It was only a couple of years back when I first tried kebab. Hard to believe I know. I remember being curious as there are a number of Mediterranean and quick-serve concepts that sell the meal. But as someone who isn’t adventurous when it comes to trying new food, I didn’t try it until much later in life. What was I waiting for?

One summer day when I was on vacation with my wife, she didn’t hesitate to order for it for me. And guess what? It was love at first bite and I couldn’t imagine how many years it took me to give it a shot.

If you’re a new kebab fan or considering opening up your own kebab restaurant, these marketing slogans and captions are an effective way to promote your product on social media. I’ve compiled a list of options designed to increase take-out sale! Keep scrolling to view them all.

Kebab Marketing Slogans

  • Follow the mob. Get your kebab!
  • Always on the hub! The best-tasting kebab!
  • Grab your kebab!
  • Lob me a kebab.
  • Dinner on a stick.
  • Gluten-free kebabs sold here.
  • Craving beef? Buy a kebab!
  • Beefy delicious! Beef kebab!
  • Need a push to spice up your life? Get the Adana kebab!
  • Treat your friends to our Tray kebab!
  • Want something different? Try our Forest kebab!
  • Kebab with love!
  • Kebab Lovers United
  • Fill your tummy! Kebab it!
  • Taste the flavors of life
  • The best kebab in town, tender and flavorful!

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  • Marinate, thread, grill, serve. Only for the best kebab!
  • This is my kebab Bob.
  • Go for the best kebab
  • Beer and kebab? Why not?
  • Eat healthy? Get a kebab
  • Listen to your heart! It says “Kebab, kebab, kebab.”
  • Kebab your way to happiness!
  • Heaven on earth only with kebab!
  • Seek and you will kebab!
  • Crave it, find it, grab it, enjoy!
  • Love you, my kebab!
  • Healthy goodness in every kebab!
  • Let it be kebab day everyday!
  • Goodness in every stick!
  • Healthy you, health me!
  • Stock the sticks then grill them!
  • Line them up to perfection!
  • On a diet but enjoying life!
  • Grab me then grill me!
  • Grab a stick, grab happiness!
  • Taste heaven in every stick!
  • Find happiness in every stick!
  • Happy and fulfilled, that’s my goal!
  • Fill me up with goodness!
  • Fill up my tummy with love!
  • Kebab all the way!
  • Willing to wait only for kebab
  • Friday nights with friends and my fave!
  • Looking forward to seeing you always!
  • I will stick to you forever!
  • Catch heaven in every stick!
  • Catch perfection in every bite!
  • Love your colors and your flavor!
  • Sticking to you in every meal!
  • Sticks have not been this good!
  • Grill those sticks to happiness!
  • Grab a stick. Grab perfection.
  • Grilling all the way to goodness

Kebab take-out is always a smart idea.

Chicken Kebab Slogans

  • Happiness with my soft and tasty chicken kebab thighs!
  • On a diet? Grab chicken kebab!
  • Low calories? Chicken kebab your way to goodness!
  • My life, my chicken kebab!
  • Heaven in your lips!
  • The healthy grill!
  • Chicken kebab, every strip makes you want for more!
  • From the grill to the lips, oh glorious chicken strips!
  • Skewed to perfection!
  • Chewy chicken kebab! Love it!
  • Eat healthy! Go chicken!
  • Best chicken kebab ever! Grilled to perfection!
  • Come empty, leave full!
  • We make dreams a reality!
  • Craving? Come and enjoy our chicken kebab!
  • No more sad days. We’re here to serve you!
  • Healthy but flavorful!
  • Cheap but tasty!
  • Go chicken! Live longer!
  • Go, chicken, go!
  • Overwhelming satisfaction!
  • Fully satisfying! Why go elsewhere?
  • Our chicken, our kebab! Eat healthy!
  • Skewed and grilled for happiness!
  • Chicken. Veggies. Happiness. Life.
  • Chicken kebab for life!
  • Chicken me, kebab me!
  • The taste you’ll never forget!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed in every stick!
  • More sticks of meat. More sticks of vegetables. More satisfaction.

