Spaghetti, linguini, lasagna, farfalle, rotini—-these are just some of the many varieties of pasta. Pasta is among the most popular, filling, and easy-to-prepare dishes. It’s almost impossible to create a bad pasta dish if you can follow simple instructions and have access to a few basic ingredients.

If you have a bistro, café, delicatessen, restaurant, or food establishment that serves pasta dishes—or sells freshly made pasta—check out these awesome slogans and taglines to add to your brand. I’ve put together more than 159 messages you can use in your marketing assets.

Pasta Marketing Slogans

Mushrooms and pasta.

Let’s begin with these awesome slogans to promote and label to your pasta products and dishes.

  • It’s difficult not to love our pasta.
  • Gastronomically transporting you to Italy
  • A fine taste of Italy right in your neighborhood
  • The carb side is strong in you, young Jedi!
  • Our pasta makes wars stop.
  • Experience the magic of premium pasta here.
  • Pasta like you’ve never tasted before.
  • Meet your soulmate in our pasta.
  • Build up an awesome body with our healthy pasta.

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  • Good life is all about good pasta.
  • With pasta, anything is possible.
  • I’ve died and gone to noodle heaven.
  • Holy meatballs! There’s awesome pasta here!
  • Freshest ingredients! Best pasta!
  • Experience the elegance of Italy through our pasta dishes.
  • Great pasta makes every fiber of our being.
  • You’d think you were in Rome.
  • Enjoy extra sauce, extra cheese, and extra seasoning in our pasta
  • Disappointed today? Solve that with our pasta.
  • Don’t be shy. Indulge in your guilty pasta pleasure here.
  • Craving for a bowl of superb pasta? Come here!

Italian Pasta Slogans

More pasta I made with help from some Italians.

Italy is the home of pasta. Use these slogans to let people know you’re serving sumptuous Italian dishes.

  • Experience a genuine Italian pasta course.
  • Experience Italy through our Pasta.
  • Pasta delizioso supremo!
  • Mama Mia, Italian Pasta!
  • The sick Italian chef pasta way.
  • You’re afflicted with Italian PMS (pasta, mozzarella, sauce).
  • When in Rome, eat pasta.
  • Pasta—the kitchen gladiator’s meal.
  • “Pasta la vista, babe!”
  • I must be Italian in my pasta life
  • Inspired by the grandmothers of Sicily.
  • It’s a sin not to eat Roman cacio e pepe.
  • Perfect pasta—the soul of Rome.
  • A delicious Italian pasta is better than a romantic Italian lover.
  • A delicious trip to Italy.
  • Italian cuisine at its classic best.
  • Let’s make some Italian magic.
  • Making classic Italian cuisine right in your home.
  • Authentic Italian pasta—magic in the kitchen.

Pasta Sauce Slogans

From scratch pasta.

Even the blandest pasta becomes a culinary masterpiece with the right sauce. Use these slogans to entice people to try out your unique pasta sauce.

  • Extra spicy, extra delicious.
  • Premium sauces for every palate.
  • Incredibly sauced.
  • Sensually saucy.
  • The sauce that breathes life to pasta.
  • Our pasta sauces rule.
  • Sauces that put pasta together.
  • Not just for pasta.
  • Making dish delicious.
  • Hand-made with love every time.

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  • Saucing it up.
  • Too good to waste.
  • Perfect for the pasta lover.
  • The king of the kitchen.
  • Our pasta rolls together unlike anything else.
  • Quality, healthy sauce.
  • 100% organic, 100% natural, 100% delicious.
  • Thick, liquid, sticky magic.
  • Cast an enchantment on your pasta.
  • Making your pasta dishes the meals of Italian royalty.

Noodle Marketing Slogans

There are a limitless variety of noodles. Each noodle manufacturer, locality, and even country has its own unique versions of noodles. Some are thick other regions make long-thin noodles. If you’re selling noodles or serving noodle dishes use these marketing slogans for a social media campaign.

  • Enjoy noodles for a much longer life!
  • No such thing as too much noodles.
  • Noodle around and enjoy.
  • An anniversary of noodles.
  • Long and tasty.
  • Noodled to gastronomic perfection.
  • Cooks quicker than you can lick.
  • Slurping made more delicious.
  • When slurping noodles becomes more fun.
  • Start your day with a cup of noodles.
  • First of all, noodles.
  • For hungry folks in a hurry.
  • Available in a hundred flavors.
  • No one doesn’t like noodles.
  • When noodles attack with a vengeance
  • Noodles for good luck and good taste
  • Tangling your tongue with our noodles
  • Noodles—a treat for your palate

Pasta Taglines


Some pasta I made in Italy.

Do you have your own pasta business? Are you serving your own signature pasta dishes? If so, check out these taglines that will make a bold statement about your pasta products.

  • Pasta perfection.
  • Perfection in every strand.
  • Cheesiest pasta ever.
  • Perfect homemade since (insert year when your business was established).
  • Italians’ favorite pasta.
  • Certified delicious.
  • Carbs without guilt.
  • No leftover guarantee.
  • The healthy pasta.
  • The bad-boy of Bucatini

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  • A heart to Mom’s classic pasta dishes.
  • Superfood pasta.
  • Stuffed pasta with goodness.
  • Ode to spaghetti.
  • From zero to ziti in less than 30 minutes.
  • The wet and wild rigatoni.
  • You shall pasta.
  • Could our Campanelle be the best of all time?
  • Linguine is for lovers.
  • You can do any dish with our pasta.
  • 100% organic, healthy pasta.
  • Limitless pastabilities.
  • Love in every twist.
  • The flavored pasta.
  • Macaroni and mayhem.

Quotes about Pasta

Pasta is a popular dish. Thus, it’s no wonder the meal has garnered attention and opinions of many fam