Who doesn’t love a bagel? This Polish-borne bread product has captured the heart and the taste buds of people all over the world. The distinctive ring shape of the yeasted dough, identical to that of a donut, is an icon in the bread industry. Properly baked, it’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Bagels can be served plain or topped with sesame seeds on the outer, crispy crust. Inside is a dense yet chewy interior that creates the perfect “pad” for a spread such as a fruit jam, cheese spread, or cream cheese.

If you’re running a food establishment that serves or specializes in bagels, you might want to let the community know that you are serving this food on social media. You can draw them in with these slogans, taglines, catchphrases, and quotes—all telling them that you have the best bagels in town.

Bagel Captions for Social Media

everything bagels

This is everything… Bagels!

Stuck at good, attention-grabbing captions for your bagel photos? Scan this list of short and punchy caption ideas.

  • Good mornings start with fresh bagels and coffee
  • Here’s to a hole day of happiness
  • Tasty bagels! Let’s round them up!
  • Baking round things with a difference
  • Try a bagel. It’s way better and healthier than a donut
  • The best way to go healthy is to go round!
  • Mid-afternoons are better with a freshly baked bagel
  • Our bagels makes all the difference
  • Worried about the world? Ease up with a bagel.
  • Great bagels and good coffee—the best way to meet people.

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  • Bagels rule!
  • Bagels are bread’s version of love.
  • There’s nothing that a good, hot, soft bagel can’t fix
  • Treat yourself with a round of bagel. You deserve it!
  • Energize for the day! Have some of our soft, warm bagels.
  • What an amazing morning for a piece of wonderful bagel!
  • Bagel—the stuff beautiful mornings are made of
  • Ready for the next big thing in bagels?
  • The world’s favorite healthy round bread
  • One day, bagels will rule the world.
  • Have a bagel and give a beautiful moment to yourself
  • Cream cheese and a warm bagel—you can’t go wrong with it.

Bagel Puns

Puns are words or phrases that make use of multiple meanings or of similar-sounding words of a certain term. The result is often rhetorical or humorous. Here are some puns regarding bagels. Use these in your social media posts or marketing campaigns to share your sense of humor with customers.

  • What happens when you put wings on a bagel? It becomes a plain bagel.
  • A store that sells only bagels and donuts is called a hole foods store.
  • What do you call a female bagel? A baguette.
  • What happens when a seagull flies over the bay? It becomes a bagel.
  • When bagels celebrate, they propose a toast.
  • A bagel was walking down a dark, dangerous corner. It’s in danger of being a salted.
  • A bagel is holey, so it will go to heaven.
  • What do ghouls put to enjoy their bagels? Scream cheese!
  • A bagel went to the bar to get toasted.
  • Bagels, donuts, and croissants—a hole family!
  • What’s a bagel that dons a fancy dress? A donut.
  • Pilots love plain bagels.

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  • A criminal’s bread of choice? A salted bagel.
  • A bird-of-prey was eating a gluten-free bagel. It’s a millennial falcon.
  • The optimist sees the bagel. A pessimist sees the hole.
  • That bagel tastes odd. It must have quim cheese.
  • The bagel tearfully looked at her fiancée and said, “I dough.”
  • Man does not live on bread alone. He needs a bagel with cream cheese too.
  • Bagels have trouble putting makeup because they almost shmear it.
  • Priests and nuns love bagels as they’re some of the holeyest breads.
  • What did the bagel say to the magic door? “Open sesame!”
  • A hair-care company near the beach created a new hair gel. It’s called “Bay Gel”

Bagel Hashtags

Hashtags allow people to easily find what they’re looking for on the Internet. Use these suggested hashtags so they can find specialty bagels.

  • #bestbagel
  • #bestholebread
  • #bagelsbest
  • #rollwithahole
  • #lotsofbagelstyles
  • #notjustahole
  • #superbbagel
  • #freshlybakedbagel
  • #yourvehicleforyourfavoritespread
  • #bakedgoodies
  • #betterthandonuts
  • #notyourordinarybagel
  • #wheresyourbagel

A bagel breakfast sandwich with ham and cheese.

  • #bereadyforyourspread
  • #spreadlicious
  • #bagelishappiness
  • #breakfastwithabagel
  • #bagelforbreakfast
  • #adatewiththebagel
  • #theperfecthole
  • #bagelandcheesespread
  • #makeitaholelyone

Bagel Friday Sayings

Bagels are such a well-known bread product has garnered its own set of famous quotes and sayings. Here are some of them.

  • If I’m a bagel, then you’re my cream cheese
  • “Bagel in the morning is the ultimate breakfast for me; they’re just good.” – Lee DeWyze
  • “We do it early like Cheerios and a bagel” – Nicki Minaj
  • “I tried being anorexic for four hours and then I was like, ‘I need some bagels.’” – Kat Dennings
  • “I can’t be skinny all the time. I like to drink and I like to eat. I like burgers and bagels.” – Chelsea Handler
  • “In New York, I like it when you can get bagels at 3 in the morning.” – Shepard Smith

“My sister married a German. He complained he couldn’t get a good bagel back home. I said: ‘Well, whose fault is that?’” – Emo Philips

  • “I’m a bagel on a plate full of onion rolls!” – Fanny Brice
  • “When I was 17, I worked at a bagel shop. I ate so many!”- Jenna Ushkowitz
  • “A bagel is a donut with the sin removed” – George Rosenbaum