Ah, the Mediterranean! The vast sea of violent contention in ancient times is now a beautiful sea filled with some of the best tasting food in the world. The Mediterranean Sea and the countries surrounding this region including Egypt, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Israel and others have become playgrounds of the rich and popular destinations for travelers from around the world.

If you’re visiting the Mediterranean and need some captions and quotes that accurately describe this region I’ve got you covered. You can also use these captions and quotes to market your business on Instagram if you’re running a food business serving Mediterranean cuisine.

Mediterranean Captions

200+ Mediterranean Captions and Quotes About Food and Travel.

200+ Mediterranean Captions and Quotes About Food and Travel.

Let’s begin with some wonderful captions about the blue Mediterranean.

  • I just love a Mediterranean cruise!
  • Let’s travel to the Mediterranean!
  • The Mediterranean is just another world of beauty.
  • Blue skies and warm Mediterranean weather
  • Multiple cultures, multiple destinations, one sea
  • Living my dream in the Mediterranean.
  • Hummus and pita is good for the soul.
  • Enjoying the Mediterranean morning
  • I love Mediterranean food!
  • Cheap and delicious—that’s a classic Mediterranean meal!
  • To think that this is an inland sea!
  • The Mediterranean beaches are really unique.
  • A simple yet classy lunch in the Mediterranean
  • Let’s party in the Mediterranean!
  • The Mediterranean breeze calms my mind.
  • Mediterranean weekends are the best.
  • A glass of cold ouzo before my last day in the Mediterranean
  • I live in the Mediterranean!
  • Simply exploring the Med!
  • I never knew that the Mediterranean is made up of smaller seas.
  • Fresh from the Mediterranean sea to my plate
Fresh from the Mediterranean sea to my plate.

Fresh from the Mediterranean sea to my plate.

Mediterranean Quotes

Here are some quotes that you can add to your photos and videos about the Mediterranean.

  • I travel to the Mediterranean to experience the Mediterranean.
  • The best cruises are in the Mediterranean.
  • The Mediterranean is a smorgasbord of history and culture.
  • I now understand why James Bond loves the Mediterranean.
  • My wish is to enjoy a Mediterranean cruise for a month.
  • Plenty of pier runners today. Just shows how they love the Mediterranean.
  • When in the Mediterranean, make it a point to visit the local winery.
  • Someday, I’ll live somewhere in the Mediterranean.
  • There’s no right or wrong way to explore the Mediterranean.
  • For me, Santorini is the last frontier of the Med.
  • The Mediterranean is paradise on earth.
  • The Med: This must be the sea of the rich.
  • If you love to experience a myriad of cultures, travel the Mediterranean.
  • These are just amazing Mediterranean flavors.
  • The Mediterranean is all about happiness, discovery, and acceptance.
  • “Who can resist sleep at two or three in the afternoon in these sunlit parts of the Mediterranean?” ― André Aciman

“We all come from the sea and back to the sea we will go. The Mediterranean gave birth to the world.” ― Anders Lustgarten

  • “My diet is the Mediterranean diet, which is good food. I eat well.” – Penelope Cruz
  • “I love the Mediterranean for the fact that winter is over in a minute, and the almond blossom arrives in January.” – Jade Jagger
  • “To eat figs off the tree in the very early morning, when they have been barely touched by the sun, is one of the exquisite pleasures of the Mediterranean.” ― Elizabeth David

Mediterranean Food Captions

I love Mediterranean flavors—except the spices.

I love Mediterranean flavors—except the spices.

Mediterranean food is among the most popular and well-loved meals around the world. Some of my favorite foods include hummus, falafel, tabouli or a gyro. Of course, I’m a big fan of olive oil based dressings or used as a dip with bread.

  • Experience Mediterranean food at its finest.
  • A buffet of cuisines in one beautiful sea!
  • You should try a Mediterranean food trip.
  • I adore Mediterranean cooking.
  • My goal is to try out all kinds of Mediterranean dishes in this 1-week cruise.
  • I’m more than fine with any kind of Mediterranean food.
  • Don’t underestimate pizza and pasta. They’re Mediterranean!
  • Mediterranean cuisine is culture itself.
  • A pure Mediterranean breakfast on the balcony of a Mediterranean cruise ship
  • I’m learning to prepare various Mediterranean cuisine.
  • I’m falling in love with Mediterranean food.

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  • No boyfriend, no problem. Just let me enjoy my Mediterranean food.
  • The delightful taste of the Mediterranean
  • It’s easy to imagine the beauty of the Mediterranean when I eat Greek food.
  • Best thing about Mediterranean cuisine? It goes very well with any aperitif.
  • A Mediterranean sunset dinner. It’s divine!
  • A classy Mediterranean dinner is a good investment.
  • A Mediterranean lunch fills both the body and soul.
  • True ingredients, true passion, true Mediterranean cuisine.
  • I can make a delicious Mediterranean brunch with just some fish, olive oil, and potatoes

Funny Mediterranean Captions

Far from the tumultuous age of ancient times, the Mediterranean of today is a place of fun, smiles, and laughter.

