CBD and hemp were both controversial in the world of medicine a decade ago, but have since gained broad acceptance. Both are legal in the United States and these products have been growing in demand every year. In fact, CBD sales are expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2022 according to Statista. This figure is even more impressive considering sales of CBD were $500 million in 2018.

If you’re running a drug store, dispensary, CBD store, now is the best time to establish your brand at the go-to source for these products regionally. One of the best ways to get the word out regionally is through a well-crafted marketing slogan published on billboards and social media. Scroll down to view more than 200 funny CBD and hemp quotes that attract customers.

Funny CBD Slogans

CBD oil

CBD oil and hemp seeds.

  • Don’t be shy, let’s get high!
  • Feed your curiosity.
  • We know you want to try it.
  • Feel good about yourself instantly.
  • Let the good times roll.
  • Sit back and relax, literally.
  • Stress? Never heard of it.
  • Feel free with CBD!
  • Life got you down? Get high right now!
  • We make relaxation feel like an understatement.
  • CBD – much better than chocolate.
  • CBD – for when you need to relax, no matter where you are.
  • The best kind of grass.
  • Who knew a plant could make you feel good?
  • CBD is the answer to everything.
  • Feeling blue? Get green instead!

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  • Solve your problems with this plant.
  • Stress bad, CBD good.
  • CBD – the best way of saying you do drugs.
  • The premium form of relaxation.
  • Take it, we won’t tell, even when it’s legal.
  • From your friendly neighborhood (legal) drug dealer.
  • The wonder drug that does it all.
  • For the love of (legal) drugs.
  • Love yourself more with CBD.
  • CBD is not the enemy, CBD is your friend.
  • Don’t worry, it’s completely legal.
  • CBD a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Don’t panic! It’s organic.
  • Travel-sized, so that you can take it anywhere.

CBD Marketing Slogans

cbd oil pets

CBD oil for pets is now on the market.

  • Don’t just get high, get healthy too!
  • The legal wonder drug.
  • The multipurpose drug.
  • Experience the joy of CBD.
  • CBD’s got it all!
  • For a happier life.
  • CBD to treat your wrinkles.
  • CBD – use it for anything.
  • Created to help you be healthier.
  • CBD – for a healthier you.
  • Alcohol for the outside, CBD for the inside.
  • Treat yourself with CBD.
  • CBD – the best way to start the day.
  • Hemp is a hope.
  • Stay safe, use CBD today.
  • Because relaxation is within reach.
  • Too tired to exercise? Use CBD instead!
  • Relieving is what we do.
  • Feel good and feel healthy.
  • Incorporate CBD to your lifestyle.
  • CBD – the good choice.
  • It’s good for you.
  • Sit back, relax and be happy.
  • CBD – for a happier life.
  • Try it once, and you’ll see!
  • See what all the fuss is all about!
  • The better alternative.
  • Ease your mind with CBD.
  • For the body and soul.

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  • Take relaxation to a whole new level.
  • Start being better today.
  • Life’s natural jackpot.
  • Don’t get high, get better.
  • Try this!
  • Working miracles daily.
  • Tested and proven.
  • Nature’s reliable drug.
  • The plant that helps.
  • Road to recovery.
  • God’s amazing creation.
  • A natural treatment.
  • You’ll love it!
  • Your health is guaranteed,
  • Feel good without being addicted.
  • Nature’s blessing.
  • Use this today!
  • One try is all it takes.
  • Don’t miss out!
  • Safe. Natural. Organic.
  • Trusted by many, safe for all!

Funny CBD Quotes

hemp oil dogs

If your dog is stressed, hemp oil could help.

