The farmers market is traditionally one of the easiest ways to sell your product as a small producer. Even the smallest producers of jams can afford to pay a $20 fee to setup a tent and vend at a local event. Prior to the internet, this was one of the only options bootstrapped food producers and crafters had to get their stuff out into the world.

While modern food producers have the option of selling goods online, the wide array of stalls filled with fresh colorful produce, fresh air, and in-person interaction is a timeless option for getting those first few customers. A farmers market brings such happiness and it can be a fantastic business investment since there’s little more you need to offer vendors than a space, electrical hookups, and of course consistent customers.

If you’re organizing a farmers market in your community and wondering what to name it, we’re here to help. Here are more than a hundred super-cute farmers market name ideas that are sure to attract crowd whether it’s a weekend or weekday. Let’s begin.

Farmers Market Name Ideas

mustard on display

Promoting mustard at a local farmer’s market.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a farmers market? If you’re anything like me, you instantly imagine fruits, vegetables, or anything fresh. Farmers markets are well-known for offering their best harvest and for selling homemade foods like baked pies or jelly. Small farmers markets are also usually held during the weekends during the spring, summer or fall, while biggest ones are at a fixed location seven days a week. Check out some of these farmers market name ideas below.

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  • The Market Hub
  • The Weekend Market
  • Farmers Fresh Picks
  • Farm To Table
  • The Marketplace
  • Sunday Market
  • Food Central
  • Urban Farms
  • Project Local
  • Farmers Food Stalls
  • The Trusted Food Group
  • Market Yourself
  • The Farmers Gardens
  • Handpicked
  • The Green Market
  • Mother Nature’s Picks
  • 4 Seasons Market
  • The Farmers Food Hall
  • Morning Haul
  • Grown Greens And More
  • Green Fields
  • Farmers District
  • The Community Market
  • Clean Living
  • Green Grocer
  • Everyday Market
  • Fresh Essentials
  • The Neighborhood Watch
  • Healthy Picks
  • Weekend Gathering
  • Sunday Community Picks
  • Weekend Mercado
  • The Farmers Bazaar
  • Community Fair
  • Farmers Joys
  • Green Options
  • Nature’s Best Picks
  • Crops and More
  • First Harvest Market
  • The Market Avenue
  • Farmers Options
  • Sunshine Bazaar
  • The Best Catch
  • Curbside Market
  • Family Bazaar
  • Best Choices
  • The Gourmet Fair
  • Fresh Produce Central
  • From The Ground Up
  • Fresh Farms
  • Street Market
  • The Farmers’ Produce
  • Healthy Hauls
  • The Farmers Center
  • Handpicked Produce Bazaar
  • The Market Square
  • Flourished Farms
  • Nutritious Farms
  • Fresh Produce To-Go
  • Wholesome Greens Central
  • Roadside Greens
  • Holistic Living
  • Helpful Hands
  • Homemade Central

Funny Farmers Market Name Ideas

Yes… These names can be funny!

Farmers market names can be funny and quirky too. In fact, having a witty name for your upcoming farmers market venture invites curious customers. Here are a few name suggestions with a silly spin.

  • Flavor Town
  • Super Market
  • Grazing Tables
  • Morning Food Run
  • Nature’s Gift Shop
  • Fresh Market-eers
  • Founding Farmers
  • The Farm To Plate Scenario
  • Blooming Sales
  • The Very Convenient Store
  • Au Naturel Farms
  • Meat and Eat
  • Open Air Grocer
  • MarkEats
  • Veg-To-Go
  • The Produce Hub
  • Green Bazaar
  • The Healthy Spot
  • You Got Served
  • Wholesome Feeds
  • Roadside Produce
  • Urban Fresh Picks
  • Healthy Weekend Eats
  • The Little Big Market
  • Farmers Fest
  • Greenery
  • Healthy Fast Food
  • Good Harvest
  • Bountiful Harvests
  • Our Daily Eats
  • Take Your Picks
  • Haul Foods
  • Green Zone
  • Gulp Your Greens
  • Wonder Food Grocer
  • All Around Market
  • Farmers’ Choice
  • The Fresh Storage
  • Local Eats
  • Cravings
  • Vegetrails
  • Mixed Greens
  • Fresh Food Galore
  • New Picks
  • The Flavor Hub
  • Diet Town
  • Green Goliath
  • Eat Here
  • Fresh Take Away
  • Healthy Street Food
  • Urban Market
  • The Green Dream
  • Healthy Happy Place
  • Farm To Plate
  • Fresh Grub Hub
  • First Picks
  • Veggie Haven
  • Light Bites
  • Body Fuel
  • Organic Choices
  • Real Food Market
  • Farmers’ Harvests
  • Farmers’ Treasure Trove
  • The Healthy Variety
  • The Green Corner
  • Everything Local