  • I thought I was in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • There’s always the Mediterranean. Or New York bay.
  • I can’t spell Mediterranean.
  • Sitting in the sand in the Mediterranean. Where you at?
  • I always thought the Mediterranean was a lake.
  • Don’t worry, the Mediterranean is just the size of Eastwood Mall.
  • Are there underwater monsters in the Mediterranean?
  • I’m switching from an American diet to a Mediterranean diet.
  • I’m a niece of the Mediterranean.
  • Try anything Mediterranean.
  • I cooked a Mediterranean dinner. It turned out as the New York waterways dinner.
  • Mediterranean food in a negotiation dinner always works.
  • I love the smell of the Mediterranean in the morning.
  • I love Mediterranean flavors—except the spices.

I imagine Mediterranean cruises as the most romantic adventure until I saw that creepy Bratislava guy in Euro Trip.

  • The Mediterranean has plenty of secrets including heartaches.
  • Oh, a sophisticated Mediterranean man!
  • The ending, of course, is a Mediterranean late-night dinner.
  • The machete of the Mediterranean
  • Nice is truly nice!
  • When in the Mediterranean, do what the Italians do.
The Mediterranean is Paradise on Earth.

The Mediterranean is Paradise on Earth.

Sea Captions

One reason why people visit the Mediterranean is to experience the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea itself. Use these captions for your photos and videos during your voyage through the Mediterranean.

  • When I visit Italy, the first thing I’ll do is dip my feet in the Mediterranean.
  • The gentle sound of the Mediterranean Sea is the roar of the soul.
  • Beautiful sea, beautiful Mediterranean.
  • It’s no wonder why the Mediterranean Sea is one of the best places in the world.
  • Where do I begin? The Mediterranean Sea.
  • I want to see the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Life is a beach in the Mediterranean.
  • The Mediterranean Sea lets you experience happiness and freedom.
  • The sea touches the deepest part of your soul.
  • Life is like the Mediterranean. It rises and falls and rises again.
  • I write love letters by the sea.
  • The Mediterranean forever.
  • The Mediterranean is an enchantment in sea form.
  • We are all a part of the sea, and it is a part of us.
  • Listen to the sea. It tells tales with each rolling wave.
  • Under the sea is an alien world.
  • Why look up to the stars for aliens? They’re right under the waves.
  • Let the sea cast its magic on you.
  • Poetry by the sea
  • Take time to experience the sea.

Sky and Sea Captions

Here are some beautiful captions that encapsulate the beauty and magic of the blue Mediterranean sky and sea.

  • In the grand scheme of things, the sky and the sea are as thin as an onion’s skin around the world.
  • Between the sky and sea is the real world.
  • Whether it’s the sky or the sea, it’s chaos and tranquillity.
  • Both the sky and sea are beautiful and indifferent at the same time.
  • Let the sky and the sea set you free.
  • It’s amazing to know that under the waves and above the clouds are where fairy tales come true.
  • It’s the sea and the sky that fuel my passion.
  • The energy of the sea and the sky is boundless.
  • When you’re out there in the middle of the ocean, you see the sea and sky in a different way.
  • The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. The sight of the sky lights up your inner radiance.
  • In a way, I wish I can fly up to the sky and kiss the clouds.
  • A woman’s heart is as deep as the ocean.
  • The ocean breeze is a marriage of the sea and the sky.
  • Cruising on a ship, leaving on a jet plane.
  • After the strongest storms, the sea and the sky are at their calmest.
  • Rolling in the deep, sailing in the highest!
  • Sailing: the sport of sea and sky.
  • Listening to the tales of the sea and the sky
  • Breakfast by the sea under a summer sky. Magnificent!
  • There’s never an end for the sea and sky.

Mediterranean Diet Quotes

Mediterranean diets are both sumptuous and nutritious. Here are some quotes about such a diet.

  • If I want something delicious and healthy, I’d turn to a Mediterranean diet.
  • The Mediterranean diet is a smorgasbord of cultures
  • A good Mediterranean diet keeps the doctor away.
  • I love Mediterranean cuisine that involves a bit of yogurt.
  • Socca is a delicious Mediterranean meal on the go.
  • Bread, wine, and fruit are the engines of the Mediterranean cuisine of old.
  • Celebrating years of delicious Mediterranean cuisine
  • Enjoying a hot Mediterranean meal at the French Riviera
  • People at the gym get jealous when they see me enjoying my homemade Mediterranean meal
  • The trinity of the Mediterranean diet: olive, wheat, and grapes.
  • Let me enjoy my Mediterranean diet for a month, and then I’ll dance naked.
  • Lose weight using the Mediterranean diet.
  • Filling and non-fattening: the best things about a Mediterranean diet.
  • The Mediterranean diet— there are just so many to choose from.
  • May I have my Mediterranean diet?

