Most of retail sector is not a business you’d want to invest in now. Everything from department stores like Macy’s to clothing shops are shuttering their doors as more sales move online. But that’s not the case for retail liquor stores.

Liquor stores are expected to grow by 2.5% per year according to industry reports. This may not sound like a lot of growth, but it’s much better than shrinking like other businesses in retail.

There are a reasons supporting this unique retail growth. For one, a lot of people don’t like to wait to crack open a beer or pop open a bottle of wine. Many consumers want immediate satisfaction and that lends itself to brick and mortar.

Second, state-specific liquor laws make mailing beer or liquor more complex. Under current laws, it’s not realistic to start an online liquor company. There’s a reason Amazon and other online retailers haven’t been able to penetrate this consumer segment just yet.

Although there are disruptors working on just that. There is new competition coming from delivery apps and supermarkets that we explore at the end of this piece. If you’re thinking about starting liquor store, we’ve organized a list of available business name ideas below. Select the category that best fits your theme below.

Unique Liquor Store Name Ideas

Las Vegas liquor store

Liquor store in Las Vegas.

Want something a little bit different from your liquor brand? Coming up with a name that’s just a tad-bit clever or creative can get your shop noticed among the local competition. The name can also build in some much needed personality and create a brand that’s all your own. Here are a few ideas that match this theme.

  • Alternative Liquor
  • Like My Liquor
  • Bedlam Bottle Shop
  • Always Alcohol
  • The Pony Keg
  • Love Me Liquor
  • Lost in Liquor
  • Buddy Bottle Shop
  • Back Alley Liquors
  • Liquor Merchant
  • Neighborhood Liquors
  • The Liquor Cabinet
  • Celebration Spirits
  • Sublime Spirits
  • Sake Spirits
  • Saturday Sips
  • Sinister Spirits
  • Healing Spirits
  • Way Back Beer Co.
  • Blue Bottle Shop
  • The Special Spirit
  • The Drinking Establishment
  • Thirsty Thursday
  • The Tall Boy
  • Happy Hallie’s Bottle Shop
  • Always the Weekend
  • Finally Friday
  • Record Liquors
  • Spirit Brothers
  • Booze Galaxy
  • Backyard Booze Shop
  • Spirit Hacks
  • Mini-Bar Liquors
  • State-line Liquors
  • Out of State Liquors
  • Off-Sale Adult Beverages
  • The Booze Bodega
  • Backstage Brew Shop
  • Adult Beverages LLC
  • Grandpa’s Whiskey
  • Down South Distillery
  • North Star Liquors
  • Big Pig Spirits
  • 100 Proof Liquors
  • Empty Bottle Liquor Store

Beer Store Name Suggestions

beer store

Beer store with billiards.

  • The Hop House
  • Hella Hops
  • 99 Bottles Beer Store
  • Weird Beer Co.
  • Brewer’s Balance
  • Brewer’s Bounty
  • Bodacious Beers
  • The Beer Store
  • Old Fashioned Beer Store
  • Crush the Brew
  • The Schooner
  • Beer & Bubbly
  • Beer Budget
  • Tear’s for Beers
  • The Beer Bear
  • Off-Sale Brewing Co.
  • Pickup Brew
  • All Day IPA
  • Hey, Hey! IPA
  • IPYAY!
  • Keg Company
  • Tapped Kegs
  • Everything on Tap
  • Tipsy Taps
  • Love & Lagers
  • Working on a Six Pack
  • 12 oz. Curls
  • The Dark Beer
  • Bathtub Brewers
  • The Beer Case
  • Smooth Hoperator

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Wine Store Name Suggestions

us wine market

The United States wine market value.

According to industry reports, total wine sales in the United States reached $70.5 billion in annual sales. Nearly three fourths of those sales are for domestic wine. Starting a boutique wine company that allows customers to discover local wines is a proven approach to this business. Here are suggestions for a business name with this focus.