List of World Famous Farmers Markets

vegetable market

There are many world famous farmers markets considered a tourist attractions that operate year round. Here are some you might like to check out. Pike Place Market in Seattle is my personal favorite. You can get some fantastic fish sandwiches at this market. The first ever Starbucks location is only a short walk away as well.

  • Pike Place Market (Seattle, U.S.A.)
  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (Thailand)
  • Tsukiji Market (Japan)
  • Majang Market (South Korea)
  • Borough Market (London)
  • Ferry Plaza Farmers Market (San Francisco)
  • Markthal (Netherlands)
  • Rialto Markets (Italy)
  • Grand Bazaar (Turkey)
  • Union Square Greenmarket (New York, U.S.A.)

What sells best at farmers markets?

fruit market

A local fruit market.

There are a lot of products being sold at farmers markets that it’s nearly impossible to choose just one item that sells best. Sales depends largely on the type customers, seasonality, and location.

For instance, a customer who wishes to buy organic fruits and vegetables will head directly to the stalls that sell those while customers who are more into cooked food will zero in on the baked goods. But some customers like visiting farmers markets to browse through the products and will just buy based on impulse.

With all the previous disclaimers mentioned earlier, here are some of the top selling farmers market items no matter where you live:

  • Organic fruits
  • Farm fresh vegetables
  • Kettle corn 
  • Crafts
  • Jams and jelly
  • Pumpkins (seasonal)
  • Clothing
  • Flowers
  • Meats
  • Breads and other baked goods
  • Hand-held meals like hot dogs or tacos.

But if there’s one thing farmers markets are known for aside from the fresh produce, it’s just the variety of different products being sold. There are plants, flowers, meats, seafood, and crafts. Neighboring communities are attracted to the fact that there are plenty of items displayed so they come for the variety and different choices unavailable at supermarkets.

How can you stand out at a farmers market?


How to stand out in a busy marketplace.

Farmers markets contain stalls selling all kinds of food and non-food items you can think of. So as a seller, how can your business stand out?

For fresh produce, it would be best to think of an eye-catching display. Put them in those aesthetic small crates or hang them. Don’t just stack your produce without checking each one. Be sure to pick the most good looking fruits and vegetables to make visible. After all, customers see your food before making a purchase.

You should also consider providing great deals or discounts. Customers at a farmers market love a bargain so if they see that your stall has a deal, they’ll be curious. One way to accomplish this is by offering a volume discount. Buy four apples and get the fifth one free is a simple promotion. Remember to make sure such an offer is visible from far away by using chalkboards or big signage to draw folks to your tent.

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Cooked food will usually have an advantage. Not only do they capture everyone’s sense of sight but they reel in customers through the sense of smell and allow people to enjoy the product immediately. Offering a free sample is a proven way to taste the product. Don’t be afraid of letting the heavenly smell of your cookies waft around you either. Smells are free and one of the oldest marketing tactics available to vendors.

For non-food items, free samples work well as well. For instance, are you into selling perfume or handmade soaps? Give them a small sample to try out. You can also give freebies if they reach a certain amount as a thank them for the purchase.

With all these cute and funny farmers market name ideas and these tips on how your business can stand out in a place like this, you’re now ready to put up your community farmers market or join in one. If you’re planning to open a farmers market be sure to join our exclusive food business community here. You’ll get immediate access to interviews with dozens of proven food founders.

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