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16 03, 2021

45 Detailed Jamaican Coffee Industry Statistics and Consumption Facts

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Jamaica is an island nation located in the Caribbean sea, within striking distance of Cuba and Haiti. Jamaica is known for its stunning beaches, scenic mountains, and of course, reggae music that helped put Jamaica on the global stage. This island nation was even featured in the popular film, Cool […]

11 03, 2021

400+ (Actually Good) Board Game Company Name Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Due to digital gaming and the abundance of other at home entertainment like streaming entertainment competing for attention, the board game industry experienced many years of decline. Ironically with more people staying at home over the past year, the industry is experiencing an unexpected resurgence. People are rediscovering board game […]

10 03, 2021

42 Hummus Industry Statistics and U.S. Consumption Trends

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Who doesn’t love hummus? Back in 2009, only 12% of Americans regularly ate hummus. Fast forward to 2016, the number swelled to 25% of the national population. But can this consumption growth continue into the future for the next decade? In today’s industry report we evaluate the data from this […]

5 03, 2021

300+ Unforgettable Recycling Company Name Ideas For Founders

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There’s good money in picking up other people’s junk to have it recycled. In fact, the U.S. recycling facilities market is valued at $6.4 billion dollar industry in 2021. The industry’s growth was forecasted to be at 3% until the current health crisis stymied growth last year.

If you plan to […]

25 02, 2021

150+ Catchy Southern Food Blog Name Ideas I’m Sharing

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Southern food is known for pan-fried chicken, black-eyed peas, collard greens, poke sallet, mashed potatoes, cornbread, sweet tea, and pies. This cuisine is a timeless staple of the American south.

As people continue spending more time at home, food bloggers of all kinds have benefited as more consumers turn to online […]