Once considered to be a dangerous narcotic for which you could be arrested and imprisoned, cannabis use has come a long way since those days of getting high in the sixties as shown below in the video from Civilized Life.

Today, the use of cannabis is legal in thirty-three states in the US for medicinal use, as well as four of the five US territories and the District of Columba. The use for recreational purposes is also legal now in 11 states, the District of Columbia, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam. The plant has been decriminalized in 16 other states and the US Virgin Islands and instead of being a drain on law enforcement resources is now a profit center for states through tax revenue. 

With this reduction in the criminality of cannabis has come a new industry, with some of the derivatives and compounds of cannabis being approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for prescription use. Shops are cropping up everywhere catering to this brand newly legalized business model with names that are synonymous with branded cannabis products and accessories.

Cannabis dispensaries, as these new shops are known, have become hugely popular in states where recreational use has been legalized or decriminalized. CBD companies and edible cannabis companies have sprung up out of nowhere to cater to this ever-growing industry. Here are some of the best name ideas for dispensaries, CBD companies, and edible shops, based on our industry analysis.

Dispensary Name Ideas

cannabis plant

A Cannabis plant at sunset.

Cannabis dispensaries are legal government-regulated stores that have a physical location where a person can buy cannabis-related products and paraphernalia. In the U.S., these have mostly been modeled after the old-style cannabis shops in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which are referred to as coffee shops.

Modern storefront cannabis shops are unlike the former Dutch coffee shops, as customers are prohibited from using the product inside the store. Found in all kinds of locations, from high street shops to malls and internal stores, the modern dispensary is very different from the head shops of yesteryear.

These are clean, modern, and highly regulated facilities that’s a lot like shopping at an Apple Store where employees can answer detailed questions about their product to guests. Here are a few of the name suggestions you can use to kick off the brain-storming process:

  • Crafted Cannabis
  • The Cannabis Craft
  • Cannabis Co.
  • CannaBiz
  • CannaBusiness
  • Yes You Cannabis
  • We Can Cannabis
  • The Business of Cannabis
  • Grateful Growers
  • High Supply
  • In High Supply
  • High Harvest
  • Healthy Harvest
  • Happy Harvest
  • Beautiful Buds
  • Bud to Bud
  • Best Buds
  • Green Guys
  • Budding Business
  • Business is Budding
  • Green Queens
  • Green Machines
  • Leaves of Green
  • Green Growth
  • Green Cross Cannabis
  • CannaCare
  • Grow Like Weed
  • Spreading Like Weed
  • Cannabis Central
  • Cannabis Cave
  • The Green Leaf
  • Cannabis Collaborative
  • Cannabis Connection
  • Cannabis Castle
  • The Lovely Leaf
  • The Bitter Bud
  • Smokey Joe’s
  • Green Line Cannabis
  • Mary Jane Inc.
  • Altered Visions
  • Smoky Dreams

CBD Company Name Ideas


A dispensary in Amsterdam.

CBD is not cannabis. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and is the second most prevalent active ingredient of cannabis. However, while CBD is a major component of cannabis, the compound is actually derived directly from the plant, and has no recreational uses.

Clinical research has shown that the use of Cannabidiol, one of 113 cannabinoids in cannabis, has medical uses in treatment and care for epilepsy patients, as well as several neurological disorders, including multiple sclerosis. Sold as CBD oil, hemp extract oil, capsules, and even dried cannabis, as well as a liquid solution, these products are more specific to a CBD store or company than cannabis products.

For those favoring opening up a CBD business, here are some good industry-based names you can use.

  • Comfort Lights
  • Northern Fire
  • Confused Direct
  • Hazy Weed
  • Marijuana Fields
  • The Hemp House
  • Get Natural High
  • Live With Herbals
  • Great Exotic Weeds
  • ProHemp
  • Well Rooted
  • Herbal Life
  • Live With Hemp
  • Cannabis Heaven
  • New Hemp Tech
  • The Good Doctor
  • Welcomed Wellness
  • Cannabis Wellness
  • Green Therapy
  • Wellness Weed
  • Cannabis With Care

Edible Company Name Ideas

cbd oil

CBD oil and seeds.

Edibles are just as big a business today as the sale of actual cannabis. Food or candy infused with cannabis can be costly to make yourself, and you need to buy the cannabis first then spend time making it and baking it. Edible shops provide ready-made goods that can be enjoyed right away. 

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Why bother, when you can buy dozens of edible products with the cannabis already inside. Just unwrap and eat. Food products that contain cannabinoids have become increasingly popular in recent years, and contain a significant amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

Edibles have often been found in small quantities in cannabis dispensaries, but now have their own brands and can be found in specialty stores. Food and beverage infused cannabis products are expected to explode in the coming decade with projections that the cannabis beverage market alone will reach over $2 billion in annual revenue by 2025. If you’re planning a new edibles and drinkables store or company, here are a few excellent name ideas you can go with.

  • The Greener Cookie
  • Urban Flavors
  • Purple Tea
  • Brother’s Flowers
  • The Sticky Dojo
  • Infused Therapeutics
  • Growing Edibles
  • Eddies Edibles
  • The Herbal Age
  • Herbal Emporium
  • Sweet CBD Flavors
  • The Purple Giraffe
  • Zen Medicine
  • The Frosted Doobie
  • Weedy Treats
  • Greener Grass Delights
  • Mary Jane’s Cakes

How to Come up with a Winning Cannabis Brand

cannabis products

A variety of cannabis related products.

Coming up with your inspired cannabis brand is one of the most important aspects of naming any business, and can make the difference between standing out in this ever expanding market.

While you might be concerned that all the “good names” are already taken, with a bit of creativity you might discover crafting a unique brand isn’t hard as you might think. The cannabis brand industry is relatively new and the number of brands out there already is actually limited compared to others segments of the food and beverage market. 

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When looking at names and brands, the obvious choice is to go down the typical stoner route. In other words, applying to something the weed-heads will be familiar with. However, while that may tempting attract go this route, you should really be looking at the modern cannabis market as the name reflects a more modern perspective on the health benefits of this plant.

While the brand may be cannabis, it does not need to be name for the product, so cannabis and marijuana do not really need to be in the name. This way you can connect your specific brand to your resonate with your target market instead of being a commodity player. 

Being personal can affect the brand more than being objective, and while it may feel “right” to have a name in your brand, sometimes it is better to think like a customer when deciding on the name. Try to go with something customers will like, something memorable, and something easy to say. And try to imagine the logo or graphic that’s a natural association with your brand. 

cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds.

Originality is a must. Your name cannot be similar to another brand or customers will get confused. What’s more, an original name adds needed authenticity to your new brand, giving customers a more impacting recognition of the brand itself. Instead of looking for ways to blend in, find ways to stand out. Once you have your desired name, do a quick Google search to see if anyone else has already claimed it as a first measure of defense. From there you’ll want to run a search here to make sure the name isn’t already trademarked. 

The name should be easy to remember, as well as easy to spell. Try and avoid silent “t” and “p” use, and steer clear of weird spellings of names. When a brand is difficult to spell, people will avoid writing about it to their friends and followers. Remember, people will spread your name on the various social media sites, as well as the specialist cannabis blogs, so make it easy to write and remember.

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