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  • Healthy living on my mind!
  • Picnics have never been this great!
  • No chicken kebab? Sad..
  • Leaving the best for my last bite!
  • The best will be the last!
  • We guarantee healthy but flavorful kebabs!
  • No regrets! Stick them all up!
  • Tummy full! Happy heart!
  • Taste the perfection in every stick!
  • Taste it to believe!
  • Chicken kebab at first bite

Kebab Caption

  • Simply delicious! Want some?
  • Me and my kebab. Nothing else matters.
  • Thank God it’s Kebab day!
  • No sharing, please!
  • Am really HUNGRY for kebab.
  • Only these? Please give me more!
  • My only addiction!
  • I’ll kebab my way today!
  • Sorry but these are only for me!
  • Flavorful, colorful, mouthwatering.
  • I wish I knew this place before!
  • Nothing can replace this kebab plate.
  • Without kebab, life is dull!
  • I cooked these. Try them!
  • Am sure these are so delicious!
  • Kebab as a snack? The best!
  • Good food. Good mood.
  • Kebab makes me smile all the time!
  • Knowing how to marinade
  • Grilled to perfection.
  • You can’t get enough of kebab. It’s the best choice ever.
  • What a sumptuous lunch I had today! Seems like am not at home!
  • Go for the kebab!
  • Nicely skewed, perfectly grilled!
  • My favorite dinner!
  • My masterpiece!
  • Beer and kebab! The best combination!
  • Mondays are better with kebabs.
  • The star of our picnic, chicken kebabs!
  • Drooling? Yes, you are!!!
  • Friday night at the Kebab Kiosk!
  • Relaxing at the park with friends and kebab!
  • Fillin’ me up, a plateful of kebab!
  • Just delivered! Bye, I will be very busy!
  • I can imagine the taste.
  • Kebabs with beer on a Friday night!
  • Never imagined they would taste this good!
  • Love my Kebabs. Want more!
  • Skewered and grilled only for me!
  • How I love these colors!
  • Veggies and meat taste really perfect!
  • Leave it to me! I’ll grill them!
  • Can’t ask for anything else!
  • With Kebab, happy tummy, happy me!
  • Kebab time is that perfect time always!
  • It’s always a great time to have kebab.
  • I can eat kebab every day for the rest of my life.
  • You’ll never grow tired of eating kebab.
  • Kebab is the best late-night snack to have on a Friday night.

Kebab feast on the grill.

Kebab One-Liners

  • Stick them all up!
  • Line them up!
  • Grill one, grill all!
  • Skewered & grilled for your heart!
  • My kebab, not bad at all!
  • Stick to me, Kebab!
  • I’ll stick to the sticks!
  • Stick it all!
  • Stick to the grill!
  • Grill my heart, I don’t care!
  • Stick it, grill it!
  • Stick to my heart forever!
  • Grilling for you!
  • Grill them all up!
  • Grillin’ time over!
  • Kebab for life!
  • Live for Kebabs!
  • Skewered & grilled only for the best!
  • Eat healthy, eat Kebab!
  • Sticks all gone!
  • Everyday is Kebab day!
  • Eat healthy in every meal!
  • Nothing beats Kebab!
  • Nothing beats those sticks!
  • Stick them, grill them, Kebab them!
  • Kebab it all!

Shish kebab grilled to perfection.

Kebab Quotes

  • “I like fireworks, too, but I set them off in gardens or kebab stands. I never set fire on my own house.” – Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • “I monitor the food my players eat on a Friday night. It’s no good if they’ve had two vindaloos and a kebab.” – Iain Dowie

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  • “Sometimes I wonder what my grandfather would think of what I do, he spent his whole life in the kebab business, was buried with all his equipment, probably turning in his grave.” – Milton Jones

“The Arab peoples possess an ancient and highly developed civilization that is in many ways more sophisticated than our very own. And this is why we have to war with Saddam Hussein this minute and bomb the shihs kebab out of him before he invents trig and chemistry and the whole of America flunks high school.” – P. J. O’Rourke

  • “My family members are vegetarians, but I like mutton and chicken seekh kebabs.” – Suresh Raina
  • “If I had a pound for every kebab I’ve eaten, the economy would be in a better state.” – Gordon Brown
  • “There will not be peace unless access to the kebab is universal.” – Kofi Annan
  • “I believe I once tried a kebab. As I remember it was a large one.” – David Cameron
  • “One must acknowledge the contribution that the kebab has made to this nation.+ – Queen Elizabeth II