“Italian-Americans and those with a Mediterranean diet, which has a lot of tomato sauce in it, have a slightly lower incidence of prostate cancer than other American men,” – John Martin

  • “I really like rustic Mediterranean cooking.” – Jack Dee
  • “I’ve never been a huge sweets eater, and I’ve always loved a Mediterranean diet.” – Rachel Ray
  • “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” ― Gina Crawford
  • “The Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits and vegetables while low in sodium. It is also enriched with olive oil, high in antioxidants as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.” – David Perlmutter

Mediterranean Diet Captions

A good Mediterranean diet keeps the doctor away.

Mediterranean Diet.

Use these captions to let people know how healthy, delicious, and filling a Mediterranean diet is.

  • I’m sticking to my Mediterranean diet.
  • It’s easy to continue a Mediterranean diet.
  • Who knows that a Mediterranean diet is easy to sustain and enjoy?
  • Enjoying a healthy Mediterranean meal for a heavy dinner.
  • Mediterranean diet in Naples. It has to be pizza!
  • The diet of the soul is a cruise around the Mediterranean.
  • Mediterranean diets are usually enjoyable.
  • It’s olives and oils—something I really don’t like in a Mediterranean diet.

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  • To ensure good health for both body and spirit, go to the Mediterranean.
  • Loving the philosophy of the Mediterranean diet.
  • I like a Mediterranean diet tapas style. Just grab what looks good and count the toothpicks.
  • I love enjoying my Mediterranean diet Basque style.
  • A souvlaki pita—the best way to enjoy a Mediterranean diet in Greece.
  • Fresh grilled fish from the dinghies of Istanbul. Now that’s a Mediterranean diet.
  • Preparing my very own Mediterranean diet.
  • Prepping up a home-cooked Mediterranean diet is surprisingly easy.
  • Why do I think about Socrates and Plato when I eat olives?
  • Don’t skip the Mediterranean diet.
  • A light Mediterranean diet to cap every lovely morning exercise
  • Where do we start a healthy life? A Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean Hashtags

Pita with hummus. Popular Mediterranean faire.

Pita with hummus. Popular Mediterranean faire.

These hashtags will help people find your Mediterranean social media posts easier.

  • #mediterraneanculture
  • #mediterraneancruise
  • #cruisingthemediterranean
  • #mediterraneantravel
  • #beautifulmediterranean
  • #mediterraneancuisine
  • #enjoythemediterranean
  • #mediterraneansky
  • #warmmediterraneanweather
  • #mediterraneansun
  • #mediterraneanfoodandtravel
  • #mediterraneantour
  • #mediterraneansplendor
  • #ilovethemediterranean
  • #mediterraneanwarmth
  • #songsofthemediterranean
  • #peacefulmediterranean
  • #beautifulmediterranean
  • #mediterraneansweetheart
  • #mediterraneandestinations

Mediterranean Puns

Lastly, check out these humorous Mediterranean puns that add life and laughter to your posts and marketing materials.

  • Pita Parka, the Spiderman of the Mediterranean.
  • A recently deceased Mediterranean chef won a post-humus award.
  • Italy to keep track of my Mediterranean friends.
  • Don’t be Sicily.
  • She’s hesitant to take the first step. She’s a naan-starter.
  • Mediterranean food makes me Falafel.
  • I placed too much olive oil. The food is a bit Greecy.

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  • I see a lot of Turkey and Greece.
  • Seeing the Mediterranean is my Fanta Sea.
  • From the Adriatic to the Aegean, they sailed from Sea to Sea.
  • Just like in any other place in the world, In the Mediterranean, stealing is falawful.
  • I used a little Greece to keep my rusty hinges from squeaking.
  • Here you are! It’s about thyme!
  • This was a Mediterranean rollover.
  • I took a Med course, you sea.
  • The police recorded it as hummus-side.
  • That broken car needs a Mykonikos.
  • This lubrication is really old. It’s time to replace this ancient Greece.
  • What’s blue and pretty on top? The Mediterranean Sea.
  • Get a grape and hold it tight.

Here are some of the most popular Mediterranean dishes you should try.

  • Traditional Greek moussaka from Greece
  • Various pizza and pasta from Italy
  • Roast lechazo and paella from Spain
  • Grilled sardines from Portugal
  • Pastís de treflas from the Occitania region of France
  • Various varieties of Bouillabaisse from Marseille
  • Goulash from Croatia
  • Metsovone cheese from of the Arominians
  • Fergesë from Albania
  • Various kebabs from Turkey

The Mediterranean region is a fascinating place with a rich history. This area has some of the most diverse food in the world and it is definitely worth a visit if you can afford an airplane ticket.

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