  • Time for Wine
  • Chardonnay Shop
  • Local Wine Company
  • The Guilty Grape
  • Neighborhood Winery
  • Red Before Bed
  • The Wine Cabinet
  • Epic Wine Bar
  • Wine & Dine Spirits
  • The Wine Mime
  • Don’t Whine. Drink Wine.
  • The Wine Glass.
  • The Red Cellar
  • Patty’s Pinot Noir
  • Pour the Wine
  • Crushed Grapes
  • Off the Vine
  • The Sassy Sipper
  • The Long Pour
  • The Perfect Age
  • Malbec Momma
  • Master’s of Merlot
  • Big Gulp Winery
  • Every Day Rose
  • Moscato Man
  • The Cork Shop
  • Pop the Cork
  • Wine Eyed Bottle Shop
  • Throw Back Vineyard
  • Stop the Presses Wine Co.
  • Saturday Sip Wine Collective

Funny Liquor Store Name Ideas

liquor store

Browsing a liquor store.

Here are a few suggestions that could make your customers laugh out loud. Always be careful before with  naming

  • Beer Bro’s
  • Lick or Liquor
  • Bottle Babes
  • Bottle Bitch
  • Loose Liquors
  • Lucy Liquors
  • Super Shots!
  • Crunk Shop
  • Day Drunk
  • Hang Over Bottle Shop
  • Flows Like Wine
  • Make up Liquor Store
  • Drink Until She’s Cute Liquors
  • Holy Ale
  • Happy Endings Liquors
  • The Keg Stand
  • Alcohol Abuse

Canadian Liquor Store Names

The country of Canada has some complex rules when it comes to opening a liquor or beer store. Depending on the Provence, many stores are state owned. There are some other weird laws in places like Manitoba, where you can only sell cold beer off-sale if you operate a hotel. Light beer is often sold in 2-liter plastic bottles, which may be notable to our American readers.

Here are a few of the top business names from Canada as added inspiration:

  • BC Liquor Stores
  • New Brunswick Liquor Corporation
  • Yukon Liquor Corporation
  • Rock Spirits
  • Real Canadian Liquorstore
  • Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation
  • The Beer Store

Opening Your Shop

bike bar liquor store

It’s essential to identify your ideal customer before opening a liquor store.

Here are some considerations you’ll want to think about before moving forward with this business opportunity. Opening a liquor shop will require $250,000 on the low end to a couple million dollars including permits so this is not a decision to be made without careful planning.

Income Expectations 

Before opening a bottle shop of your own, you’ll want to keep in mind the average income of an entrepreneur that starts this business. According to a recent report in Forbes magazine, liquor store owners only take home 1.7% of annual sales.

This means even if you do a few million in gross sales through you could end up only $21,000 – $52,000 hitting the bottom line annually. Your personal income could be even lower your first couple years in business as you build a customer base locally. The reality is if you want to make big money in this business, you’ll need to eventually expand into multiple locations.

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The next consideration you’ll need to take into account is the increased competition entering this market. Supermarkets and stores like Target and WalMart are becoming a convenient go-to for liquor, beer, and wine sales. In most states, customers no longer need to make a special trip to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine or case of beer.

Like other industries technology companies are making profitability more difficult for small shop owners as well. Beverage delivery is being facilitated by companies like Instacart and Drizly. These services benefit big retailers more since the inventory is more readily available and data is tied into these applications. According to a recent survey, independent liquor store owners believe many in the industry will go out of business due to this trend of increased combination and technology disruption.

Business Planning 

As with all new businesses, we urge you to start writing a business plan before starting out. When done correctly, a business plan can help you get clear on your marketing plan, how your ideal customer avatar is, and get you more specific on startup costs and sales requirements needed to start a business.

Best of all, writing a business plan is totally free aside of the time you invest in it. So there’s no risk to you as the owner to doing the work and everything to gain a deeper understanding of the business.

Some critical points, you’ll need to consider in this plan is who exactly your ideal customer will be. Will you cater to a more affluent customer that desires unique wines? Then you’ll want to consider in-house wine tastings and the use of social media to reach your audience.

If you want to reach beer aficionados that want the latest IPA collaborations, consider in-house beer sampling and hosting meet and greets with local brewers. Once you lock in a target market, you can work backwards to identify ways to appeal to this person.

One great way to identifying your ideal customer is to ask yourself a simple question, who do I want to serve? What type of people will I enjoy talking to the most on a daily basis? If you know the type of person you want as a customer, it will make identifying the type of liquor store you open much easier.

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