“Our words are just crumbs that fall down from the kebab of the mind.” – Kahil Gibran

  • “This city smells of Briyani & Kebabs Hyderabad.” – Gaurav Dutta
  • “I crushed those juicy tomatoes while she marinated my kebabs…” – blackbird_894
  • “The first wish after lockdown I want to fulfill is to fill my mouth with fresh green kebab of special “kebab factory”. – Shalini Singh
  • “Why do I need six pack Abs, when I can have KebAbs.” – Syed Sharfuddin
  • “When you go out to eat Seekh Kebabs, do not ask for its price because they might not tell you. As it’s their Seekh-Rate (secret).” – AjeebInsan

An epic Kebab burger.

Kebab Taglines

  • You skewered my heart, my Kebab!
  • Healthy yet yummy!
  • Happiness on skewers!
  • Fire it up!
  • Down to the last!
  • BGB? Baked, grilled or baked, I love you!
  • Meat me this summer!
  • Color my world!
  • I want kebAbs, not Abs!
  • Nutritious but delicious!
  • I ‘m yours and you are mine!
  • My heart on skewers!
  • Marinated & grilled just for you!
  • I know I can’t say no!
  • Gets me going!
  • So nice to stand by your stand, Kebab!
  • Love that distinct grilled flavor.
  • Chicken or beef, it tastes the best!
  • Skewered then grilled for my taste!
  • Always worth the wait!
  • Happy tummy, happy me!
  • That perfect date, that perfect meal!
  • Abs or KebAbs?
  • Healthy sticks for you!
  • Stick them up, line them up!
  • No more cravings with you by my side!
  • Dreams come true with you, my Kebab!
  • Can’t stop reaching out for more!
  • Grilling over? Run for it!
  • Skewered and grilled only for you!

Kebab Hashtags

  • #kebabforever
  • #skeweredandgrilled
  • #kebabforever
  • #myoneandonlylove
  • #mykebabmylife
  • #nothingelsebutkebab
  • #kebabalways
  • #worththewait
  • #nowandforever
  • #marinatedtoperfection
  • #grilledforhealth
  • #healthyfood
  • #foodie
  • #food
  • #nutritious
  • #delicious
  • #chickenkebab
  • #beefkebab
  • #foodkebab
  • #forhealth
  • #tastyandnutritious
  • #kebab
  • #kebabs
  • #donerkebab
  • #spicykebab
  • #eggplantkebab
  • #forestkebab
  • #originalkebab
  • #bestpickebab
  • #topchoicekebab
  • #skeweredandgrilledtoperfection
  • #kebabgrilling
  • #kebabmarinated
  • #kebabskewered
  • #kebabforlife
  • #chickenkebabforhealth
  • #chicknkebabforlife
  • #chickenkebabnocalories
  • #kebabforhappiness
  • #kebabparties
  • #kebabmarination
  • #kebabarrangement
  • #kebabvegetables
  • #kebabvegies
  • #bakedkebab
  • #grilledkebab
  • #barbequedkebab
  • #kebabonskewers
  • #kebabonsticks
  • #kebaboncharcoal
  • #kebabinoven
  • #kebabsinplates
  • #kebabday
  • #kebabeveryday

Kebab Industry Statistics

Here are some industry statistics that demonstrate the magnitude of the kebab industry.

  1. In Germany, you can find about 16,000 kebab shops and 1,000 restaurants in Berlin. This concept has exploded in these countries.
  2. In 2017, cities in France were ranked based on the number of Kebab stands and Paris placed first with 467 restaurants. There’s a lot more than baked goods sold here.
  3. Research shows that there is an estimate of about 17,000 kebab shops in the UK also noting that the increase in doner kebab shops was influenced mostly by Turkish, Kurdish, Asian, and Greek entrepreneurs in the country.
  4. In Africa, the kebab, shawarma and doner sector is ranked as the 12th most valuable fast-food sector.
  5. The doner kebab manufacturing industry has approximately 200 organizations that turn over about £750 million every year and 20,000 kebab shops sell about 2,500 tons of chicken and lamb every week.
  6. According to research, an average kebab provided 98% of the daily salt quota for an adult. That’s a whole lot of MSG per stick.

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