Faith is an important to tens of millions of Americans with around 40% of the entire population stating that their faith plays a major role in their lives. And for some farmers, that goes a long way, with a belief that God will look after them and it is his will that determines help crops prosper and all things grow.

Farm names taken from Bible verses and names or generally Christian in origin are a popular way to name a farms. In the United States, a Christian ideological approach to food production has grown in the last 50 years across America’s farming communities.

Biblical Farm

Finding the right name for your farm that comes from the Bible may not be as easy as it looks though. You must consider the the message, characters, and stories from the good book that you want to highlight. With that in mind, we have come up with a variety of names that could be used for a Christian farm from the ancient and Biblical to more modern concepts.

Biblical Farm Name Ideas

There are many references to food, drink and agriculture in the good book. Having a biblical name for your farm can be a spiritually beneficial idea as it gives you a feeling that your farm is closer to God and following his teachings. These biblical farm names are not only unique, but excellent for any farm you own and many of them are based on different books of the Bible.

  • 12 Disciples Farm
  • 6th Day Farm
  • Abraham’s Farm
  • The Snake Farm
  • Ararat Cottage Farm
  • New Testament Growers
  • Archangel Michael’s Farm
  • Genesis Farmland
  • Bethany Farm
  • Bread of Life Farm
  • Breath of Life Farm
  • Canaan Farm
  • Old Testament Shepherd
  • Covenant Farm
  • David & Goliath Farms
  • Delilah Farm
  • Everlasting Life Farm
  • Everlasting Exodus Farmland
  • Fount of Life Farm
  • Gabbatha Farm
  • Galilea Farms
  • Gethsemane Farms
  • Fields of Joel
  • Jonah’s Tractor
  • My Father’s Farm
  • Goshen Farm
  • Green and Pleasant Land
  • Hallelujah Acres
  • Heart of Heaven Farm
  • Holy Feeling Farm
  • Micah Valley Farms
  • Lazarus and Martha Farm
  • Levi’s Farm
  • Lot’s Farm
  • Megiddo Farm
  • Mount Carmel Farm
  • Second Coming Growers
  • Mount Hermon Farm
  • Mount of Olives Farm
  • Next Level Teachings
  • Mount Sinai Farm
  • Mount Zion Farm
  • Nevaeh Farm
  • Happy in Haggai
  • Seven Day Acres
  • Farming in Malachi
  • Shiloh Farm
  • The Apostle’s Farms
  • The Farm of Eden
  • The Temple Farm
  • Trinity Acres
  • The Promise Fields

Christian Farm Name Ideas

Green field.

A Christian-based name for your farm gives it that “back to the land” vibe. These awesome names can make your Christian farm more well known to be devout and God-fearing.

  • Ammon Farm
  • Angel Acres
  • Ariel’s Farm
  • Born Again Farm
  • Caleb Farm
  • Christian Fields
  • No Devil Fields
  • Damascus Farm
  • Eritrea Sea Farms
  • God is Good Farms
  • Generational Growth
  • God’s Light Poultry
  • God’s Little Acre
  • Good Book Farms
  • God is Healing.
  • The Shepherd of Growers
  • Gopherwood Farm
  • Grace Farms
  • Trust in God Farmers.
  • In Jesus Name Farms.

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  • Grace Book Farm
  • Heaven Seed Farm
  • Heavenly Farm
  • Hope Christian Farm
  • Jerash Farm
  • Joel’s Farm
  • Judean Farms
  • Kenan Farm
  • Magan Farm
  • Mamre Farm
  • Marah Farm
  • Meluhha Farm
  • Midian Farm
  • Mount Tabor
  • Mount Zemaraim
  • Narrow Path Farm
  • Paul Titus Farm
  • Preacher’s Field
  • Psalms Farm
  • Rebirth Farms
  • Freedom Vegetables
  • The Lord’s Tenants Farms
  • Samson Farming Co.
  • Sheol Farms
  • Smyrna Farms
  • Talents Bank Farm
  • Tarshish Farm
  • The Good God Farm
  • Timnath Farm
  • Under God Farm
  • Via Dolorosa Farm
  • Wadi Musa Farm
  • Zair Farm
  • Zartanah Farm
  • Zephi Farm
  • Zeredathah Farm

Biblical Ranch Name Ideas

A small farm.