  • “I don’t need an inspirational quote, I need CBD.”
  • “All you need is love, but a little CBD never hurts.”
  • “No, CBD does not make you high. Quality CBD is healthy without the high.”
  • “I’ve got 99 problems and CBD helped solve like 93 of them.”
  • “Coffee is my second favorite plant.”
  • “CBD is not the answer. CBD is the question. Yes is the answer.”
  • “Get help, not high.”
  • “This is what affordable healthcare looks like.”
  • “I tried CBD Gummies and they saved my family vacation.”
  • “Anything trees can do, hemp can do better.”
  • “I pity the fool who doesn’t try CBD.”
  • “Cannabidiol: the most misunderstood compound on earth.”
  • “I run on CBD coffee, sarcasm and lipstick.”
  • “I don’t always feel anxious, but when I do, I take CBD oil.
  • “Blessed, not stressed, CBD obsessed.”
  • “Hemp is an acronym for Helping Educate Misinformed People.”
  • “Wake. CBD coffee. Slay.”
  • “Pours CBD oil over life.”
  • “Chicks have a 3-day weekend and want to have CBD cocktails and CBD pre-rolls and CBD spa treatments. It’s me. I’m Chicks.”
  • “People have been using cannabis forever. The question now is, how do we as scientists catch up.”
  • “Hemp: the only plant that can feed you, house you, clothe you, and heal you.”
  • “Hemp is hope not dope.”
  • “The proof is irrefutable. CBD oil is magic in a bottle.”
  • “I have more confidence in a plant that God created than a man-made FDA approved pill.”
  • “This CBD is going to fix everything.”
  • “CBD is cheaper than therapy.”
  • “It’s a ‘CBD’ kinda day today!”
  • “You should see the look on your face when you realize the CBD oil worked!”
  • “It’s always a good time to take CBD. It’s good for your health.”
  • “Go CBD and guess what? We can save the world.”

CBD Quotes from Celebrities

cbd quotes

Many actors and actresses have commented publicly about CBD.

“The first time I ever tried CBD was to help soothe my anxiety. I was fed up with taking various pills to try and make me ‘better’… it wasn’t how I wanted to live my life anymore. So I gave CBD oil a try. It was a huge relief for me to feel like myself, yet the edge was gone. A bonus to the whole thing was the relief from various aches and pains I have. Especially the arthritis in my knees. It immediately alleviated 90% of my pain… The benefits of CBD oil are unlike anything any pill or medication can do.” – Tom Hanks

“This year I’m trying some CBD oil on my feet, which my stylist recommended. I asked her if there was some kind of numbing cream, and she was like, ‘No! Try Lord Jones CBD Oil.’ So it could be a really exciting evening! I could be floating this year.” – Mandy Moore

“Every new market we are able to expand into is a victory for women looking for relief from pain and menstrual discomfort.”…I used to be under the table with my cramps, and my daughter and granddaughters are the same way. With all these different [CBD] products, there wasn’t something for women. That says a lot about us as a nation. People don’t think about menstrual cramps as something that’s real.” – Whoopi Goldberg

“Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with CBD everything!” – Kim Kardashian

“I’ve also done acupuncture for it; the infrared sauna helps, and the CBD and THC gummies, which I’m a very strong proponent of now.” – Busy Philipps

“CBD helps with pain, stress and anxiety. It has all the benefits of marijuana without the high.” – Jennifer Aniston

“Always keep trying. Don’t give in. Talk to friends, therapist, take CBD or a medication, get outdoors, work out, write down lists of positive things.” – Kristen Bell

“That is not a drug. It’s a leaf.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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“CBD is an integral part of my training and post-fight regimen expediting my body’s natural healing process.” – Anthony Pettis

“Another thing I’m a huge believer in, in terms of body care: I’ve been using this body lotion that has CBD from marijuana. It’s called Lord Jones, and I discovered it through my friends in L.A. Recently I did a play on Broadway for six months, and my body was wrecked. My neck was really tight. The CBD has relaxing benefits, and the idea is to avoid using too many painkillers.” – Olivia Wilde

“We want consumers to understand cannabis on a deeper level so that they can truly have the best experience possible.” – Seth Rogen

“It’s hard because the mind gets anxious, so I try CBD oil and I think it helps.” – Allessandro Ambrosio

“Once I considered it medicine, I became much more interested and have taken it into my lifestyle to keep stress down and keep my GI system level – it’s been messed up since Chemo.” – Melissa Etheridge

“I was really achy one day and I didn’t have my prescribed medication…I put it on, and 20 minutes later I was like Oh wow, I feel better”…”These are just products that really work and I really believe in it.” – Toni Braxton

“I’ve personally felt the benefits of cbdMD’s products. cbdMD is the safest on the market and I am proud to partner with them to help millions feel better.” – Bubba Watson

CBD Industry Quotes

“CBD because some people don’t want to get high. They just want help.”

