Who doesn’t love a great meal with friends or family? Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner party or enjoying a weeknight meal, the dining room is where we break bread and make lasting memories. Whether you’re planning a renovation or looking for a dining room caption idea this list of quotes will help put your vision into words.

Dining Room Quotes

105+ Dining Room Captions + Quotes To Refresh Your Space.

Dining Room Captions.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

“I’m a secret interior decorator. There’s a mural on my dining room wall of the railroad tracks at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. I love having my hometown with me out here in California.” – Jill Scott

“I spend more time in the kitchen than I have in the dining room, for obvious reasons, however, I just want to sit and indulge.” – Gordon Ramsay

“The Sabbath is a weekly cathedral raised up in my dining room, in my family, in my heart.” – Anita Diament

“If Broadway shows charge preview prices while the cast is in dress rehearsal, why should restaurants charge full price when their dining room and kitchen staff are still practicing?” – Marian Burros

“I painted one dining room red and I must say, the conversation became very heated in that room.” – Amanda Pays

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“No animal should ever jump up on the dining-room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation.” – Fran Lebowitz

“The whole world is our dining room, but be careful: it is also our garbage can” – Ashleigh Brilliant

“I always knew I was going to be successful in some way with films. I don’t know why. I had no particular talent, but I always knew I was going to be sitting in a dining room with Lucille Ball and at a cocktail party with Bette Davis.” – Robert Osborne

“America’s drug problem is not going to be solved in courtrooms or legislative hearing rooms by judges and politicians. It will be solved in living rooms and dining rooms and across kitchen tables – by parents and families.” – Joseph A. Califano, Jr.

“There are many nations that have perfected a particular room. You know, you have the French drawing room, the Austrian ballroom, the German dining room, and I think the library is a room the English get right.” – Julian Fellowes

Funny Dining Room Quotes

If you’re looking for a little bit of laughter during mealtime, funny dining room quotes can be the perfect way to add some humor and serve as a conversation piece.

“You might be a redneck if…Your only condiment on the dining room table is the economy-size bottle of ketchup.” – Jeff Foxworthy

“I don’t hate too many guys. What I may do, I may hate them for a little while, like this guy Stradlater I knew at Pencey, and this other boy, Robert Ackley. I hate them once in a while—I admit it—but it doesn’t last too long, is what I mean. After a while, if I didn’t see them, if they didn’t come in the room, or if I didn’t see them in the dining room for a couple of meals, I sort of missed them. I mean I sort of missed them.” – J. D. Salinger

“I’m at an age where I think more about food than I do about sex. Last week I put a mirror over my dining room table.” – Rodney Dangerfield

“Thanksgiving is a magical time of year when families across the country join together to raise America’s obesity statistics. Personally, I love Thanksgiving traditions: watching football, making pumpkin pie, and saying the magic phrase that sends your aunt storming out of the dining room to sit in her car.” – Stephen Colbert

“Ballplayers who are first to the dining room are usually last in batting averages.” – Jimmy Cannon

Our house runs on love, laughter, and a whole lot of coffee.

Our house runs on love, laughter, and a whole lot of coffee.

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“While There may be power in forgiveness, there is even more power in lobbing a Molotov cocktail through someone’s dining room window.” – Jim Norton

“It’s Will,” she said. “He’s being absolutely ridiculous in the dining room.” Charlotte looked puzzled. “How is this different from him being totally ridiculous in the library or the weapons room or any of the other places he’s usually ridiculous?” – Cassandra Clare

“When I left the dining room after sitting next to Mr. Gladstone, I thought he was the cleverest man in England. But after sitting next to Mr. Disraeli, I thought I was the cleverest woman in England.” – Benjamin Disraeli

“I hate sets. I’ve always hated sets. I think that if you have a dining room set, break it up!” – Nate Berkus

“The quality of food is inverse proportion to a dining room’s altitude, especially atop bank and hotel buildings (airplanes are an extreme example).” – Bryan Q. Miller

“In the Members’ Dining Room, the Conservatives eat at one end, the Labour Party at the other, while the Liberals wait at the table.” – Gyles Brandreth

Inspirational Quotes for a Dining Room

The right quote can also set the tone for meaningful conversations around the dinner table. With that in mind, here’s a roundup of some of my favorite quotes about the dining room.