Shepherds, sheep, farms and ranches are frequently backdrops in stories of the Bible. Faith in God can be shown in many ways and naming your ranch after a biblical character, or event. So if you want to announce your strength of faith these uplifting Biblical names ideas can help.

  • Abraham Ranch
  • Babylon Ranch
  • Beersheba Ranch
  • Beginning Ranch
  • Bethlehem Ranch
  • Bezalel Ranch
  • Born Again Ranch
  • Cain & Abel’s Ranch
  • Christian Farm Ranch
  • Divine Dudes Ranch
  • Galilee Ranch
  • Genesis Ranch
  • Golgotha Ranch
  • Hazor Ranch
  • Healing Ray Ranch
  • Heaven Rocks Ranch
  • Holy Ground Ranch
  • JC’s Ranch
  • Jeremiah Ranch
  • Jordan River Ranch
  • Joseph’s Coat Ranch
  • Josiah Ranch
  • Jude’s Ranch
  • Memphis Ranch
  • Mount Ephraim Ranch
  • Mount Nebo Ranch
  • Mt. Sinai Ranch
  • Risen Ranch
  • Second Heaven Ranch
  • Shiloh Ranch
  • Sing to the Heavens Ranch
  • Strong Tower Ranch
  • The Ark Ranch
  • The Exodus Ranch
  • The Good Book Ranch
  • The Ranch Jericho
  • The Shepherd Ranch
  • Ugarit Ranch
  • Veritas Ranch
  • Zaanan Ranch
  • Zalmonah Ranch
  • Zanoah Ranch
  • Zareah Ranch
  • Zelahzaliya Ranch
  • Zemaraim Ranch
  • Zoba Ranch
  • Zorah Ranch

Christian Business Name Ideas

The cross.

Here are some additional name ideas to promote any kind of Christian business in the global marketplace.

  • 12 Disciples Diner
  • Angelic Architects
  • Believe Pictures
  • Bread of Life Bakery
  • Christian Coffee Shop
  • Covenant Publishing
  • Divine Path Bookstore
  • Everlasting Life Bookstore
  • Forbidden Fruit Greengrocers
  • Galilee Gallery
  • God is Good Bookstore
  • Grace Books
  • Heavenly Hope Ministry
  • Heaven’s Gate Grocery
  • Holy Grounds Coffee Shop

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  • Hope Water Co.
  • JC’s Café & Grill
  • Joseph’s Coat Store
  • Moses Barbers
  • New Heights Dance Ministry
  • Operation Mobilization
  • Part the Ocean Tackle Shop
  • Relevant Radio
  • Second Heaven Coffee Shop
  • Service Master
  • Serving in Missions
  • Strong Tower Fitness
  • The ARK Daycare Center
  • The House of God Furniture
  • Tree of Life Nursery
  • Trueblue Communication & Events
  • Under God Wedding Shop
  • Uplifting Entertainment
  • Yaweh House of Pancakes

Christian Homestead Farm Names

Chickens and roosters.

Homesteading is a decidedly Christian way to farm. Homesteading encourages self-reliance with it’s roots and practices going back to ancient times. Living a lifestyle of self-sufficiency using subsistence agriculture, it similar to the way everyday people lived during the time of Christ. So here are some great Christian Homestead names you can use for your homestead farm.

  • Abilene Homestead
  • Ashcol Homestead
  • Beaulah Homestead
  • Bethel Homestead
  • Elijah’s Homestead
  • En Gedi Homestead
  • God’s Homestead
  • Grace Homestead
  • Green Pastures
  • Jacob’s Homestead
  • Joshua’s Homestead
  • Lydda Homestead
  • Qumran Homestead
  • Seventh Day Smallholding
  • Shalem Homestead
  • Zebulun Homestead
  • The Lord’s Homesteaders
  • The Garden of Eden
  • Our Earthly Homestead
  • The Chicken Homesteaders
  • His Sunrise Homestead
  • Homestead Heaven
  • The Good News Homestead
  • Guiding Light Homestead
  • The Genesis Homestead
  • Habakkuk Homesteads
  • Haggai Homesteads
  • Old Testament Homesteads
  • Jacob’s Homestead

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