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

“CBD Is the Best Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Anxiety Superfood You’re Not Eating.”

“The brain is about a symphony, and CBD can bring the entire symphony into harmony.”

“CBD might be a badly needed new weapon with which to fight the opioid epidemic that claims more than 130 lives daily in the United States.”

“Between the mental focus and overall clarity necessary to play a solid round, golf is a challenging sport. That’s where CBD can come into play.”

“A powerful new form of medical marijuana, without the high.”

“Cannabidiol has antipsychotic effects. The exact cause for these effects is not clear. But cannabidiol seems to prevent the breakdown of a chemical in the brain that affects pain, mood, and mental function.”

“Many cannabinoids have therapeutic value and CBD is no exception.”

“Perhaps the most remarkable thing about CBD is the sheer number and variety of its potential therapeutic applications.”

“As a physician, I recommend nutritious hemp seeds and oil to anyone interested in maintaining a healthy diet. Everyone will benefit when American farmers can grow this amazing crop once again”

“A CBD-rich product with little THC can convey therapeutic benefits without having a euphoric or dysphoric effect.”

“Within less than a minute, I felt a de-escalation, and after a few minutes, I felt noticeably, appreciably calmer.”

“CBD will change culture. People are less interested in drinking in bars, getting really drunk, feeling shit the next day, letting their body down, having issues with their body because of that. The shift is happening: more people are interested in eating healthier, living healthier, and this is part of that.”

“Using CBD oil for your self-care practice can be a powerful way to create change and care for yourself.”

Hemp Slogans

hemp seeds

Hemp seeds.

  • Stay healthy the best way.
  • It’s okay, hemp is safe.
  • Nothing like plant-based medicine.
  • It’s natural. It’s organic.
  • Guaranteed safe to use.
  • Because being healthy can be cheap.
  • For inside wounds.
  • Staying healthy naturally.
  • Even celebrities use us.
  • Who said maintaining a healthy lifestyle couldn’t be affordable?
  • Say goodbye to inside and outside pains.
  • Live an organic life.
  • Be free from pain.
  • Worrying? Hemp can help with that!
  • Being healthy never felt this good.
  • Plant-based hope.
  • Boost your mood with hemp.
  • It’s legal for a reason.
  • Forget what you were worrying about.
  • It just works!
  • Changing you from the inside out.
  • Take it easy.
  • The plant alternative.
  • Freedom from anxiety.
  • It won’t let you down.
  • Hemp – it’s good for you!
  • Simply feel better.
  • Be better in minutes.
  • Hemp is here to stay.
  • Your alternative help.
  • Take a breather.
  • You deserve a healthier and more natural lifestyle.
  • Be stress-free instantly
  • The drug without addiction.
  • There is hope.
  • The natural alternative.
  • Just try it once.
  • A decision you won’t regret.
  • Nature’s choice.
  • In plants we trust.
  • Only good chemicals here.
  • Affordable help is on the way.
  • Medicine you can trust.
  • The first step to a healthier life.
  • Erase doubt. Erase fear.
  • Good for the mind and body.
  • Feel healthy. Feel good.
  • Working wonders for your life.
  • Better starts here.
  • Your instant help.

Hemp Quotes

  • “Growing hemp as nature designed it is vital to our urgent need to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure the survival of our planet.” – Jack Herer
  • “Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica.” – Abraham Lincoln
  • “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.” – Bob Marley
  • “Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nation” – Thomas Jefferson

“I want people to get over the stigma about hemp. These seeds can’t make you high, but they will make you feel good.” – Ziggy Marley

  • “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.” – Thomas Jefferson
  • “Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?” – Henry Ford

“Hemp is Earth’s number-one biomass resource; it is capable of producing 10 tons per acre in four months.” – Jack Herer

  • “Hemp will be the future of all mankind, or there won’t be a future.” – Jack Herer
  • “We shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption.” – John Adams
  • “There is no reason, in a free society, that farmers shouldn’t be allowed to raise hemp. Hemp is a good product.” – Ron Paul

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