“It is not necessary to have an extravagant food budget to serve things with variety and tastefully cooked. It is not necessary to have expensive food on the plates before they can enter the dining room as things of beauty in color and texture. Food should be served with real care as to the color and texture on the plates, as well as with imaginative taste. This is where artistic talent and aesthetic expression and fulfillment come in.” – Edith Schaeffer

“Properly speaking, of course, there is no such thing as a return to nature, because there is no such thing as a departure from it. The phrase reminds one of the slightly intoxicated gentleman who gets up in his own dining room and declares firmly that he must be getting home.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

“The things [Pope Francis] has done in a short period of time: the fact that he does not live in a huge papal mansion and just dropped by in the dining room where ordinary people have meals. You think of his background, where he didn’t use limousines in South America, that he used public transport.” – Desmond Tutu

“If you’re using technology in a way that opens out the conversation in your family, with your friends, with people you care about, I’m for that. But if you’re using technology to silence the conversations with the people around you, then you have to create sacred spaces in your home, the kitchen, the dining room, the car.” – Judy Woodruff

“You can keep the dining room clean by eating in the kitchen.” – P. J. O’Rourke

“The poodle [Rufus] ate in the dining room with the rest of the [Churchill] family. A cloth was laid for him on the Persian carpet beside the head of the household, and no one else ate until the butler had served Rufus’s meal.” – Winston Churchill

“I was standing in our dining room thinking of nothing in particular when a cablegram was put into my hand. It said, ‘Susy was peacefully released today.’ It is one of the mysteries of our nature that a man, all unprepared, can receive a thunder-stroke like that and live.” – Mark Twain

“I spend a lot of time loathing the sentences that I put down on the page. Once I’m past that phase, it doesn’t really matter what the routine is (coffee shop, someone else’s house, my dining room table), I’m pretty fast. I go back to the start of whatever I’m working on, every half hour or so, and revise my way back to where I left off. I have my headphones on, I’m checking email, I look at Twitter and Tumblr, and drink a lot of coffee. I need a lot of distraction to work.” – Kelly Link

The best memories are made gathered around the table.

The best memories are made gathered around the table.

“In proceeding to the dining room, the gentleman gives one arm to the lady he escorts–it is unusual to offer both.” – Lewis Carroll

“The house was immaculate, as always, not a stray hair anywhere, not a flake of dandruff or a crumpled towel. Even the roses on the dining-room table held their breath. A kind of airless cleanliness that always made me want to sneeze.” – Sandra Cisneros

“The less a writer discusses his work and himself the better. The master chef slaughters no chickens in the dining room; the doctor writes prescriptions in Latin; the magician hides his hinges, mirrors, and trapdoors with the utmost care.” – Jack Vance

Dining Table Quotes

Dining table quotes can be a great way to show your style and liven up a dinner party. Whether you’re hosting a casual get-together or an elegant soiree these quotes will set the right tone for the evening.

“I was very happy sitting alone at a dining room table, writing a script.” – Conrad Hall

“The dining room in my old house was truly magnificent, but by far the worst room for conversation. I’d get up from the table, a very long table, and somebody would always say, Paul, I never got to talk to you.” – Paul Lynde

“A dining room table with children’s eager hungry faces around it ceases to be a mere dining room table, and becomes an altar.” – Simeon Strunsky

“Today, we’re taking a break from the concerns and the bustle of the work-a-day world. But we’re also making a new beginning. As we gather around our dining room tables for the midday meal, let us thank God for life and the blessings He’s put before us. High among them are our families, our freedom, and the opportunities of a new year.” – Ronald Reagan

“All I needed was a steady table and a typewriter…a marble-topped bedroom washstand table made a good place; the dining-room table between meals was also suitable.” – Agatha Christie

“I have this feeling that if I could sort out what’s on my dining room table, everything would fall into place.” – Alan Rickman

“Know your job and don’t fake it. It looks easy, but the ones that make it look easy to know what the hell they’re doing. They may tell you around the dining room table that you’re funny and you should be an actor, but until you challenge yourself by getting on a stage or in front of a camera, that’s when your knowledge of the craft separates you from the pretenders.” – Dustin Diamond

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” – Ronald Reagan

“The family was an art … and the dinner table was the place it found expression.” – Don DeLillo

“The tourist may complain about other tourists, but he would be lost without them. He may find them in his way, taking up the best seats in the motors, and the best tables in the hotel dining rooms; but he grows amazingly intimate with them during the voyage, and not infrequently marries one of them when it is over.” – Agnes Repplier

“Dining rooms are really all about the table and the chairs.” – Candice Olson

From strangers to friends, all it takes is a seat at the table.

From strangers to friends, all it takes is a seat at the table.

Dining Room Captions

  • Fork Yeah! It’s Dinnertime.
  • Bon Appétit!
  • Dinner is served!
  • Gathering around the table for good food and great times.
  • Eat, drink, and be merry.
  • A feast for the eyes and taste buds.
  • The only thing missing here is you.
  • Feast your eyes on this!
  • Let’s dish up some good conversation.
  • Come hungry, leave happy!
  • This dining room was made for memories.

