from ham, bacon, stuff like that. It’s the grease that you fry it in. I eat a lot of Jell-O. Fruit Jell-O.” – Elvis Presley

“I’m carrying so much pork, I’m beginning to get trichinosis.” – Phil Gramm

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“Because I’m so known as a meat-chef, when I talk about Meatless Monday some people look at me like I’ve lost my mind. I’m like, look, I’m not saying beef and pork is bad, I love it and I eat it six days a week.” – Michael Symon

“My dog keeps looking at me as if he knows my secret as if he and he alone can see my soul. That or he wants this pork chop.” – Dana Gould

“Well, I’ve got a color telly and a fridge. I’ve got some pork chops in the fridge, but the chops keep going off, so I have to keep buying more.” – Syd Barrett

“I always use my ‘Holy Trinity which is salt, olive oil, and bacon. My motto is, ‘bacon always makes it better.’ I try to use bacon and pork products whenever it can.” – Anne Burrell

“TV has eaten up everything else, and Warhol films are all that are left, which is fabulous. Pork could become the next I Love Lucy, the great American domestic comedy. It’s about how people really live, not like Lucy, who never touched dishwater. It’s about people living and hustling to survive.” – David Bowie

“Nobody can fail to lose weight in the jungle unless they’ve got a secret stash of pork pies somewhere.” – Colin Baker

“In the summer you want fresh, light, and sort of quick things; in winter you want things that are comforting, so your body really tells you you want to go towards potatoes, apples, fennel, things that are warm and comforting. And loin of pork.” – Ina Garten

“It is a solemn thought: dead, the noblest man’s meat is inferior to pork.” – Mark Twain

“I’m not much of a drinker, so I’m going to eat seven pounds of pork.” – Billy Bob Thornton

Pork Lover Captions

  • There is no life without pork.
  • Pork makes me happy.
  • I like the pork in you.
  • Pork for me!
  • Pork right as rain.
  • Who wouldn’t fight for pork?
  • The pork is my heart!
  • Pork Is my Sole Delight.
  • Pork, yes, please!
  • What will I do without pork?

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  • Pork, meant to be in my tummy.
  • Pork always makes my day.
  • Please steak with me.
  • You’re bacon my heart.
  • When you say pork you’ve said it all.
  • Don’t mess with my pork.
  • Hhhmmmm… Pork.
  • Pork, this is it!
  • Pork is the best part of the day.
  • The pork man.
  • The true pork lover.
  • Pork is the way to my heart.
  • I’d do anything for pork.

Pork loaf.

Pork Belly Quotes

“Television was supposed to be a national park. (Instead) it has become a money machine… It’s a commodity now, just like pork bellies.” – Fred W. Friendly

“The reason we use all-natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free Berkshire pork belly, beef, and chicken is that it’s the right thing to do.” – Eddie Huang

“They hired a Ph.D. student from the statistics department at the University of California at Berkeley to help them, but he quit after they asked him to study the market for pork belly futures. “It turned out that he was a vegetarian,” said Jamie. “He had a problem with capitalism in general, but the pork bellies pushed him over the edge.” – Michael Lewis

“I ate healthily, but there was no snacking, no drinking, no bread, no sugar, no smoking. Afterward, I had a pork belly roast.” – Benedict Cumberbatch

“All the food we eat, whether Brussels sprouts or pork bellies, has been modified by mankind. Genetic engineering is only one particularly powerful way to do what we have been d