Dining Room Chair Captions

When it comes to dining room chairs, captions can say a lot. Some options for captions could be “The perfect seat for every meal” or “Feast in style.”

  • Dining Chair: Please, have a seat!
  • This chair is no seat filler.
  • The seat of honor.
  • Here’s to comfort foods and comfy chairs!
  • Give your guests a seat to remember.
  • Sitting pretty in the dining room.
  • Let them eat cake… in style!
  • Warm seats, cool conversations.
  • Feasting has never been so comfortable.
  • Gourmet seating at its finest.
  • A seat fit for a king (or queen).
Warm seats, cool conversations.

Warm seats, cool conversations.

Dining Area Captions

Dining area captions are perfect for adding a personal touch to any space. Whether it be a kitchen, dining room or living area, captions can bring life and personality to the room.

  • The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.
  • Friends who eat together stay together.
  • Life tastes better with good company.
  • Gather ’round the table.
  • Life is delicious.
  • Feast mode activated.
  • Let’s get this party started – around the table!
  • Where laughter is always on the menu.
  • It all comes down to good food & great company.
  • Let’s celebrate!
  • Making every meal feel like a special occasion.

Dining Room Wall Captions

From classic quotes about food and family to more modern phrases about culinary adventure these captions can help create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the space where you eat.

  • A full table means full hearts on these four walls.
  • These walls are witness to great memories in this house.
  • A dining room without walls is not a dining room.
  • Walls that unite rather than divide.
  • If you hit a blank wall, that’s not our dining room.
  • These walls are made for dining!
  • The walls that create great memories.
  • A room wall that is full of satisfied people.
  • Many secrets were revealed inside these four walls.
  • Feasting behind these walls.
  • Walls that witnessed a lot of great times.

Kitchen Table Quotes

Whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up or need a bit of guidance, kitchen table quotes provide the perfect answer. With timeless sayings from a variety of sources these words of wisdom are sure to brighten the space.

“Everybody is a story. When I was a child, people sat around kitchen tables and told their stories. We don’t do that so much anymore. Sitting around the table telling stories is not just a way of passing the time. It is the way the wisdom gets passed along. The stuff that helps us to live a life worth remembering.” – Rachel Naomi Remen

“I hate homework. I hate it more now than I did when I was the one lugging textbooks and binders back and forth from school. The hour my children are seated at the kitchen table, their books spread out before them, the crumbs of their after-school snack littering the table, is without a doubt the worst hour of my day.” – Ayelet Waldman

“You know, you really can’t beat a household commodity – the ketchup bottle on the kitchen table.” – Adlai E. Stevenson

interior design kitchen

There’s no place like the home kitchen.

“I started at 5 years old at the kitchen table with my family supporting me. I know where I’m from and I know exactly where I’m going.” – Celine Dion

“I hope we can get back to what I call the kitchen table. Everyday issues that people are really worried about and focused on.” – Dick Gephardt

“If you want to fight a war on drugs, sit down at your own kitchen table and talk to your own children.” – Barry McCaffrey

“I was raised by a single psychologist mother and we spent every evening sitting at the kitchen table dissecting our emotions and speculating about the inner life of everyone we knew.” – Annie Baker

“I’ve just always loved singing, and I come from a family that loves singing around the kitchen table.” – Jane Lynch

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“When I was in fourth grade, a novelist came to talk to my English class. She told us that being an author meant sitting at the kitchen table in pajamas, drinking tea with the dogs at your feet.” – J. Courtney Sullivan

“If your kitchen table is like mine, you sit there at night before you put the kids to bed and you talk about what you need. You talk about how much you are worried about being able to pay the bills. Ladies and gentlemen, that is not a worry John McCain has to worry about. It’s a pretty hard experience. He’ll have to figure out which of the seven kitchen tables to sit at.” – Joe Biden

“My songs examine and explore little specific emotions or situations or stories… They’re kitchen table songs, like a conversation between me and one other person. It’s almost like an alien has been sent to get emotional samples from human beings and put it all together on a record.” – KT Tunstall

Kitchen Table Captions

Kitchen table captions often tell a story about the family that lives in a home. It might be something funny or it could be an inspirational phrase.

  • Table for two, please
  • Ready, set, eat!
  • Here we feast.
  • A spot for a slice-of-life conversation.
  • The center of family fun.
  • Where good ideas are born.
  • Share stories, share laughs, share life together.
  • When life gives you lemons, make lemonade at the table.
  • A delicious dish is always within reach.
  • A place to share stories and laughter.
  • Part kitchen, part courtroom, all family.

Dining rooms are more than just a place to eat. They are a place to gather with family and friends. They’re a spot to celebrate special occasions and build memories. I hope you found some ideas that spoke to you inside this post.

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